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Found 15 results

  1. What is your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Card and why? Is it because it's versatile, powerful, fun, or just plain cool to look at? I think it's only fair that I start off: I can't say that I have one single favorite card but one of my favorite decks I've made is a Fiend deck that combines the Three "Wicked Gods" and Raviel, Lord of Phantasms (quite successfully I might add). Okay...Go!
  2. Onwards I trek to make Magic more popular in our sadly underused TCG board. But no matter. So what is your favourite planeswalker, and why do you so love it? Personally, I love Jace, Memory Adept since it works so well with my mill deck. For 0 I can make people mill 10, and his -7 can wipe out the opposing players entire deck. If you dont know all the planeswalkers, look at the wiki here
  3. So there are the five colors in Magic, and each has its own special stuff. White has lots of weenies that can be powered up and the best enchantments in the game. Red is all about burn and doing damage. Black is about straight up killing and using the graveyards. Blue is all about controlling all the cards. Green is about big nasty monsters and getting them out quickly. So what is your favourite color and why?
  4. Which of these Egyptain cards is the one you would LAST want to face in a duel? for me, it's Obelisk. that thing is just TOO dangerous!!! From the stats of these cards, at least one thing is crystal clear .. EGYPTIANS DONT PLAY FAIR DAMMIT!!!
  5. The usefulness of a Tuner isn't determined by it's ATK/DEF points, but based on their effect and splash-ability. So, as the Synchro era is slowly passing us, it is proper to discuss which of the over 100+ Tuners are the best. So, which 5 Tuners do you think is the top 5 Tuners of all time? Please justify your post. There is probablybetter ones out there, but off the top of my head I'd have to go with these five: Dragunity Phalanyx - Seriously... an entire archetype is built around that single tuner. Delta Flyer - a level 3 tuner which can up one other monster by one level. Makes it really versatile for Synchros. QuickDraw Synchron - Can easily be Special Summoned and it's a level 5. Plaguespreader Zombie - Works in a lot of decks, really helpful in mill decks such as Lightsworns and easy to Special Summon to make a quick Synchro. Black Salvo - This card is an essential tuner for any machine-based deck that uses dark attribute. Ensures an easy lvl 7 Synchro.
  6. Elder Dragon Highlander(after this I will refer to it as EDH), is a fun variant of Magic in which you play with an 100 card deck and 40 life. Other differences include the fact that you cannot have more than one of a card in your deck and that you have a commander that can be summoned and resummoned whenever you want. This varient of Magic is a lot of fun, simply because games tend to last a lot longer and so you can get much more intense games going. Also, with the rule that you can only have one of a card in your deck, it makes it so that people dont just spam certain cards and ensures that people need to use skill to create a deck. Deck Building Players must choose a legendary creature as the "General" for their deck. A deck may not generate mana outside the colours of its General; anything which would generate mana of an illegal colour generates colourless mana instead. An EDH deck must contain exactly 100 cards, including the General. With the exception of basic lands, no two cards in the deck may have the same english name. Standard banned cards apply for EDH games. Play Rules Generals are announced and placed in the command zone(basically just set in a place where everyone can see your pretty general) before shuffling at the start of the game. Being a General is not a characteristic, it is a property of the card. As such, "Generalness" cannot be copied or overwritten by continuous effects, and does not change with control of the card. While a General is in the command zone, it may be played. As an additional cost to play your General this way, you must pay {2} for each previous time you have played it this way. If a General would be put into a graveyard, or exiled from anywhere, its owner may put it in the command zone instead. Players begin the game with 40 life. If a player suffers 21 points of combat damage from a single General, they lose. This is an additional state based effect, similar to poison counters, but separate and specific to each General. Also, plays can lose if their total life drops to 0.
  7. So for those of you who dont know what this is, basically its a variant of Magic: The Gathering to add more fun and chaos to your games. Item one, the Planes. These planes are referenced all throughout the Magic mythology, but we never actually get to see them in action. Now with the Planechase cards, you can move from plane to plane and be affected by each. These plane cards cannot be affected by normal cards in the game and contain global rules. As you can see, it has two effects on it. One is a global rule that is in effect as long as the plane is in play. The other is one that has to be activated. Now comes the tricky part of switching planes or using the activated ability of the planes. Simply put, a plane is put onto the battlefield at the beginning of the game. To switch it or activate it, you must simply roll a die with two symbols on it. During your turn, any time you could cast a sorcery, you may roll the planar die. You can do this multiple times in the same turn. To roll the die, you must pay an amount of mana equal to the number of times you’ve already rolled the die this turn. So the first roll is free, the second roll costs 1, the third roll costs 2, and so on. Rolling the die happens immediately (no one can respond to it), but the results do not. Rolling the die could have three results: • If you roll a blank face, nothing happens. • If you roll the chaos symbol, the face-up plane card’s chaos ability triggers. Players may cast instants and activate abilities before it resolves. • If you roll the planeswalker symbol, then you simply change to the next plane. For those interested in more info, click here So, for those of you who have experience playing this or stories to share, post them here. I just played my first game last night, but with EDH it can really make your games more interesting and use up spare mana
  8. Just today, I was sorting out all of my Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I decided to sell all of the cards I didn't want, and the ones that I think are fake. But, how can we tell if one card is fake and the other isn't? Here's what I looked for: At the back of the cards, It says in the bottom right corner: Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. - Some cards have it in English, others in Japanese. On the back of every card in the top left corner, it says KONAMI. - Some cards say YU-GI-OH! instead. Apparently, on the front of every card, in the bottom right corner there should be a shiny silver square. - Some of my cardsa dont have those squares. Spelling errors on cards. - Does this mean they are fake? Whether it be some or frequent mistakes? Glossy cards. - If cards are glossy, does this mean they are fake? All-over shiny cards with shin stars all over them -Are these fakes? 2-Dollar packets of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards. - Is it most liekly they are fake? Fonts are varied? - Some cards have different fonts: Bold Bold/Italic Varied font sizes Caps/No caps Difefrent Fonts So what do you guys think? Please discuss.
  9. I have a question that you all may be interested in. With the decks that you have, and with the strategies you use, which ones are the most fun for you? I mean, I, myself have used at least five or six decks, and I have some things that I wouldn't mind sharing, but I want to see what kind of strategies the others around here would use. Of course, as is proper, I plan to post my first "fun strategy" in this post. This strategy is the one that I tend to win most with my current main deck, which, as most people who have seen the list, is a Synchron deck that a lot of people would say is a tweaked Yusei deck. The strategy is something I've named "The Swarming Synchro". It's basically what happens when I usually go about it. I'll formulate my overall strategy based not only on my opponent's strategy, but on the possibilities I have, like most everyone, but the main focus that I'm most prone to going for is rapid, and sometimes simultaneous summoning of Synchro monsters, using the various Warriors and, of course, my signature Stardust Dragon. I've actually been able to really freak people out by bringing out monsters like Road Warrior and Nitro Warrior in a single turn, in addition to something me and passivecj call a "Super Junk" move, in which we tend to bring out a Junk Warrior that has no less than MASSIVE attack points.
  10. Okay, I like Union Monster cards they are real useful if you can come up with a strategy. But I would get into to arguments with people about one un-left detail. With some union monsters they increase the ATK/DEF of its host and protects them from destruction. While other union monsters just protect their hosts from destruction. So I was even confused about the damage calculation if there was going to be one, since the union monsters protect their hosts does that mean damage calculations are applied normally or does the union monster just block the attack and is destroyed itself? or does damage still go into effect and is the difference between the attacking monster and the host monster? or between the attacking monster and union monster? I searched union monster rulings but since no one mentioned my predicament I went on thinking that the attack was negated which meant no battle damage and my union monster is destroyed. similar to tributeing it to stop the attack. SIDE NOTE: In the past when I would duel at small tournaments, I use to be able to get away with using union monsters to boost my LP's, by using the continues spell card "Morale Boost" I could treat my Union Monsters as an equip spell card and I gained 1,000 LF's each time I used a Union monsters effect and I wouldn't lose any LP's because I would later un-equip them from the host monster to which they are no longer treated as equip spells. xD
  11. Topic title pretty much says it all. In the next Forbidden/Limited/Semi-Limited Format update what cards would you like to see added or removed from the list and in what slot would you want to see them in? Lets try to keep the idea's to something that would help to actually balance the game instead of break it. Here's what I think: Forbidden Neo-Spacian Grand Mole (broken card is broken) Limited Call of the Haunted Canon Soldier Cyber-Stein (in this format, he wouldn't be broken like he use to be) Light Pulsar Dragon (unless they fix his effect) Magic Cylinder (this at two can often too easily be game) Solemn Warning Starlight Road Swords of Revealing Light (this being at two stalls games way too long) Toon Canon Soldier Tour Guide Witch of the Black Forest (remind me why this ever got banned?) Semi-Limited Judgment Dragon Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En Magician of Faith Stardust Dragon (seriously...) I also think something in Dark Worlds and Blackwings needs to be hit again. Brio and Trish could possibly be banned. Brio is easily used in way too many FTK draw decks. Despite how I love Future Fusion.. it should likely be banned as there are far too many benefits from it. Many decks can FTK with it, while others are set up perfectly by using it.
  12. From this list, what would you pick as your favorite Meta Deck? If you have a preferred Deck, which one would you say is the best, this has to be a non biased opinion. For me, so far I've tried Six Sams, Dragunity, Lightsworn, and Zombies. Six Sams kind of got nerfed recently. Lightsworns are a nice change since I've never played a milling deck before, but I think the one with the most consistency of the four would be Dragunity. The one I've used most however is a modified version of Disaster Dragon. I think by default the Disaster Dragon setup is not that great, however with some unique modifications I've made it can easily hold it's own.
  13. Just post whatever funny moment you had involving newbies at Dueling Network. (or if you yourself were a newbie *cough*) Since there are plenty of em there, I figured you'd wanna keep a record here for us to laugh at. lol Its good clean fun and nothing more. ~Starting things off: Today I dueled someone who despite stats showing as not very good, he still was able to corner me with TG Librarian and Brionac.... >.> (even though I was using a test deck so I was hardly able to do much other than to wait it out with defense monsters/tokens) And to make it sound even more dumb, I was dueling him on a RATED room. x_x But then suddenly I noticed that a couple of his effects were off, like when he was supposed to discard a monster he instead threw away his lightning vortex. Completely unaware or just dumb he was. And all it did was summon a couple more monsters which were pretty useless. Heck he didn't even cared to attack me in this turn either when I was clearly in defense from the start and he could've used his lightening vortex to nuke/OTK me yet he didn't. O.o Next turn was mine and my draw turned out lucky when I was able to summon Stardust dragon which was pretty strong on its own and I also had a couple of cards in hand that might've even turned it into Shooting star dragon! But the moment I was about to kill his monsters in the battle phase, he cuts off saying "no" and quits. XD XD XD
  14. Figured it'd be cool to post about duels that looked to be crazy in your advantage but you still ended up losing the duel. A few moments ago I lost to stuy. It started off fairly great and everything looked like I was going to win (but as you all know, just because it looks that way doesn't mean it really is). On my 2nd turn I used Future Fusion and sent two White Night Dragon's, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Red-Eyes Wyvern, and White-Horned Dragon to the grave. I then played two Solidarity's and flipped my Masked Dragon face-up. Stuy used Trap Hole on it. In my End Phase I banished Wyvern from the Grave to Special Summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. On Stuy's turn he destroyed it with Lightning Vortex and Flip-Summoned Slate Warrior and direct attacked me for 2400 damage. On my turn I summon Twin-Headed Behemoth and attack. He uses Scrap-Iron Scarecrow. On his turn he sets a monster and a couple traps. My turn comes around and I bring out Five-Headed Dragon and Red-Eyes Wyvern and attack his Slate Warrior with Wyvern (keep in mine I have two Solidarity's on field so all my monsters have a 1600 attack boost). He uses Scrap-Iron Scarecrow as I hoped he would. So I then attack it with Twin-Headed Behemoth... he had a 2nd Scrap-Iron Scarecrow. Frustrated I attack with my Five-Headed Dragon (6600 attack, while I have only 5600 LP), and he activates Magic Cylinder. I lose the duel. I did have a face-down Burst Breath I could have used to tribute Five-Headed and destroy all face up monsters and thus prevent Magic Cylinders effect, but I didn't feel like destroying my entire field and leaving myself open for his turn. That and I wasn't positive on the time ruling as to if it would actually prevent the effect damage.
  15. So far in Yugioh this year with the march 2011 ban list, we saw heavy storm banned, Goyo Guardian also banned, two of which i am happy to see gone for personal reasons. for the next upcoming ban list which cards do you think should be banned and why. same with limited and semi-limited. personally I want monster reborn gone again, I really don't like it when people use my cards against me.http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited/ I looked it up and for september it list a new ban list, is this for real, giant trunade is banned, heavy storm is back? tell me what you think of this ban list.
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