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Found 87 results

  1. Moodkiller

    Acquiring Anime News

    I'm Interested to know how one would go about finding the latest anime news? For example, at the time of this post (7th Jan 2014), FUNimation is going to stream (page 4) Toaru Majutsu no Index II (A Certain Magical Index II) on the 31st Jan 2014 (for non subscribers). This is the subbed version, and I would like to know if and when it will be dubbed? It's not only just for this anime, but others too. I do strongly believe in Google, however, I was interested to know if there was another way and what that way is? Edit: I have found a few sites which help, mainly: AniChart (thanks to Breathless, found here ) DVDTalk (thanks to Koby) Anime News Network (thanks to DeathTheKid) FUNImation The Fandom Post (thanks to Toddler Naruto)
  2. Hi I'm Jason, and I've been trying to spread the word about our game for a while. It's a Space Sci-Fi RPG http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sierra-ops-a-space-sci-fi-action-rpg/x/6041733 , it's somewhat Gundam inspired but more inline to Space Battleship Yamato as there are no mechas in the game. I'd like to know your opinion about it and what improvements could we make in the gameplay aspect. We're still polishing a demo for everyone to test, but based from the gameplay video for now (it's just an engine test), we'd like to hear out what you think. As for the dialog having lags,it's because of fraps, I apologize about that. We're also at Steam Greenlight http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=214614458 if ever you feel like voting for the game, just drop by if you think we're deserving to be in Steam. If you have questions, please let me know or you can email us at http://innomenpro.com/contact-us/
  3. i've been recently intrested in Gods and other deities so I wonder if I could find some anime that has them in central role. What i have watched/read resently are Spice and wolf and Deathnote. So i'm looking something that is sirius but why not some comical also.
  4. Bardon

    List of anime related games

    Heyo, Just recently I've been reviving myself as a gamer and thus have been trying out alot of stuff, both old and new like PCSX2 for some personal favorites, considering to buy a PS3 (again) in the upcoming months and popular PC mmo for the sake of competitive play. (and yes that includes children card games *cough* ) Despite being on steam, my current lack of spendage prevents me from getting as many games as I'd want. But alongside this, I have always been fairly selective in my choices rather than just jumping headfirst into anything/everything I can see. Having said this, my main interest in regards to this thread right now is to make the list of games having anime graphics. Visual novels are irrelevant here because I know there is already an existing thread to those (or at least I think there was), and especially since I'm aiming for Non-H and actual gameplay. This obviously ranges to all platforms like PS3, Xbox360, Wii (U), PSP (vita), (3)DS and of course PC. So anyway, plz post as many names as possible (with reasonable description preferably if you folks have played those said games) and I'll be compiling em all here. ~Saankies
  5. albin1997536

    Bamboo wacoom tabblet

    Hi, i bought a bamboo tabblet due i wanted to start drawing but one day i got tea all over it, when i plug it in it randomly presses the left mouse button so i haft to spam it to make the bamboo stop. anyone know how to solve this whitout opening it up? im new here btw :3
  6. Hey, I am just wondering about any new anime coming in 2013?, the latest anime (new) was Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! was really funny i advise you guys watching, i am also wanting to watch a new series what i am looking for is either a new harem to watch, a physiologic type anime or an slice of life genre of anime. Any suggestions will be appreciated. ~Lothy
  7. Radical Ed

    - Edwards Showcase -

    Hello, i figured ive made enough art to start a showcase. Please let me know what you like and please dont be afraid to criticize =) btw, ill try and update this thread more and more but youll have more luck getting newer stuff sooner from my Deviant Art - http://radical-ed360.deviantart.com/ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.
  8. HeartBeatx

    HeartBeatx Showcase

    Hello there! To accompany my arrival to this community ( which was recieved with a beautiful warm welcome ) I figured I would put out some of my showcase. Dont expect anything great. They are in order from Newest to Oldest. ありがとう!
  9. Hello all! As stated, I am new to the forums here and I thought "what better way to introduce myself than show you what I do for a living!?"...... Soooooo, to briefly preface this post..... I have been paying the bills with art for many moons... my primary medium is tattooing (most lucrative for me) but I pretty much do anything I get paid for..... After working in street shops and doing A LOT of typical flash-tattoo (pictures on the wall) type stuff, I decided to move on to doing more specialized completely custom work...... And of course, while I'll do whatever my clients want, I have fosterred a small rep for being "that anime and gaming tattoo guy" locally (which is perfectly fine by me!) Anyhow, enough of my babble..... on to some pics... A miku inspired piece I am currently working on for a clients forearm. (concept) A everyones favorite saiyan prince for a leg piece! (concept) Start of a Mega Man X half sleeve! (tattoo) Who doesn't want a mario mushroom on their body forever!? (tattoo) Better than mario... its yoshi!! as a foot piece (tattoo) When I have more time I'll post more! I just wanted to quickly throw an example of what it is I do out there! Thanks for looking
  10. pyroahlex

    Anyone Interested~?

    Seeing as anime is one major thing here, I figured it wouldn't hurt to do a little self advertising. I've started up a store/business that not only focuses on anime/manga, but video games - cartoons - movies - and others. :'D So far there's mainly keychains and little accessories. But it'll be expanding the second possible! The store is supported by Storenvy, free site that uses Paypal for all forms of transactions. Be sure to check out my Store and it's facebook page! Follow it on Storenvy, and like it on facebok to receive updates. "About Luvit -> Buy It -> Uh-oh Don't Luvit -> Send it Back! What's not to Luv? Description Luvit is designed to help find and sell things that I personally love and be able to share it with others. It ranges from good only cartoons (ex. Adventure Time), to movies (ex. Nightmare Before Christmas), to video games (ex. Kingdom Hearts), and anything else you can think of! Looking for a specific fandom? I'm sure it can be found, just send an email or comment and we'll make sure we keep an eye out for it! " Luvit! Store Front Facebook Page
  11. letitrain


    What do you guys think of Robotics;Notes? A promising new show to watch? I thought it was like a reboot of Metabots. It was a show that aired on Fox Kids about 10 or 11 years ago.