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Found 3 results

  1. Djblade

    Is there a quota

    Is there a seating leaching quota
  2. The Torrents slowly dying ?, Piracy days over ? After Pirate Bay now KAT is dead. Is there any alternatives ? Nerds please stop Pokemon go and get to work.
  3. lgbtfeminismevil

    DMCA reform and FBI IP history spying

    Celebs want to reform (dealing with safe harbor and fair use) or axe the DMCA for something heavily in favor of those that are rich/in power http://www.project-disco.org/intellectual-property/062116-music-industry-letter-seeks-to-turn-back-clock-on-internet/ And the FBI want access to ECTRs but with the addition of our browsing history accessible with just a national security letter. They failed to get their amendment 3 times so far but its was by a very small margin (one vote). I've heard the fbi doesn't care about piracy unless its large scale but that could change. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2016/07/senate-still-considering-giving-fbi-more-power-spy-browser-history I'm Mr.Doom&Gloom so I think this is going to end badly at least for those who aren't using VPNs (example: me). How do you guys think this will end?