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Found 2 results

  1. Heyo Kametsu. I'm making a general image* thread since there doesn't seem to be one on Kametsu. If you have any cool images or .gifs, share them around kametsu and post them here. I'll kick this off with some images I got today~. I'll post more if there's some interest in the thread, ahah. This thread is not to be confused with the Yuri / Ecchi / Hentai Thread or the Hotty anime / VG guy, but rather this thread is more of a generalized anime/manga image thread. contribute and enjoy! All regular forum rules apply in this thread. Also, if you could: 1.Put all images in a spoiler tag. This will stop the thread becoming one HUUUUGE scroll-down page. 2. No R18 images. If you want to post them, go to the Mature Section of the forums. 3. Have fun!
  2. was watching adventure time, and it got me drawing so here's my take on adventure time
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