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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, I was just wondering what many of you do to test a hard-drives integrity before storing important data on it that you newly bought? Since there are many drives that fail within the first couple of months.
  2. I need a good External HDD Enclosure for 3.5 inch Sata drives. Any Suggestions?
  3. I just got a new Western Digital 4 Terabyte My Book External Desktop Drive, did a filesystem scan and got this: Help? Fix Filesystem or Reformat?
  4. BluerGost

    1TB Interlan HDD

    I just installed a new 1TB WD Blue HDD in my PC. And it showing 931GB usable of total 1TB. Yes I already know that Windows doesn't detect the total Memory you have & always decreases the memory by a little. But 69GB seriously!!!! that's a little too much,isn't it !!?? So, Can you guys plz confirm it for me. Is the shown memory is as it should be or have mine been reduced a little too much. http://minus.com/i/Y6YYZLi7V9Ua
  5. some1liku

    Need Hard Drive Help >.>

    Anyone know how to copy files from an internal hard drive? so the hdmi port from my ps3 kept falling off and i bought warranty for it so i thought might as well use it. the from the guy told me to keep the hard drive and take in just the ps3 so i do all goes well but when i try to reinstall the hard drive it tells me to update i download the update put it on flash drive to install but now its telling me the hard drive will be formatted as well and all data will be deleted :'( i kept all my video files on that hhd various movies and animes on it so is their any way to copy them before its all gone i couldnt careless about the game saves but all the time spent acquiring my media just to lose it all