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Found 46 results

  1. Hi, Kametsu Forum seems to be promising community and I hope I will have a great time here. Regards,
  2. Im So excited to finally start my adventure in watching various animes thanks to this site
  3. DMC4444


    Hi all I am DMC4444 I like Anime, Games, Mods, Movies, Music, Mods, 3d Stuff
  4. Hi everybody! I found this site and it looks cool. I thought i would sign up and check it out.
  5. Hi Lowcku here, just saying hey to everyone. so why I'm here. I love anime!!!!!, games, making game with RPGmaker and long walks on the beach. if your confused by now that is good. life too short to be thinking all the I'm just have fun. peace.
  6. Great to be here. Just a member from CW transitioning onto the new site! and in cause you forgot, everything is Spongebob's fault.
  7. Hi it's Tinkahz, some might remember me from Cartoon-World that's is now shut down sadly! anyways just saying hi to one and all! .ps. won't be encoding as i don't have the required things to do so as my computer tower is dead and don'f have the money to rebuild it! so anyways i'm no uploading anymore and plus the upload speed is Australia is horrible anyways until Fibre-Optic is unlimited i'm not even going to bother as all the servers time out my connection and it's just one big headache! anyways and for those whom don't know please disregard just for those whom knew me on CW! -Tinkahz
  8. Hello Guys , Posting this to let everyone know that i am new to these forums (however was a cw forum member). Hope to post some encodes soon(within a month). Looking forward to be a contributor of a great anime/manga community . Thank you. Faysal Siddique
  9. Its a pleasure to be back. Been gone for a very long time with school and all but now its time to get back to anime. Thanks for having me
  10. Intro to take a look at the forum pages. Just wanted to check this place out, so here you go.
  11. Nirmal4G


    This is my playground. I'll post whenever I want share anything with any of you. Thankyou!
  12. Hi there from new member gundamguy. I was newly registered for CW forums before it moved to Kametsu, so I'm still finding my way around. My major contributions to CW forums were providing a source for Gummi Bears s4-6 encodes for another member, and beginning to share other animation that I have (The Tick, Pocoyo, Gummi Bears). I haven't tried my hand at encoding, so I miss some of the tutorials CW forums had. I love animation as well as anime, and hope this forum has everything that CW forum had in terms of animation fans (Sorry, but there are plenty of anime sites also, but a lack of animation sites in general like CW forums). It will take me a while to get my postings up and contribute (or help others contribute), as I only have source dvds and check forums on a monthly/bimonthly basis.
  13. First sorry if i not good whit eng. writing. But I was looking for tansx|bot so I can complete some anime. and try to help other to do the same. Blackcat998
  14. Hello Guys Happy sharing
  15. Hello Everyone After trying many times i've finally logged in Thanks everyone for creating such nice forum:)
  16. David_

    Hi am David

    Friend recommend this site, and speaks highly of it so guess i'm going check it out.
  17. kingbbq1


    Hi I like anime!
  18. Hello everyone, I'm 22 and really starting to get into Naruto Shippuden
  19. Salutation everyone. Goodbye Cartoonworld. Hello Kametsu.
  20. n8mub


    Hello everybody this n8mub you might have seen me post at http://forum.cartoon-world.org
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