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Found 115 results

  1. Nero D. Ace

    Duel Legends (Story)

    Prologue The world of dueling was revolutionised the day hologram projectors were perfected to the fullest degree, giving duelists the ability to have a duel absolutely anywhere. At that moment, dueling became an everyday phenomenon, with people of all ages and sizes competing against each other to obtain the rank of the Ultimate Duelist, the King of Games! However, with all of this also came the dark side of dueling. Organizations determined to use dueling to expand their empires came into existence and with it a Duel Task Force, a group of law enforcement officials set up to take down these organizations. Our story begins almost 5 years after the Incident, a truly dark event that would be better off forgotten in the pages of history. No one knows for sure what happened back then, except for he fact that 10 of the top duelists of the world vanished from all different corners of the world. Their bodies were never found, no explanation was given for their disappearance and there was a massive uproar in each community at the loss of their priceless assets. 5 years later, and the Incident is still live on the tongues of most people. Our tale begins in a quiet little village called Veldime ...
  2. Okay, so I know you're never supposed to start anything with an apology, but. . . No but really, I'm just breaking the rule because I want to. Anyway, I've been wanting to post something up here for a little while and this little guy sprang to mind because, well, I'm never going to use it for anything else. I'm honestly a bit disappointed in it because in some ways it feels more like a summary than an actual story (though some of my favorite short stories are like that) and the dialogue is a bit clunky (somewhat intentional, but still not great). It generally needs a bit more rewriting but I'm not in love with it enough to do so. I think it's on it's second or third draft, and I really don't see much happening with it besides, well, posting it here. Anyways, I'd always wanted to write about lucha libre (it's a rather intriguing phenomenon to me) and I love self-destruction stories (call it a tribute to Aronofsky films) so this story just fell together for me. So, excuses aside, here it is, I'd love to hear your thoughts (positive and negative, they all help you grow, besides nobody could be as critical of this beast as I am, so fire away). And yes, that is my name. I sign everything. Please don't use it to stalk me (or do, just keep quiet and it shouldn't bother me). Also, there is some mature content. No language that I recall, but it does get a bit steamy. It's not mature section material, but sexual themes are explored. If the mods feel differently and decide to move it to the mature section, I will not blame them and will formally apologize, but I doubt that'll happen. So, without further ado: “Los Parejas Increibles” By Jeremy Lloyd Beck The young boy in the nose bleed seats watched with wide eyes and open imagination as the luchadors tumbled over tight canvas. He was small and the luchadors were gods, superheroes, for three hours a week. Every seven days, he spent his entire allowance to sit a hundred rows above the titans as they teetered atop the corner turnbuckles and twisted through the air with grace and tenacity. His hero was El Hijo del Cielo, the white-clad warrior from heaven. Cielo's tag team was an incredible pairing; the angel stood beside the vicious El Diablo Oscuro, a dastardly dark-cowled devil from the underworld, and Cielo Poco, a midget who's costume and acrobatics imitated his namesake. Cielo was the mighty champion of the four sided circle and the hero of every child in Mexico City. He was a messianic figure in that arena, and proof for each spectator that justice existed, and that good always triumphed over evil. The young boy cheered as his hero leaped from the top rope down onto his opponent and secured another victory for his team. The crowd celebrated in the stands as the three victorious men celebrated in the the squared circle. Cielo stood on the ring ropes and raised his humble hands and masked face toward heaven. The young boy gasped as Diablo Oscuro slammed a solid steel folding chair into his partner's back. Cielo writhed on the ground and watched helplessly as his midget's neck was broken by a vicious piledriver; a dishonorable and dangerous maneuver where the target is held upside down and driven head first into the stiff canvas ring; a move banned in all of lucha libre. Diablo sneered and slithered about the ring in villainous delight before snaking his way out of the ring. Poco lay lifeless as the still-injured Cielo slowly crawled to the small man's side. Paramedics swiftly filled the ring and Diablo laughed from the entrance ramp. Cielo's face filled with righteous rage and ire as he pulled himself up by the ropes. In the locker room Diablo and Cielo embraced and toasted the new angle. Thousands had stood on their feet and tens of thousands would travel to see the inevitable match between the two teammates turned enemies. The news of Poco's death would be leaked to the fans and Poco would don a new mask to hide his health. Cielo toured tabloid offices announcing his new found jihad against the devil himself. Diablo would reveal a new midget the next week, bearing Diablo's dark face, and Cielo would throw him into a trash can by the end of the night. The feud filled the stands and bitter fans boiled over the guard rails, throwing beer bottles and popcorn bags at Diablo Oscuro. The villainous star carried so much heat with the crowd that he couldn't wear his mask in public for fear that he would be attacked. “Years ago, I swore to avenge my father, and now my plan has come to fruition. I will tear the wings from your angel,” Diablo shouted as a crowd tried to drowned him out with virulent and violent words. It had been eleven years since a fifteen-year-old Cielo debuted against Diablo's father, El Hechicero. They fought for years before Cielo finally unmasked and retired the villain, who was growing to old to compete and would gladly lose to his best friend's son. This occasion had catapulted the young contender's career, making him a star just before his eighteenth birthday, a birthday he had celebrated with his best and oldest friend, now called Diablo Oscuro, at a strip club in the city. His fame was closely followed by fortune and advertising dollars and he would return to the club in the city whenever he sought to relive his first great victory. The busty women at the club would fawn over his mask; a white and silver symbol of pride and honor that courageously bore the crucifix of Christ on the forehead. It was a juxtaposition of light on his dark skin and he wore it always. None had seen his face since he won the match, not even his wife or child, let alone his cousin who worked at the strip club in the city. He grew up in Naucalpan, and had been close to his cousin but, when his father moved to Mexico City to headline lucha libre matches, he lost touch with her until her quinceañera, the week before his debut against Hechicero. Her frilly pink dress perfectly accentuated her petite waist and developing bosom. She danced with as much poise and grace at her party as she did with raunch and sex at the club. She didn't recognize him at the party, and politely turned down his dance request back then. He never told her who he was, or that he became a luchador and he found a sort of malformed comfort when she danced for him at the club. She could not afford to refuse his fifty dollars invitation to dance, nor could she refuse his two hundred dollar invitation to go back to her apartment for a naked night together. Naked beneath a mask, of course. Her smooth skin felt like heaven beneath Cielo's rough hand as he traced her ample curves. He softly kissed her body as she writhed atop his herculean form. His chest tingled beneath her rosary as it fell against him. It was the beauty and the worst kind of beast as he thought of the naked angel of Naucalpan while kissing his son at home good night. He sighed in ecstasy at the image of her tempered tan body and full blushing lips. “Were you thinking of me?” His wife asked him as she noticed his erection. “Or perhaps the Diablo?” She laughed at his scowl and removed her robe. “Come to me,” he did, but only to imagine the angel or any of his other mistresses. His fingers traced his wife's similar body, and her identical rosary, and his lecherous fingers could only imagine the angel's body in it's place. Cielo visited his cousin many times, and each time he did it grew harder to go home to his wife and pretend it wasn't her. The last time he went to his cousin was the night before his grand main event with Diablo, which was also the first time he saw the boy from the arena despite his immaculate attendance. Cielo's cousin tried to rush him past the child, but he stopped as the boy admired his hero. He quickly arranged front row seats for the two before seducing his new-found nephew's mother for a few hundred dollars. He stayed there that night to enjoy morning sex and avoid his wife's unwelcome body. The young boy sat in marvel at the spectacle in front of his front row seat as his mother watched her child more than the matches. When it was time for the main event Cielo's theme music blasted over the speakers and the crowd blasted from their seats. Cielo bore his gold-finished championship belt proudly as he paraded to the ring, flanked by dancing girls and sparking pyrotechnics. It was the grandest entrance the crowd had ever seen as he stepped dominantly into the ring while the shrinking demon slithered back into the opposite corner. The referee called for the bell and the two started the trade of shots and stunt work. They flipped and spun and flew across the ring as only veterans could. Each maneuver drew the crowd to cheer or boo or gasp as the best friends and famed rivals put on a show like no other. It continued in gruesome succession until Diablo Oscuro ran into the referee, rendering him unconscious. Cielo struck in vengeance of the rule keeper, but was twisted into the most heinous of moves. Diablo laughed maniacally as he lifted him up for the forbidden piledriver. Cielo's face broke into panic as he felt himself slip ever so slightly from proper position. Extra referees ran down the entrance ramp to pretend to stop the move, but they were expectedly useless as Diablo dropped down to the mat. Cielo cried out in real pain as Diablo smiled sadistically. The referee's pushed him from the corpse of his friend as Diablo Oscuro waited for his friend to jump up triumphantly and come back to win the match of the decade. But he didn't. Rather, he couldn't. He could only lay on his back, and cry out in pain as the young boy cried for him from the sidelines. “Surely,” the boy thought. “El Cielo cannot be dead.” Yet the seconds turned to minutes and Diablo realized his friend's pain was real. He rushed to his side and cried out his name – El Cielo's real name – as all the referees were lost in complete confusion at the chaotic moment. A real medical team was called in this time, and the referees tried to pull a sympathetic Diablo from the ring as he drew more heat from the crowd then ever, and without even trying. The devil had fell an angel. Cielo was rushed to a hospital across the border, and, for the first time since he retired Hechicero, his mask was removed in the presence of others. His wife did not visit him in the hospital, and Cielo did not realize why until he left the hospital months later. She had left a message on Cielo's coffee table, held down by her rosary, explaining her position. She had left him when he had not returned home the night before his match with Diablo. She knew all along and couldn't take it any longer. The lucha libre would not take him back either, and Cielo would snarl every time he saw a poster advertising the new champion, El Diablo Oscuro, most hated man in all of Mexico. With his last dollars, Cielo entered the club of Naucalpan, his first time entering without his mask. Without asking, his cousin walked up to him. “El Cielo,” she laughed. “You're alive. They say El Diablo killed you.” “How do you know me without my mask?” “I always knew, but when Diablo called your name. . .” He shriveled as she answered him. “You can't afford me anymore. I met some wealthy men at the seats up front, and they are better to me than you ever were.” “Then you're a bigger whore than I thought.” “And you're a bigger fool,” she retorted as he turned away. “Say hello to your family, or are they Diablo's family now?” El Cielo was stunned. “I heard that he took them in after she left you. Ironic, isn't it? Leaving the fallen angel for the devil.” Cielo couldn't answer as she continued to chide him. He left with head high and spirit in pieces on the floor. His life was destroyed, and it would be up to him alone to piece it back together. The next evening, Cielo stood atop the arena that used to be his and watched as thousands filled the house that he built. Dancing spotlights cut through the dark, occasionally lingering on the marquis that begged for the fall of El Diablo Oscuro. He grimaced as he reached for his greatest weapon; showmanship. He hurled a corn sack effigy bearing Diablo's mask from the roof. It slapped the building hard and loud as a noose anchored the Diablo to the roof. The spotlights caught the analogue as the crowds gasped and Cielo pulled on his mask, stepping forward into a spotlight. It was the proclamation heard around the world as Cielo declared his intentions. “Diablo Oscuro may have killed me, but the blood of heaven boils in my veins, and I am alive once again,” Cielo shouted to world. No one could ignore it. “If I cannot have his belt, I will no longer wear this mask.” The game was set and Cielo would get his one match whether the lucha libre wanted it or not. He was even more popular than ever before and they could not ignore it. If his first match with Oscuro was the match of the decade, this would be the match of the century. Cielo entered the locker room as one who had held a sport hostage. He embraced his best friend and greatest enemy once again. “We will change the world of libre forever,” El Diablo Oscuro whispered in his ear. “Nobody will ever see the sport the same,” El Hijo del Cielo replied with coy disdain. El Hijo del Cielo entered the ring first, and looked down at the boy in the front row and his coquettish mother, in seats they could now afford, and then at his wife, sitting alone, in the seat Diablo Oscuro had given her. Cielo took a deep breath as Diablo joined him. They had the greatest of matches, until Diablo, once again, knocked over the referee, and Cielo once again twisted with Diablo, but once more this time. Cielo was on top and he bent down to whisper to his friend. “Do you trust me as much as I trusted you?” And Cielo lifted his friend from the ground.
  3. Libitinarius

    Solitude of the Seven Seas

    Solitude of the Seven Seas Chapter 1 ~ Iota’s Sorrow San Francisco, California, the year is 1994. “I love you Iota”. Her soft voice carried through the living room, as she collected her keys and purse. Iota half paying attention sitting on the couch, watching the news on the television that Kurt Cobain committed suicide. He mumbled to himself, “Can you believe these celebrities nowadays Suzanne? Millionaires, they have it all, yet, so eager to throw their lives away.” He turned to look and noticed an irritated look on Suzanne’s face from being ignored. “Huh? Oh, you be careful Suzanne. Call me when you’re off work.” “You worry too much Iota”. She sarcastically chuckled, irritably walking out the door of their apartment. That would be the last time Iota ever saw Suzanne alive. The blistering night wind seemed to add to the drop in his body temperature as the tears rolled down his face. Iota could feel the damp squish of the grass beneath his body, the moisture from the grass seeping into his clothes; he began to speak aloud to the night sky in front of her tombstone. “Dammit! I didn’t even get to tell her I loved her. Why god?! Why was I so fucking nonchalant!?” He balled his fists in anger, clenching the grass and mud into his palms. Iota could feel the anger beating violently through his chest cavity, the strain on the carotid arteries in his neck. Iota reached to touch her tombstone, softly stroking the engraving of her name. “Cursing the God’s won’t bring her back Iota.” Said an eerie voice hidden somewhere in the cemetery. “What the fuck do you know about it? Leave me alone, whoever you are! I’m warning you!” Iota’s blood pressure raced even higher, his head felt like it was going to explode at any second. He seemed to ignore the fact this dark figure knew his name. “Well for one, ‘I know’ the God’s from above aren’t to blame for this, but the demons below.” The eerie voice revealed its true form. An old baldheaded man wearing a white scarf and kaki jacket stepped out of the shadow. The man seemed to have more hair growing out of his ears then on his head. Iota ignored his features as the man began to approach him.
  4. Daniel Hunt is a genius. Plain and simple. Many people see him as kind, warm, good looking and popular.This belies his cold, calculating and ruthless nature that saw him become Military Tactical Adviser of Balamb at the age of 15, despite being a poor orphan. However, the corruption and appalling attitude of the Balamb government and royal family to the people, led him to quitting just a year into the job. The Chinese invaded and overthrew Balamb and now a group of ex soldiers have seeken out Daniel, who is still only 18, in hopes that he will lead them to a glorious rebellion over the vast power of the Chinese. However, there is one problem. Daniel has no interest in their plans. This short will follow Daniel as various people try to persuade to take on the role of a resistance leader. This is an original KALS work. KALS is the group dedicated to renewing and reinvigorating Kametsu's ailing Art and Literature section. We will be posting a wide variety of original shorts. In some cases, if the strory is popular we will introduce character sign-ups where you can post your own character for a continuation of the short. So..... PLEASE COMMENT!
  5. Chapter 1 : The Intro RIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! The alarm's gone off pretty loud today. Indy thought as he awoke drowsily, grabbing the alarm clock from his bedside table. It took his eyes a while to adjust, because of the CRAZY party last night but they widened in shock as he saw the time. 7:00 AM!!!!!! Damn Damn Damn. School was about to start in an hour and he was just waking up. Mae is gonna kill me today, he groaned as he got up and hurriedly wore his uniform. Shirt : check Tie : check Blazer : check he was just about to step out when he noticed : PANTS!!!!!!! ------------- 15 minutes later, he arrived in front of Kametsu High School, and Talena Mae standing in front of it looking very pissed. “You're late,” she said and Indy could swear that the air above her head was steam. “AND THOSE PANTS AREN'T SCHOOL REGULATION!!!” “Heh heh, well i had a little 'accident' with them last night so...” Mae was no longer listening. She had taken out her hammer and had thrown it wih all her might at Indy. “ACCKKKK!!!”, Indy yelled and ducked out of the way. It was at that moment that Random decided to make an entrance, bad timing as always. “Hi guys, what's going o ...” BAM! The hammer struck Random right in the stomach. “What was ... that ... for?”, he said weakly before falling. “She did it.”, Indy said, pointing at Mae. Mae chose the appropriate time to disappear. “Come on pal,” Indy said. “Let's take you to the hospital wing.” ---------------- if anyone else wishes to add their names, it's all right as i'm still working on the story P.S. random. dont worry. thats the least of what could have happened.
  6. nemarious

    Primus - Thy Guided Hand

    The game this was based on has now been restarted so this will be put on the backburner whilst I focus on the game. The story for the game was the basis for this anyway so if you want to know what happens check the game out. Part One - "Alydra" Part One A - "The Storm Before The Calm" The cold water washed up my back once more. Its icy talons causing me to take a sharp intake of breath and working in contrast to the sun, still shining defiantly, backed by brooding storm clouds. It was only then that I noticed it was raining, the droplets splashing on my cheek. I opened my eyes, the pathetic, pallid light still hurting my eyes, causing a headache I didn’t know I had to flare back into life. It seemed I was on a beach. I say seemed because I don’t remember getting there. The last thing I remember… I don’t know. I know my name. My name is Leni… Leni. Another wave washed over me, the water pouring through the cracks in my armour. Struggling, I got up onto my knees, then onto my feet. My hand went immediately to my forehead as another stab of pain forced its way into my mind. I brushed the wet, golden sand off my face and out of my hair as best as I could. Rain continued to stream out of the sky into the sea and the small beach I was standing on, which soaked it up like an earthy sponge. I was wearing dark armour everywhere but on my head. It was accented by golden strips around the collar and across the midriff. My sabatons were crusted with sand and hadn’t been afforded the splendour the rain had blessed the rest of my armour with. I had a sword strapped around me by a belt. It had an enamelled pommel with a very dark blue gem, most likely a sapphire of some sort, and had dark leather wrapped around its hilt. The crossguard had a goldish hue as did the scabbards locket and chape. The rest of the scabbard was a jet black, matching my armours shade. My cloak was hanging loosely off one shoulder where it had fallen loose. I reaffixed it into place and brushed back my long fringe, as black if not darker than my armour, back from the one eye it covered and took another look around. There were large palm trees leaning, steadfast, into the breeze that whipped around everything, causing my cloak to billow even whilst it remained in place around my neck. The beach wasn’t really much of a beach. It had, in fact, more in common with an island in that it was bordered by the sea wherever it had given up trying to stretch itself out. Even that, though, didn’t really accurately describe this wretched place as it was more of a sandy pathway, winding around and back onto itself, than it was an island. Every now and then there were small rocks a little way out into the ocean which implied that this was a place that was often completely covered with water. It seemed I was lucky that I had somehow found myself here during low tide. Despite that fact, I had to find somewhere more stable as the rain was threatening to speed up the process by filling the ocean up. I started walking, following the path round, trudging my feet through the sand. I had been walking about three minutes when a bizarre looking slimy creature accosted me. It was almost opaque, bordering on completely see-through but had a bluish tinge to its body, if you could call it that. Considering how little form it appeared to have, it packed a surprising punch. It seemed to be able to propel its lumpy form forward somehow and it prepared for another assault but this time I was ready and dodge it. Drawing my sword from its scabbard, I sliced through the creature. I had no idea what damage this would do but it seemed to hurt it somehow as it recoiled a little bit. I took that knowledge with glee, taking the creature’s unease to strike again and again. It managed to dodge one of my attacks and I felt a thump hit my back but I managed to keep my balance. I swung round with my sword pointed down, low, towards the ground. I hit the thing in what must have been its vital parts as it just stopped and sort of… deflated for lack of a better word, to about two-thirds of its original size. I stood there a moment, watching as the rain washed the gloop off my sword, falling away at the rainguard. A little of the gloop got onto my hand and found itself laying on a cut I must have obtained during the fight. I began to go to wipe it off but noticed the cut began to heal, the skin almost stitching itself back together. It seemed there was some kind of healing power this slime’s body had. Somehow, the slime seemed to have some kind of healing ability. It’s a shame it didn’t seem to want to work together as I would have then had a Priest in my party, or at least a healer of some fashion. I felt some kind of bizarre warmth spreading to the extremities of my body. At first I thought the slime gloop had caused some side effects, particularly, in this case incontinence but I then realized this must have been what gaining experience felt like. The feeling disappeared as quickly as it came, but then I noticed there were some gold coins floating about an inch and a half off the ground. Ignoring the obvious conundrum of how a slime with no hands, or pockets for that matter, had managed to hold onto some gold coins, I picked them up but they disappeared. I looked around for them, thinking I had dropped them somehow. I then caught sight of a small pouch of some kind, attached on the opposite side of my belt which held my sword. Presumably, this was the ‘bag’ I was supposed to have. I didn’t know whether it had been there all the time or had just appeared when I picked up those coins. I opened the pouch and, as I had thought, the coins were nestled at the bottom. I managed to take one whole step before another slime, identical to the first, appeared in front of me. ‘Random battles my arse’ I thought to myself, and began to slice at the creature. My new found experience served me well and I managed to land a critical hit in the first attack. This seemed to do a lot more damage, causing the creature to recoil back, despite my swings being derived from the same form that had despatched the fiend’s twin not long ago. It was severely wounded but instead of doing the smart thing and running away, it continued to prepare itself for a strike. It launched itself at me but went in a completely different direction to what it should have, landing a way off to the left. I chuckled to myself and pounced on the creature before it got chance to turn around, vanquishing it. I felt the warmth of experience gain once again, but at the height of it this time I felt a tickling pain, like pins and needles, everywhere in my body. Shocked, I began to lift off of the ground, up to about two feet. Then I noticed my body was changing. My biceps, and pectoral muscles grew very slightly and my abs pulled in a little bit. It struck me then that killing that last slime must have given me enough experience to level up! I just let the process go on after that revelation. It lasted about ten more seconds and I was then dumped back onto the wet sand. ‘I could get used to that’ I laughed, although the sound was drowned out by a clap of thunder following after its paired lightning bolt. The storm was getting worse, I needed to pick up my pace. Fortunately my agility had also increased during my level up and I began to run, slicing the randomly generated slimes leaping at me clean in two. ******************************** A while later the path opened up onto a much larger beach. It stretched for at least fifty feet either way. Strangely, the sand was littered with unusual objects that I had not seen anywhere else. There were broken barrels and smashed pots everywhere, bits of wood, torn clean in two. There was even a treasure chest there. I spotted one a while back, as I was making my way here but all it had in it was a piece of paper with a lightning bolt drawn on it. I didn’t know what to make of it but had figured that if someone had taken the trouble to hide it inside a chest than it must be useful for something. It only struck me now, as I remembered it that the idea of a treasure chest being found on the middle of an island gradually being washed away was strange… Moving onto this treasure chest, I wondered whether there was something similar in it. The rain washed down of the front causing it to shine brightly, even more so when lightning flashed in the sky. I thought about making a Gollum reference due to the shininess of it but I was never very good at impressions so I thought better of it. For some reason I couldn’t help but feel that this treasure chest would have something important of mine, like an itch that needed scratching. Besides that, whenever I tried to ignore it I got a burning pain through my body, as if the game maker had thinly veiled a plot event in a chest and was forcing me to open it to progress. After opening the chest I picked up the small vials of red liquid and looked at the quizzically. Then, the player must have received a prompt because I knew that they were health potions. I raised them above my head and heard a strange sound effect. It didn’t really fit the theme of the game, besides I didn’t have a hat. I put all this behind me and struggled to fit the potions into what had originally been a small pouch. Every time I found a new item, the pouch grew to accommodate it but it wasn’t working this time. Instead, as I tried to ram them in for the fourth time, they got smaller and smaller. This confused me. Were they now concentrated? If I got them back out would they have a label saying, “100% HP Potion (From Concentrate)” I picked them back up out of the pouch but they returned to their previous size with no such label on. I figured the bag must grow according to how many items it contained which struck me as a clever feature as it would reduce constraints on a user’s hardware. I wondered whether I would be this proficient with technology if I wasn’t myself just a collection of variables representing other bits of meta but the thought made me ill so I decided to stop thinking about it.
  7. The Joker

    Kametsu Kombat [story]

    The kametsu Kombat story will officially begin tomorrow, however, heres a quick trailer i made: Thanks eve for the emblem, really appreciate it! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-skDOjrwkFU Enjoy! Also, for those who need to re-fresh their memory about the characters, Click here to go back to the signup, but remember no new characters are accepted now this has gone live people, at least not for now anyway BTW Random is not in it because he is purely the host, not a fighter!
  8. “All around the world, people are dying. Nothing new about that, people die every day. What’s special about them? I’m killing them. There’s only so much of injustice I can take anymore. The only choice I had left was to kill them and myself and no offense, but I’m much more important than them. Light started this cycle and came very close to ending all the injustice in the world … but then you stepped in and killed him off like a dog. Now you’ll learn just how wrong it was to try and go up against a God. I’ll be in touch.” This is an original KALS work. KALS is the group dedicated to renewing and reinvigorating Kametsu's ailing Art and Literature section. We will be posting a wide variety of original shorts. In some cases, if the story is popular we will introduce character sign-ups where you can post your own character for a continuation of the short. So ..... PLEASE COMMENT!
  9. Kurohima Satsuka has played the violin since she was five. Finally, after all of her hard work, she gets accepted into the most elite music school in the world, Heartstrings Academy for the Musically Gifted. After moving into the school, she quickly realizes that she is not as good as she thought. Struggling to cope with the truth, she tries to find all the help she can get to be the best of the best in time for her senior recital, which is in three short years, and ends up falling in love with he tutor. This romantic short follows the life of Kurohime as she discovers how sometimes life brings you love at all the wrong times, and sometimes, with the wrong people. This is an original KALS work. KALS is the group dedicated to renewing and reinvigorating Kametsu's ailing Art and Literature section. We will be posting a wide variety of original shorts. In some cases, if the strory is popular we will introduce character sign-ups where you can post your own character for a continuation of the short. So..... PLEASE COMMENT!
  10. Sebastian

    A Mysterious Package

    A Modern Take on Pandora's Box *KNOCK* *KNOCK* Pandora opened the door to her one bedroom apartment. "Hello we have a package for a Ms. Pandora. Sign here please." Upon inspection she found he worked for a company called Zues Delivery, Delivering at the speed of the Gods. "But sir," Pandora started, " I haven't ordered anything and I know of no one who would send me something." "Im sorry ma'am but I cant leave until you sign and take the package." "Fine! But I better not have to pay for this." Pandora signed and took the package. She then slammed the door in his face. On the side of the package an envolepe held a letter it read: Pandora, Please do not open this package if you know whats good for you. I have sent it to you for safe keeping. DO NOT OPEN IT! Sincerly, Zues "What kind of prank is this! How am I supposed to believe its Zues!" Just then a thunder boomed seeming to say her name. "Well putting it that way... I guess it will stay unopened." Days passed and Pandora's curiosity grew greater and greater. It was driving her completely mad. The little friends she had left never spoke to her anymore after seeing the condition she was in. Whenever the had visited before she had never stopped mumbling about the box.One day they came to visit again after months of giving her isolation. "Welcome," Pandora said opening the door for her friends, Try not to trip on the stupid box on the way in." She was like this the whole afternoon always muttering about the box. Bringing it up no matter what they started to talk about. "Pandora," one friend said, "How about you stop talking about that box. How's work been?" "Haven't gone," Pandora replied. "How could I when there is this box sitting in my house with a mysterious item or whatnot in it." "Well," another friend started, "Your clothes kind of look dirty when was the last time you showered and changed?" "I don't know, maybe a few days after the box arived then I haven't been able to stop think about it." After seeing how bad she had gotten they called a mental instutition to pick her up in an hour. Pandora insisted that if she be taken away she must finnaly open the box not caring what happened seeing as her life had crashed in. She got out a knife and opened up the box. Inside was a chest. She popped open the chest and many nasty creatures came out including Greed,Envy, and Hatred. She popped down the lid in shock. All thoose nasty things entered the world because of her she began to sob. What Pandora didn't realize is she left one thing in the bottom. Hope. So no matter how nasty things get we always can have hope it will be better.
  11. Sebastian

    Adventures in Anime

    Mrawesome2398’s Adventures in Anime! (mrawesome2398 is my usual name in places.) You may not know it, but there are many portals, portals that lead into many worlds………. worlds of Anime! That’s right, not many discover these portals but I have and I have had many adventures. These are my stories. Chapter 1 It all started one morning on Alchemist Lair. I was happily watching Bleach when I noticed a glitch had formed on the bottom of the player. “What’s that?” I wondered. All of the sudden words formed on the spot where the glitch started, CLICK ME, it said. Now if you don’t know me well, I’m a very curious person so I of course clicked it. I thought at the worst it was a popup advertisement, but boy was I dead wrong. My computer screen showed something that looked like THE MATRIX. All that would come out of my mouth is, “What kind of virus is this?!?!?” Then a bright light glowed around the computer and my self, basking everything in its white light. Chapter 2 After the light died, my computer had turned into a notebook, mini laptop, and I definitely was NOT in my computer room anymore. I was cartoonish, like an anime character. It was all so strange. Then I realized where I had seen the kind of artwork that the room was done in. Ouran High School Host Club! Then I realized the exact room I was in and almost screamed! I was in the Host Clubs room, and trust me I didn’t want caught in there! I looked around and let out a deep sigh of relief. No one was there! I scrambled out the door and went straight to the headmasters office, I didn’t know what was going on, and was a little scared, but if I was going to be stuck there I was going to enroll myself in the school. Then I realized I had no money! As soon as I thought that the backpack my laptop had come in suddenly got bulgier. I look inside and the laptop wass glowing and next to it, a wad of cash. I count it up and it’s a million dollars in hundred dollar bills! I didn’t know what had happened but I wasn’t going to complain! Chapter 3 When I made it to the headmasters office we fought for ages. He said he didn’t care how much cash I had, I needed a parent to sign the work for me. Apparently my magic laptop wasn’t going to make one for me. I pull it out to see if I can contact my parents to save me or something since I couldn’t enjoy my stay. Then the headmaster said, “ I was told about you, wow the chosen one starts here. You wanted admitted to the school and about five uniforms right, well it’s on the house, O.K?” “Sure, thank you,” I stuttered sure that this man was crazy. He handed me a slip with a room number and some uniforms. I went into the bathroom and changed right away, I guess everything they give you fits in an anime. Now that I had the proper attire I went straight to Tamaki Souh’s room. If I was going to be going here there was something that needed to be done. Chapter 4 I stormed into his room went right up to him and whispered into his ear , “ I know Haruhi is a girl and I suggest you do what I want or the whole school might just know. I have just one request, let me join the host club as your apprentice. If you keep me the secret is kept, if not the secret isn’t, its that simple.” “Whoa, wait a minute,” Tamaki said, almost screaming, “ Your that new student right the one headmaster went crazy over, rumors spread fast here. He went on and on about treating you with respect.” “I must’ve been in the restroom,” I thought to myself. “ I for one don’t like that the one I’m supposed to treat well, is treating me poorly. And… wait how would you know about Haruhi if you’re new?” “Trust me if I told you you’d think I’m crazy or freak out.” “Our group IS a little crazy and I’m freaking out already. I have time so shoot.” Chapter 5 I got a few chuckles from him during the story but after I finished he seemed in a trance for a moment and then suddenly got serious. He said, “ That must be terrible! Oh poor mrawesome2398… you know, no girl will like that name let’s change it to……… Haya (from the Japanese word hayabusa meaning falcon or Haya meaning soon or quickly) it should be Haya!” “Seriously, Haya, actually thinking it over that is a pretty good name. Yeah and for my last name how about Miyazaki. I think that’s pretty nice.” “That’s fine………. I accept.” “NO WAY!!! I’m a host!” “Sure I guess I have no choice anyway since you know about Haruhi, meet me in the club after classes. Now hurry, you’ll be late!” “Thank You!” With that I ran out the hall so fast I literately RAN into Hikaru Hitachiin who was walking with his brother. “Hey WATCH IT!,” screamed Hikaru. “Calm down Hikaru,” Kaoru said with comfort and he grabbed Hikaru’s hand and helped him up halfway, “I’m always here for you, to comfort and protect you, I love you Hikaru.” “EEEK! Brotherly love!” screamed some passing girls. I could tell my stay here would be anything but normal. Chapter 6 I used my weird magic laptop to get out of third period, Social Studies, not my strong subject, and went to my room. I needed answers and I needed them fast. I hopped on to my laptop and tried to get on the Internet, email, or something to get a hold of someone. As soon as I click Mail my laptop whirrs and then shuts down, dead. “WHAT NO FRIGGIN' MAGIC CHARGER TO GO WITH IT!” With that the laptop gave a final whirr and out popped a glowing charger! I was furious, I threw the laptop at the wall but it bounced right back into my lap. I couldn’t take it anymore! I threw it into my backpack and turned on the television. All of the sudden the screen went static and a voice came through that seemed to penetrate my mind. “mrawesome, mrawesome2398, you’re not focused on your true fate, your destiny, you need to focus, the fate of anime hangs in the balance you need to…” I took the remote and turned the channel, click, “focus…” WHAT THE HECK! I turned it off but there was still that voice. I got up to unplug the television when I saw someone’s foot from behind the TV. I ran back there and saw I bald man in shades. I screamed and then he ran and jumped out the window! I was on the third story and FREAKING OUT. I looked out the window but he was gone. Chapter 7 After that ordeal I was going to talk to the headmaster. As soon as I got in there and explained he started acting jumpy and weird. He just kept muttering, “ So it’s begun.” and, “That was a bold move.” “Sir,” I said with frustration, “I’m a little freaked out now I for one…” “Don’t worry it’s…” “DON’T WORRY! A creepy man was in my room and jumped and disappeared out of a third story window! Not to mention I can’t get rid of this laptop! So sorry if I’m at least a LITTLE worried!” “IT WILL BECOME CLEAR LATER!! Now get to lunch!” As I was eating my lobster savoring every bite, even though I knew I could have it every day, I kept feeling like someone was watching me. I felt the same way through my classes and on my way to the Host Club to begin my job as a host. It was probably just me being paranoid but I was still pretty freaked out. I arrived at the doors of the abandoned music club. This is it, I’m gonna be a host! Chapter 8 Rose petals flew everywhere as I entered the majestic Ouran Academy's Host Club. As I looked around I realized everything was exactly where it was in the anime. Trying to conceal my excitement and act more noble then a "commoner" I went to meet the rest of the gang. Tamaki Suoh was in the corner looking gloomy in his signature style and Honey was eating cake. The twins of course were mocking Suoh. Mori-Senpai was watching Honey and scolding him, telling him to slow down. I supposed that this wasn't very far into the storyline seeing as everything was like it was in the beggining. Maybe it was alternate and didn't exactly follow the storyline. Maybe it was part of the "great quest". I didn't know, and didn't care. After exchanging information about each other we changed into our cosplay. We were dressed like charactors that resembled Vampires from a series in their world Vampire Night. I didnt care because it was almost time for our guests. To Be Continued when I see fit.
  12. I posted this same story to another forum, it's actually my first story that has been published for people to see. I apologise if the format of writing is a bit too compact, I basically just copied this from my word document version of the story. I hope you guys will enjoy this story. “I can’t believe it!!” shouted one of his friends as they were riding together in the car. “Hah ha, dammit. We’re finally out of university. All those years of work finally bearing fruit after much patience”. “I agree, I’m so relieved now that I’ve finally graduated.” “What if you were to die now… what if all those years of hard work were to go down for nothing”, “I’d be damn pissed, I never worked so hard so that I can have God telling me ‘I gave you 9 years to enjoy your life but you never took advantage of it’ ”, “9 years ? but your 22!” , “Don’t count the years of infancy and childhood, because you had no clue of what the hell you were doing” , “I see… you have a point there” , “Drop me of over here will you” , “Are you sure? I really have no problem in dropping you straight at home” , “No, I just feel like walking for some time” , “Ok then, See you at the graduation party tonight”, and with that he left Ayaka just by a pavement “Sigh, I really do feel relieved now that I have passed university” he stared at the bus stop which he had to cross in order to get home. The truth is, walking helps Ayaka visualize and clear up his mind for a while. As he was so busy conjuring up thoughts about his plans for the future, he wasn’t paying enough attention to what was going on around him. Suddenly… Bang! A girl crashed into him and quite hard also, Ayaka was thrown off balance and fell onto the street, his misfortune was such that, at that very moment a car was speeding towards him “Is this really it? Is this how my life ends now… after all the studying, all the hard work, just when I thought that I was going to make it big… I just get thrown in front of some car to die a dog’s death. Shit! Shit! Shit!” The thought rushed through his mind. He tried to dodge the car by trying to manoeuver while falling, but to his dismay it all failed, and he was knocked unconscious. “ Oh my God! I hope he’s fine” all he could hear was the fading voices of chaos as his vision was extremely blurred out, he could see the girl who bumped into him and a doctor. Even though his vision was blurred he could make out that he was in a building, and not anymore on the streets, he could see the girl’s hands and the doctor’s clothes stained in red. He slowly felt his energy being drained and he shut his eyes. “Is he going to be alright doctor?”, The doctor stared at the worried face of the girl “Well, I’m no God let us only pray and hope that he survives this without any permanent effects, he has lost a lot of blood, even if he survives then there might be a chance that the damage done to his brain by the accident may cause memory loss, short term memory or in a worst case scenario… he might even go insane”. The girl became a bit distressed at the doctor’s response. She went near the window and stared at Ayaka lying on the hospital bed, she felt guilty at the fact that he ended up there. For the next few days she visited Ayaka regularly, eventually one day the doctor looked at her with a somewhat relieved look “Good news! It seems that he survived, now we are just waiting for him to wake up”, the girl cheered up, she was happy at least that the mishap never caused any death. She went in the room and stood by Ayaka’s bed staring at him. Suddenly Ayaka opened his eyes, staring right into the girl’s face, she backed away a little. He rose up and kept on staring at the girl’s face. “What am I doing in a hospital, I thought I saw heaven” suddenly the doctor burst into the room. ” Hello young man, how are you feeling?” “Well… I’ve definitely felt better before, this girl over here was almost going to be the cause of my death, but I’m not angry with her, because at least I’m still alive” “Your memory is quite well intact, I see” “Of course, what the hell could possibly be wrong with my memory , by the way umm… girl, I appreciate the fact that your happy with my wellbeing, most people would have just left me to die on the streets” the girl became even happier to see that the Ayaka’s memory was not damaged by the accident. The doctor also looked a lot more relieved to see Ayaka’s state. ” Well I want you to see me in my office before you are discharged, I’d like to discuss a few things with you” and with that he left the two in the room. “You have my gratitude, even though we are strangers you took such care of me when I was unconscious, I doubt that my friends would have done that”. “Wouldn’t anyone have, besides it seems like you don’t trust your friends much” “You only think that people always help each other because your nature is such, I don’t want to lose someone like you as a friend, would you care to be a friend of mine” “You talk as if you know a lot, very well I guess it couldn’t hurt to have a new friend” “Great! Will you wait for me, while I have a word with doc” “Sure, but be mindful of time”. Ayaka left the girl in the room and went to the doctor’s office. “Yo Doc”, “I still never got your name”, “It’s Ayaka” , “ Well Ayaka, are you feeling alright, do you maybe feel that you can’t respond to certain things quite well or maybe your memory might have been lost or something” “I’m right here doc and as you can see I’m perfectly fine and my memory is still as perfect as it used to be, besides just because I damaged my brain doesn’t mean that I’m a retard or my memory is damaged” the doctor was baffled at Ayaka’s response “I… I never mentioned that your brain was damaged neither did I say that you’re a retard”, “C’mon doc you just told me that my brain was damaged and you called me a retard, besides I think that the damage might have done something to my eye sight as I can’t see people talk sometimes” , “I swear, I never told you that your brain was damaged”, “Well whatever, I gotta go doc” and with that he left the doctor baffled in his office, the doctor was wondering how Ayaka could know that his brain was damaged when the doctor never mentioned that fact, it was almost as if Ayaka could read his mind...
  13. Here is the prologue to the collaboration Anras and I are doing. My chapters are titled in red, and Rune's are in Aqua Blue I think. Prologue Some might say Charles Dickens had it right when he said “It was the best of time and it was the worst of times.” In the world we live in, there is a lot of pain and suffering. People will do anything to try and escape that pain. People have even tried to replace this world with an alternate world. One based entirely online. Where you can interact with other people. These alternate online worlds are based mainly in videos games called MMO's. One day, a man made an MMO, where you could fully immerse yourself into the alternate world. Little did he realize the effects that this game would have on the world. Little did he realize what he had just done when he sold it to others, the lives he would save, the relationships that would be made, and the lives that would be ruined... In this game, Wonderland, there was everything from drugs, gambling, and murdering; to friendships, love, and even the occasional marriage. It was almost like the real world, with a few minor changes. You could defy the laws of gravity and most other laws of physics to a certain extent. If you died in the game, you didn't die in real life... or so everyone thought. -------- “Uhhh... Where am I?” Said a gravely voice as he sat up and blinked in the bright light. The man who was sitting up was a tall, lanky, hawk like man, who was sharply dressed. As he looked around he saw that everything looked really fuzzy. “What was I doing?” He asked himself. “Wait, the last thing I remember was trying out that new Game... what was it called... Wonderland, that's right. Now what do I do now...” He looked up at the cloudless bright blue sky, and saw nothing, not even the sun. Then looked around and saw that he was in a open plain full of waist high, greenish brown grass, blue and purple wild flowers, and rolling hills. As he stood up shakily he looked around more, and he saw a group of people off in the distance. “Hey guys. I'm new here.” said Dragon, as he walked up to a group of guys in Wonderland. “The name's Red Dragon, it's nice to meet you.” He said as he extended his hand towards one of the guys in the group. "Hi" said a short blond girl, with rainbow streaks in her hair and a hourglass physique. as she ran up and hugged Dragon. Dragon fell backwards, trying to catch himself as he fell. “My aren't we a lively one.” Joked Dragon as he tried and failed to push himself back up. “So who are you?” A short, grumpy looking man with a long beard walked up and pulled the girl off of Dragon, he said, “I guess she really likes you. I'm Black Wolf, and she is Rainbow Horse. The Shadowy, depressed little Emo kid behind me with the flipy hair, he is Metal Snake, he doesn't talk much. But don't mind him, He is just shy around new people.” Metal looked over at them and just shook his head and mumbled something under his breath. As Dragon stood back up, a shot rang out from the other side of the open plane that they were on. Everything went black for Dragon, it felt like his heart stopped pounding. There was a sharp pain in his chest. It felt like he had just been stung by a bee but it hurt worse than that. He had stopped breathing entirely. Then suddenly. A bright light appeared, and he sat straight up, clinching his chest, and wondering what the heck just happened. Suddenly, a message popped up on Dragons computer screen. It said, “Hey Dragon, are you OK? I bet that was a real shocker. Well log back on if you want, we will be in the same field. And don't worry those guys won't attack you again.” It was from Rainbow Horse.
  14. well, here it goes... on a shed on top of a roof which has two rooms people found a body that was cut in half in the second room and just only a half of the body was missing while the other half was placed somewhere unknown... suddenly, the police noticed that both the front door and the door of the other room can only be locked from the outside... suprised by the events the police also found the key of the two doors in the second room in a corner where there is a drain... unable to determine how the key got there the police theorized that the culprit escaped through the window but the window of the shed was borded up and the window was on the edge part of the building which led to a cliff... the next, day the people who found the body saw the kitchen was ravaged and the only items that were missing was flour and butter... also, there are three portrait of three musician beethoven, mozart and strauss...they notice beet hoven's picture had a knife and was sliced in half...but then they were shock to see mozart's picture had a cuts in the neck, left arm and right arm... so, they came to a standstill where the it was impossible to catch the culprit with these kinds of situations so they gave up on the case at hand.... now, you all must solve the mystery before the the culprit strikes again... your clues: the front and second room door has an elevation of 2 inches from the ground. the key is very difficult or nearly impossibe to duplicate. the shed had been a storage where boxes had been arranged in a peculiar matter. and the place has rats... suspects cause the victim had a fight with them before the incident took place: a former teacher who used to be a police officer which had a disagreement with the victim. a locksmith who was beaten up by the victim in a druken rage. a detective who's wife was seduced by the victim... the choice is yours...make your own conclusion to the case and who is the culprit and remember the culprit will strike again next week at the same time...
  15. Major Mae quietly sneaks into the Admirals quarters and stalks towards the computer. Reaching out she hesitates before touching the screen, listening eagerly for any sounds. Releasing her breath slowly Mae touches the screen. "Please state your identity." The computer demands. Mae extends her borg arm to the computer and pressing a button releases the tubels into the computer system. "Access granted, welcome Admiral" "I want the restricted personal log for stardate 2010.255, and record." Mae whispers excitedly. Once all the file was on her pad Mae quickly rushes to her own quarters, making sure she was not seen. Looking around her room Mae made sure Amber was sound asleep before uploading the log and sending it to the rest of the crew. Admirals lig dtardate 2010.255 a party was thrown to clebrate the defeat og the horde. plenty of alcoholic drinj were wre served and many of the crew memebrs had more than their fair share. myself inlduded. unfortuneatly much of the night was forgotten. and i'm afrainnd reporting the happeniging accuratly is impossible. prticularly in the satae i'm in right now. from what ic an recall amber whent to bed t ar easonable hour and majot mae came back to drink in celebtration of the hordes defeat. major eve unfortunat;y had oterh duties to attend to so she coud not join us. hoever, mjor mae, commandre koby and several other senior officers and myself ha quirte the celebration. major mae showed us some moves with her ban hammer,which made our night. i'm afraid my memory has made me unable to remember the occurence of the reat of the night ubtill the twiligtian mennace has been exterminated e shall boldly move foarward admiral shazi of he anit-twlightmpovrmyn
  16. I was looking at some old documents on my computer and came across this and laughed. I had almost forgotten about it. I had originally posted it on Shinra Insider (I think) and decided to share it with you guys. Below is the exact post from last time. I don't really think I'm actually going to continue this, contrary to what it says at the end. ********** Okay, I've seen this done with a few Final Fantasy games, so I want to try it with Kingdom Hearts. This fanfiction will basically be a more comical and humorous version of the game. You'll see what I mean as soon as I get started. * WARNING: This fanfiction contains some strong language for humorous purposes...you have all been warned! I don't want anyone complaining. This is all for laughs anyway! * DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the mentioned characters or scenarios, blah blah blah...Square-Enix does, you know the story... Okay, here it goes, enjoy! And any comments are welcome! --------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER ONE - INTRO The screen is full of clouds as the logos of Disney Interactive and Squaresoft flash one after another. Another flash reveals the words KINGDOM HEARTS. Sora: Hey, look at the pretty clouds!!! Narrator: Shut up! You haven't been shown in the intro yet!!! Sora: What? Narrator: I said shut up!!! Sora: Fine... Narrator: Okay, you may begin... Sora: Yay! Okay, I've been having these weird thoughts lately, like is any of this for real or not? Narrator: I know exactly what you mean! Just this morning I was debating about Tifa's boobs. I mean, are they real or not? Sora: Hey! This is my story! Tidus: That’s my line! Sora: Oh crap! Please don’t tell me Tidus is in this game! Narrator: Actually, he is, but this time around he’s going to be like ten years old. Sora: Great… Narrator: Okay, for real, you’re not really all that better. Anyway… Sora: You know what? I should be the narrator from now on. Narrator: What? No! Sora: Yeah! You'll really only be needed in a few minutes when you explain to the player how to perform the basic controls that he or she would even know if they were a drooling vegetable. Narrator: Fine... Sora: Yay! Anyway... The screen changes to Sora falling through water as Simple and Clean starts playing. Sora: Has anyone ever noticed that the beginning of this song sounds like someone's pounding on the wall and straining on the toilet? It's like BOOM BOOM, BOOM BOOM, EHHHHHHH... Narrator: You're not supposed to be talking! Sora: Hey, I thought you were gone! Narrator: Screw you... Sora falls and the screen flashes as the scene changes to the beach. Sora: Damn the sun sucks... Riku: Take my hand as if to come with me somewhere, even though there is a big ass wave behind me. Sora: Sure!!! The wave crashes over Riku and Sora, showing them under the water now. Sora: Weeeee, back flips. Riku: Take my hand, Sora! Sora: I'm trying, damnit! But the waves suck. Riku: Yeah, I guess they do... Sora reaches the surface of the water with a beautiful sunset in the background. A female is standing on the beach, waving like a retard. Of course, she's the Mary Sue of this video game, so Sora waves back. Kairi: OMG, Sora! I haven't seen you in like 20 seconds! I miss you! I'm even jumping around like an idiot for you! Sora reaches the beach and bends over right in front of Kairi. Kairi: Pervert! *slaps Sora* Sora: Ow! Kairi giggles and looks up. Sora looks as well. Sora: WTF! Why am I falling yet again? And more importantly, how am I here and there at the same time? Kairi: 'Cause the game designers were on crack when they made this intro. Sora: Oh... Sora falls backward into water then sky, if that makes sense, and it doesn’t. Kairi appears overhead, reaching down for Sora. And then we see ripples. So now it's water again. Okaaaaaay. But then we see Sora falling through the sky again and into a big sun thing. And then he's finally truly under water. Sora: Weeeeeeee, ooooo...pretty birdies! The ocean floor fades as doves fly around, revealing a stained glass image of Snow White. Sora: Wow, that was a hot song! *downloads it* Mysterious Voice: So much to do, so little time... Take your time. Don't be afraid. The door is still shut. Now, step forward. Can you do it? Sora: 'Mysterious Voice' my ass! You're that same narrator guy from earlier! Narrator: Damn right! So step forward. Sora: You got to be shitting me. Narrator: Nope, I even provided the controls in a box right over your head, in case the player is absolutely mentally handicapped. And after that intro movie, who wouldn't be? Sora: Fair enough. *steps forward* Now what's this about a door? Narrator: Don't worry about that right now. Sora: Fine, I just hope this door motif doesn't come up again tons and tons of times. Three stones come out of the ground, bearing a sword, a shield, and a staff. Sora: Oooooh, I get one! Yay! Narrator: Whatever, you just keep the weapon in this tutorial thingy anyway. Sora: You always have to bring me down! Narrator: Whatever. Squall: Hey, that's my line, bitch! Narrator: Squall, get the hell out of this scene! You don't come into this game for a while. And you won’t be using your real name anyway! Sora: That was odd. Sora picks the staff and gets rid of the shield. The floor shatters and Sora falls down. He lands on a stained glass image of Cinderella. Narrator: You gained the power to fight. Sora: Can't I cast spells? I mean, I chose the staff. Narrator: Well, you don't get to cast anything until Traverse Town after a duck wizard teaches you a fire spell. Now press X god damnit! Sora: Okay, gosh… *swings staff* Narrator: All right! You've got it. Use this power to protect yourself and others. Suddenly, shadows appear. Narrator: There will be times you have to fight. Keep your light burning strong. Sora fights and kills all the shadows. They disappear. Narrator: Behind you! Sora defeats all the shadows and he falls through the floor after it becomes a dark void. He lands on yet another stained glass image. Sora: OMG, a door...imagine that. I can't open the damn thing, though... Sora opens the treasure chest and smashes the barrel, making the door ready to be opened. It opens with a bright light beyond. Sora finds himself on an island with three familiar faces (familiar to FF fans, anyway) They ask questions...blah blah blah Narrator: Your adventure begins at dawn. As long as the sun is shining, your journey should be a pleasant one. Sora: That sounds damn good to me! Narrator: The day you will open the door is both far off and very near. Sora: WTF is that supposed to mean. Narrator: I...dunno. Sora: Okay. Oh, look! Another frickin stained glass floor. Sora approaches a light, shadows appear, Sora destroys them, a save point appears, the light reveals...you guessed it...stained glass stairs up to the next area. The next area is another stained glass image thingy. Narrator: The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes. Sora: Um, yeah…oh shit! The shadow of Sora rises and turns into Darkside. Narrator: But don't be afraid. And don't forget... Sora: Yeah, yeah yeah…shut the fuck up while I beat this thingy up! Darkside: ‘sup? Sora hits Darkside with his staff. Darkside: Ow, you bitch! Now I’m pissed off. Sora: Ultima! Darkside: You bastard! Narrator: Sora! What the hell did I just tell you? I said you can’t use magic yet! And besides, Ultima is definitely not in this game. Sora: OMG, do you ever shut the fuck up? Darkside is defeated and Sora is engulfed in darkness. Narrator: But don't be afraid. You hold the mightiest weapon of all. So don't forget: You are the one who will open the door…Fuck this, my job’s done! Bye y’all! Sora: Finally, he’s gone! **The End of Chapter One** Stay tuned, as the next Chapter will be Destiny Islands! And comments and reviews are always welcome!
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    Ok, I decided to restart one of my stories because I kinda messed it up some. and I don't know if people really read it that much since it's lying dead somewhere in the art and literature section. That being said, here is the redone version of The Life of an Ordinary Loser, this time with added effects. DISCLAIMER: No one from Kametsu but I am used in this story, Any names or anything else that reminds you of people from here is due to the authors lack of Imagination and ability to be original Prologue There once was a guy; a weak, gentle, scared, lowly, kind, and sometimes wise guy. He couldn't hold his own in a fight. He wasn't popular. He wasn't ever really noticed by anyone. He wasn't really the hero of anyone, but he was a good kid. He didn't harm others on purpose. He never really spoke up for himself. He was pushed around, and run over many times. He wasn't anything special. His Life wasn’t always like this. At one point of time, his life once was good, but now, now it was hard… hard, and painful. He was now someone of the least amount of importance you would ever meet. I am that Kid. My name, my name isn't important, but if you really must know. My name is Timothy, and this is my life, my dreary uneventful life. At least until one day… that day is where our story begins. Chapter 1 Timothy had just gotten out of class. As he walked around the halls of his school to his locker, he saw a young lady whose face shone with the beauty of the moon. “Hey,” Timothy said sheepishly to the girl in front of him, “how's it going?” The girl he was trying to talk to ignored him and kept on ignoring him. He was used to it though. He knew no one really cared if he was doing ok, or if he even existed. It didn't matter to him though. He liked the solitude. As he continued walking he kept his head low, and did his best to avoid eye contact. This was how he avoided talking with people. He had trouble talking, and everyone else didn't care to talk or listen to him. He didn't like dealing with people really either. He just liked watching them from time to time. His life continued like this until one day, a new girl joined his school. “And when you are dealing with screws, the equation to find the Actual Mechanical Advantage is…” Mr. Burns, Timothy’s physics professor was saying when, the door to the classroom swung open. “Hello Class,” Mr. Richard, the principal of Richmond High School said as he interrupted the class smiling like an idiot. “We have a new student joining us, and she just arrived here. I hope you will welcome her and treat her kindly, especially since she is my grand daughter.” “Hello everyone, my name is Lexis Chanel. I just moved here from Japan. It's nice to meet all of you.” The new girl said with one of the prettiest and sweetest smiles Timothy had ever seen. “Welcome to back to America, Miss Chanel.” The teacher said, “There is a free seat by Mr. Timothy if you would please go and sit down now.” Lexis walked over to the seat beside Timothy and smiled at him. She was beautiful from head to toe. She had soft white skin, long blond hair that was red at the tips. Her hair fell perfectly without her having to do anything to it. She had the face of an angel; she had soft baby blue eyes. She was kind of short but that Just added to her beauty, and figure. She had a slim hourglass shape. “Hi, I'm Lexis,” She said in a soft, sweet tone too Timothy. “Since I’m new here, and you seem nice, would you like to hang out after school?” Timothy's eyes widened. This was the first time in a long time someone had spoken to him let alone asked him to hang out. “I'm Timothy,” he said shakily, “and I'd love to hand out a...af....after s...school.” Timothy stuttered out nervously, and forced a sheepish smile.
  18. “I had to change my name after my death, for future prequels, as ordered by Square's Victims Relocation plan...”~ Aerith Gainsborough on Her Death “You Fool! NOW THEY KNOW WHO AERITH IS!”~ Square Employee on the above quote “The case is known for it's... er... well... it's known for being famous.”~ Midgar History Channel Documentary on The Case The Incident The incident could of occurred from 1995-Present Day. It has been singled down to three confirmed persons; Cloud Strife, Aeris Gainsborough, and Sephiroth. Others may have been present including Tifa Lockheart, Yuffie Somethinggari, Red XIII (Criminal Nickname: Nanaki) and Mr. T. There is High Controversy over the location of one, Vincent Valentine, at the time. The location of the incident has been nicknamed the Forgotten City, and the event was the murder of Aeris, by Sephiroth. Authorities have also made a link of this incident to the Nibelheim incident, some years ago. Profiles of each of the suspects follow. Sephiroth Primary Suspect Personal Features: Long, Silver Hair. Eyes: Range from A Blue in some appearances to a Teal in others. Last Seen in: The Nibelheim Reactor Weapon: Masusume (Huge Sword) Notes: Thought to be dead. Ex-Soldier, if seen, approach with a lot of caution. Aeris Gainsborough Victim Personal Features: Wears pink, acts in a childish manner, possibly brought on by a mental issue. Eyes: Green Last seen in: The Pool in Forgotten City. Weapon: A (Stripper) Pole. Notes: Part of the Square Witness Relocation Program. Various rumors surround her as to if she can be brought back. Cloud Strife Suspect Personal Features: Gravity Defying Hair. Should be easy to spot from outer space. Eyes: Blue Last seen at: The Forgotten City (brought in for the case) Weapon: A Huge Sword. Exercise semi-caution if approached. Notes: Seems to have a connection to Sephiroth. Also, seems to be the center of a rape love octagon/ nonagon between Tifa, Aeris, Aerith Yuffie, Cid, Cait Jedi, REDCOCK XIII and Barret. Possibly also Vincent. The Case “All Rise for the Honorable Judge Judy, Presiding. The Case is the People of Midgar City, Versus Sephiroth.”~ Balif on The Opening Lines of the Case “No! I Do Not care if the man in question, was trying to summon a Meteor to doom us all! He can do that if he wants! The point is, he committed murder, and Justice must be served either way!”~ Judge Judy on Sephiroth's Lawyer ObjectionThe case was judged by the finest in Midgar, Judge Judy. It went for a total of five days. The Jury agreed the highlight of the case was the artist's impression of the moment of Aeris death. Although evidence came in the form of Cutscenes, the Jury and Judge were left to make decisions on that of the witnesses' and suspects recounts. Sephiroth showed extreme lack of empathy, so it was hard to get him to acknowledge what he had done was in fact wrong. Since Sephiroth tried to destroy the planet, he feared appearing in court would result in charges against him of that scale. His terms of appearing was he be legally exempt from those charges, and this was granted. Sephiroth's Trial Sephiroth had hired elite Shin-Ra lawyers to help him win the case. Multiple variables made the trial complicated, and in the end, the Cutscenes collected were deemed not enough evidence to prosecute Sephiroth. Although not found guilty of murdering Aeris, Continuation of the trial urged on by Sephiroth's lack of cooperation. His Defense stated that "[sephiroth] was in a tree, slicing branches with his sword when he fell out, landed on Aeris (with his sword still drawn) here by killing her, accidentally. This looked at from the view of Cloud Strife and his party, looked like Sephiroth jumped out and purposely killed Aeris." Even so, Sephiroth's statement beforehand gave a motive for the incident- "She Was part of my big plan, to summon meteor..." which made inconsistencies with his defense. He was cleared of Murder, and charged with Accidental Murder by the Jury, and sentenced to 45 weeks of Community Service, including helping out at repairing the Sector 7 church for Aeris' Funeral. Cloud's Trial “Your honor, while yes Sephiroth may have "accidentally stabbed" Mrs. Gainsborough, her true cause of death was due to a delayed treatment of her wounds. Everyone knows that you can revive anyone with a Phoenix Down (...I think...). Everyone except apparently...MR. CLOUD STRIFE!!!”~ Sephiroth's Lawyers on Cloud's Charges. Charged with Criminal Negligence, Evading Arrest, Tampering with a Crime Scene and Investigation, as well as possible Assisting in the Death of Aeris. He was charged with Criminal negligence because Sephiroth's defense argued that he could've used a Phoenix Down to revive Aeris. Instead, he decided to dump her body in a nearby pond, where he presumed no one would find it- this, along with Sephiroth's initial attack, presented an "Overkill" like effect, thus, assisting in killing the victim. However, Cloud's defense rebutted with "Dying in battle is much different to dying in the field or outside of battle. You simply can't be brought back to life. Usually, in battle, one can faint and be revived, or after the battle given 1 hp, but it just doesn't happen outside of battle." When asked about why he put Aeris in the pond, neither Cloud nor his defense had anything to say about it. He also was asked why he drove away from pursuing officers on his motorbike, the "Hardy Daytona" after the incident. Cloud said that "He thought they were there about the whole Hair Gel shoplifting thing". This resulted in the charges of completely unrelated Shop Lifting, and Tampering with Crime Scene and Investigation for dumping the body. Tifa's Trial “Guilty on charge of being too sexy!”~ A member of the jury, <insert name here>'s bad pick up line upon seeing Tifa enter. Intitially not charged with anything, she was bought in because of another claim by Sephiroth's lawyers, that once again changed his story, "He fell out the tree because of Tifa's natural assets". This resulted in a charge of indecent exposure, which was lifted when she showed all men in the jury (which outnumbered the woman 3 to 1) her boobs. She also had a motive to kill Aeris-Aerith and Her (along with Cid, Cait Jedi, REDCOCK XIII, Yuffie and Barret) where in a RAPE Love Octagon with Cloud. Vincent's Trial “WERE YOU OR WERE YOU NOT PRESENT AT THE INCIDENT?”~ Judge on The Question asked more than anything else at Vincent's trial.Vincent, initially brought in for questioning, was charged with interfering with an investigation. This was because he could not give a direct answer to the simple question of whether or not he was present at the time of the incident. He could only answer "Maybe..". The only other question was 'Were you, Vincent, at the time, or still are, in competition for Cloud's affections with Cid, Cait Jedi, REDCOCK XIII, Yuffie, Barret and the late Aeris Gainsborough!?'. he answered Maybe, again. Eventually, He exploded into a fit of rage consisting of satanic transformations, shooting for no reason at all, yelling of foul words, and before he left the court room, he unleashed his wrath on the nearby streets. The next day, he issued a press conference stating, "You've got to understand, I may have been there or I may have not. It all depends on how you played the game. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help, but that's just how it is. That's just how RPG's work." he also apologized for his actions, thereby releasing him from charges in some strange, twisted way. Yuffie Somethingari After Vincent's shock outrage, another factor that would complicate the proceedings even more was uncovered. Yuffie, Ninja and Hentai Superstar (yet not as popular as Tifa) She also had various tie-ins with the case. Unlike Vincent, she took things very calmly, and took faceloads of it too. When brought to testify against Sephiroth, as the defense's last hope, she was able to avoid answering any questions but did give the court some key evidence- Vincent was, in fact, In a love triangle, as proved by a photo of the two sharing an apartment in Costa-Del-Soil. The two allegedly met inside a coffin, and Vincent was traumatized already by the recent break up of him and a Professor Hojo. The Results Sephiroth was found guilty of Accidental Murder, Cloud was found guilty of Shoplifting Expensive Hair gel products, Tifa was found not guilty on charges of Indecent Exposure, and to this day, the death of Aeris Gainsborough is still very much a mystery. What really happened that day lies in the secrets of the planet-and remains the single most infamous case in the history of Midgar City. The Church in Sector 7 was never rebuilt by Sephiroth, instead used by his spawn and destroyed even more in another fight with Cloud, causing in the Church's flooding. Sephiroth, although now well presumably dead, has been charged with Destruction of Government Property, and has yet to make an appearance in his trials. Reopening Midgar Police have tried to get the courts to re-open the case and use the technology of today to simulate a "remake" of her death. When Midgar Police approached the massive company that took over from Shinra Electric Power Co, Square Enix, they repeatedly declined. Various rumors are spread now and then that Square Enix is actually hiding incriminating evidence found when they remade the scene, due to there close tie-in with Cloud Strife, stating at a conference in 2006, "He brings a lot more money then any other employee we have- we just have to put him holding something, or doing stuff and... suckers buy it in an instant. Whether it be a PS3, or a Mobile Phone... in fact, all we have to do is say the name Cloud and fangirls have orgasms, and fanboys have fantasies of being him." (Original Source : Uncyclopedia)
  19. Well ladies, gentlemen, and perverts of ages I am going to give a second try at writing a story here with people joining up here and there the signup will be like this Name: Race(of the list below): Job(something reasonable not like mega assin buttkicker guy oh and something closely matching to your race would be prefered): Alliance: good, bad, neutral background/appearance info: races Skeletorians-skeleton like creatures with a exoskeletal bone structure and strong religious beliefs Zaefer- the essence of knowledge these beings are more or less organic robots Dongra- these are a tribal race of dragon people who are known for their brutality Humans- i think this one is obvious Morians- these are the mutants of the other races which could just meanabilities or complete transformation Demons- the hell spawn trying to take over megnium Angels- the guardians of life and purity (note teir probably wont be much of the angels in story) Prologue In the Enivid Cluster of the Milky Way Galaxy there lies a planet known as Megnium. Megnium used to be a plant of constant battles but that changed during the Omega Crusades. During the Omega Crusade s the different races of sentient beings battled each other for dominance but suddenly the focused changed to the dongra who formed a pact with the demons of hell. So the Humans, Zaefer, and Skeletorians fought all out against the demons before a hero named Aevin King sacrificed himself to seal away the demons. The dongra then decided to surrender and also to join the Imperial Council along with the other races. But during the building of the Council itself the builders found a mysterious tablet that described the devils ultimate test will come with the fires of Hell and turn e moon as red as blood. But it also said that godwould grant the grace of Heaven to one who's heart is as pure as the driven snow. So only time will tell if the prophecy will become reality. (tell me how you think of it and also if anyone would like to draw for this story I would feel honored) __________________
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    Winds of Gaia : A FF Tale

    PART I - CLASHES First Clash : The Round Robin “... Fire and Ice are polar opposites. Two of the basic elements of nature, several Mages have built their entire knowledge upon these two conflicting forces, branching them into powerful Fira and Blizzara spells. Little is it known that they were actually discovered by accident by a scientist named Cid who ...” “Son of a ...!”, Iki swore under his breath. “The geezer's gonna tell ANOTHER Cid story!” “Will you for the love of Odin keep it down!?”, Oblivia, who was sitting next to him snapped. “Unlike you, this is actually gonna be my life.” “What? The tale of how Cid the 324th discovered Fire?”, Iki sneered. Oblivia said nothing and calmly made some rune signs to light a fire under Iki's seat. “YOWWWCHH!!!”, Iki sprang to the sky like a rabbit. “HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!” “Exactly, Master Tribal!”, the teacher beamed at him. “The conclusion that Cid arrived at after performing his experiment was that fire was hot! I wish other students would be as attentive as you.” Just then, the roar of the Fire Bird was heard and class was dismissed. “Alright class.”, the teacher said. “Remember to prepare fore next week's test on how Cid the 289th made his airship. References from the “Journal of Cid the 311th” are welcome but now mandatory.” “Thank BAHAMUT that's over with!”, Iki stretched his back as he and Oblivia stepped out of the 'Magick Historius' classroom. “What's next on schedule?” Oblivia took out some runes from her backpack and examined them. “I'll have to wait.”, she said, her face in a scowl. “Locke just sent a message. They're starting the Round Robin and they're two guys short.” “A Round Robin?”, Iki stared at her. “What was that again?” “Holy Ifrit, you're hopeless, aren't you? Don't you remember when Grand Master Tuff made that announcement last week ...” “HAHA! Tuff! It's been 3 years but that guy's name still makes me laugh!” “Tuff is the name of Cid the 34th pet hamster. It's a name to be proud of, okay!” “HAHAHA! Hamster!” Oblivia palmed her face. “Let's just get to the Arena. You can bug Locke with those half-assed question.” “What half-assed questions?” Oblivia summoned a ball of fire into her palm. “Sometimes i think you do this just to annoy me.” Iki paled. “Okay okay. Sheesh. A guy can't even make a joke anymore.” The “Arena of Majestics” was a testament to the holy family of Alexandria, those blessed by Alexander, one of the 3 reigning God Eidolons. Every 6 months, one of the two neighboring countries would send their bravest, toughest warriors to do battle with those from Alexandria in a show of unity and strength. Behind the scenes, they were just a distraction to allow the representatives from different countries to hold meeting in the utmost secrecy. The previous Arena Battle against the country of Lindlum had been one of shame for Alexandria, when their entire party had been utterly defeated in battle by just one man. Needless to say, they weren't going to allow the same to happen in the battle against Cleyra. However, some strange events in the past course of weeks had caused 3 of the 5 party members to succumb to illness, leaving the Committee to hurriedly gather warriors to take their place. The nephew of the Emperor, Anras Locke was nominated to lead the party and given 2 weeks to complete his team for the battle. 2 weeks have passed and the Battle is about to begin ... “Ohhhhh!”, Iki nodded. “So THAT'S what the Arena is.” Oblivia trembled uncomfortably, anger in her eyes. “Do NOT push it” “See what I meant about the jokes?”, Iki nudged Locke. “She gets really moody at times.” “THAT'S IT!!!” Oblivia took out her Staff. “Prepare to be incinerated!” Before she could fire the spell, Locke held up his hand. “Save it for the Battle”, he said. “You two are taking part in the Round Robin.” “We WHAT!?”, Oblivia gasped. “Okay.”, Iki said. “IDIOT!”, Oblivia hit Iki on the head. “Do you even KNOW what a Round Robin is!?” Locked sighed. “A Round Robin is a type of battle in which both parties send in 5 people to fight. 1 person from each party can fight another just once. Both parties have to assign an alphabet from “A” to “E” before the match begins to the official. After that, the “A” from both parties do battle in the Arena. The one who wins attains a point for his/her party. The first party to get 3 points will win.” “Okaaaay. So, I just have to fight?”, Iki asked. “Uh ... basically, yeah.” Anras replied. “Cool! I'm in!” “Well, you can count me out.”, Oblivia said, heading out. “Tell the Grand Master I refuse to take part.” “Whatsa matter, Oby? Chicken?”, Iki taunted. Oblivia stopped dead in her tracks and turned around, fire in her eyes. “NOBODY ... CALLS ... ME ... CHICKEN!!!” “Works EVERY time.”, Iki said, hiding behind Locke. “Whatever gets this started.”, Locke said. “The other two guys on the party can't fight for crap so it's basically up to us to win our battles. I'll be A. Oblivia will go after me and you can handle the third one. I'm sure they'll send the strongest one out first so you won't have too much pressure.” “Thanks for the vote of confidence.”, Iki grumbled. “Very well, let the ROBIN BEGIN!!!”, Locke bellowed. Nice to finally start it. This is gonna be an amalgam of Final Fantasy and various anime. P.S. I don't expect many to get the Cid joke but it's something that's bugged me for quite a while that every game has a guy called Cid. Are they all related or something? Whatever. Also, the thing with the "Holy Bahamut" and "Ifrit" and all that might only be gotten by FF players, seeing as they're summons. i thought it'd be nice to use em in swear words. Saves me from the censor board, eh?
  21. Copyrighted by opem productions Chapter 1: Begining My name is Nora. Its dark and raining. “Today I'm running for my life. who is trying to kill me you ask? It was a girl I've known all my life and whom I love. If I remember correctly there's an ally way up ahead”. Nora ran into the ally way, but to his dismay it was a dead end. “Crap”. “What am I going to do now? It was already hard to run with the cut she gave me. I’m losing to much blood, my vision is getting blurry.” Nora turned around hoping he could run back it, but it was too late. She was blocking the ally way. The only thoughts Nora was having was, "Am I going to die here? I don't want to die. Somebody, anybody please help me". “Miki you don't want to do this,” Nora yelled. “You know I really liked you. You were my childhood friend, my best friend.” Said Miki. “I can't believe you were going to take part in the tournament.” Said Miki. “Tournament? What are you talking about?” Asked Nora. “At this point its better for you not to know.” Said Miki. She pointed the sword to his neck. “Good bye my Nora, Ill make it as painless as possible.” She clutched the sword and was about to thrust. “I guess I'm about to die.” He closed his eyes, and accepted death. “Stop!” Said a distant voice. At that moment a tiger way bigger than average appeared and smacked the sword out of Miki's hand. “Who did that!?” Miki asked furiously! “You know the rules, you can’t kill him until he get his familiar” The voice said as a girl came out of the shadows. “Aren't you that girl that just transferred to our school?” Nora asked. “If I remember correctly your name was Reijou Lee.” “Now back away Miki. Reijou demanded. “And why should I!? Your not the only one with a familiar.” Suddenly a angel in bondage appeared. “Meet my familiar Leia!” “Do you really want to fight here because I have no problem with it. I’ll take great pleasure in killing you” Said Reijou. Miki flinch. “I don’t think she joking, she really want to kill me.” “Crap”. “A fight here would take out the whole block and the only one that was ordered to die was Nora.” Said Miki. ‘You get to live today Nora. Your lucky this bitch came to save you, but I will kill you at the tournament.” “I'm leaving.” Leia disappeared and Miki picked up her sword and walked away. Reijou didn't let her guard down until Miki was too far to attack. “Ok, That enough Akio” Said Reijou. The tiger swank and turned just a little bigger than a normal kitty, then Akio jump on Reijou shoulder. Reijou turned around, “are you ok Nora”, but he was long pasted out, “Akio lets get him home, he's so hopeless.” Meanwhile in the building overhead, Yunsei sat on the rooftop. “I guess Miki failed to kill him I guess I should report this to zero. I wonder what he will do.” With that being said he disappeared. “OH MY GOD MIKI STOP!” Nora woke up cover in sweat. “That’s one hell of a way to wake up” Reijou said. Last night did that really happen, asked Nora? Yes-answered Reijou. I can't believe. [Flashback] “It started as any other day, nothing happening, like normal I was running late for school, again Miki did not wake me even though she is right across the street.” “Miki was my childhood friend, but lately she has distance herself from me. I think she is mad about me because I was playing a little joke on her. When i got to my class I meet up with my friends and we started taking know really of interest until we started talking about what happen on the news.” Friend 1: Did you hear what happen? Nora: no, what happen? Friend 1: Some bodies were found. Nora: oh really? Friend 2: Yeah I heard about that. Friend 1: Yeah but the way they died was strange. Nora: strange? Friend 1: Yeah they were crushed and there a some strange marks like they were burned but there are no evidence of fire. Nora: that is strange. Miki walks up. What are you guys talking about, porn? Miki asked. No Friend 1 saids. Whatever, anyway Nora meet me after school, oh its time for class. Teacher: We have a new transfer student. “Hello my name is Reijou Lee, it nice to meet you all” .Reijou says. Teacher: ok take the seat behind Nora. [After school] Nora thanks you for coming. Said Miki. Can we hurry this up I want to go home? Nora says. I'm sorry but you won’t be going home. Said Miki. What? Nora asked. Leia become my sword and a sword appears out of nowhere. she takes a swing a Nora's leg. OWW! Nora screams in pain then takes off running. Miki not far behind him. Nora stop running make this easy on yourself and just die. Miki said.
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    Life as it is

    i wrote this the other day. it's kind of an insight into my mind, like a journal entry. enjoy Life has it’s ups and downs. One day everything is fabulous and makes you smile, the next you’re on the verge of a break down and/or vomiting. But in the end it all seems to work itself out, perhaps not in the way you plan it too, and sometimes it ends up better than you could have hoped. I should probably start with who I am. My name is Haley. I’m probably the most uncoordinated person when I’m on my feet, so much so I couldn’t pass pass the “walk in a strait line” test sober, and high heels are just begging to snap my ankles at every opportunity. Standing at a minuscule 5”2 70% of the population towers over me. My life so far has been a pleasant one. Good family life, good school and friends and apart from a few mishaps, I consider myself an all round happy person. The only problem I have right now is that I’m in love with not only my boyfriend Shane, but also my best friend Kyle. As hard as I try, I just can’t seem to decide for sure. Talking to them both just makes it worse, because they both strive for my affection. Something i’ll gladly give. Anway, this whole mess started when I was talking with them both online. I’d been having a pretty rough day, what with the the whole feelings for them both thing (at this point nothing had happened with either of them.) I was pushed to tell them both how I felt. It was a few minuted before either of them responded and in that short space, I could have sworn my stomach tried to leap out my throat and my heart out my chest the responses I got from them weren’t exactly comforting either. Kyle (my best friend) told me that “nothing has changed between us” which I stupidly took as rejection, and Shane told me that we’d “talk about it properly at lunch” the next day. For those two days, I didn’t eat. In fact for a majority of it I was on the verge of vomiting and for a week afterwards I was in a constant state of anxiety. I was petrified as what shane was going to say to me, I would hardly think strait as it was from lack of sleep that night. I don’t even remember what he said to me, I just remember the first hug I ever got from him and not wanting to ever let go. I skipped lunch that day, and dinner later that evening. I also spent that night drinking and baking with Shane because he felt bad. By the end of that week I was exhausted from sleep deprivation and lack of food. I survived on 2-3 hours of sleep a night (if that) and several cups of coffee a day, which was the only thing I could stomach. Thankfully I got away for the weekend, which helped my think a little clearer and pull my thoughts back into place. Knowing that I wouldn’t have to see either Shane or Kyle at any stage while I was gone calmed my nerves and allowed me to start eating and sleeping again. Talking with Shane online for that weekend helped a lot too, the things we discussed put me into a different thought pattern than the one that was causing me to slip into depression. It wasn’t until I came back from my little break that Kyle informed me that when he said “nothing had changed between us” he meant my feelings were returned. My immediate thoughts were that I’d chosen Shane, next came how bleeding obvious kyle had made his feelings to me and then how stupidly blind I was not to see them when they were right in front of me the whole time. Thus started the confliction in my head between Shane and Kyle. Kyle tells me that he will always be there for me, and should I ever change my mind, there is always a second chance with him. No matter how much I tell him I don’t feel the same way, because he's my best friend, in the back of my mind, I can’t help but think that deep down I do, even if my feelings for Shane currently come first. Shane is the one I chose. He's then one I want. I love him to pieces and I don’t even want to let him go. But I might have to, the thought of it breaks my heart because Shane is so sweet, and gentle. He tries so hard not to hurt me, upset me or put me in a situation that makes me uncomfortable. He thinks of my feelings well before his own and I fell like I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have him. I just prey that nothing, including myself takes him away. ~Haley
  23. Ferocia Coutura


    This is like the back of a book to a story I have been working on for about two years now. Please enjoy and do not comment here, this thread will be just for the story. Thank you. Enjoy... What happens when your life is turned upside down? Lilith-Victoria Elizabeth Valentine hated her life. Her father abandoned her and her brother when she was nine. Ever since then, she took care of her four year old brother and her now drunk of a mom. Now Lilith is 17, and she really only has one friend. Always the outcast, she befriended new student Beth Cross, who is just as ‘weird’ as her. They both like Casablanca, and Edgar Allen Poe, and both have naturally odd-colored hair. But what happens when Beth tells something that changes her life forever; that Lilith is a witch, just like Beth. Now Lilith has to decide whether to ignore Beth and continue her life in Sulfur, Pennsylvania, or to join the secret, world-wide company, W.I.T.C.H.E.S. What will she decide, and how can she cope with the harsh reality that she is not the boring girl she always thought she was, but that she is a Witch? Chapter 1 on April 10th!
  24. Nero D. Ace

    Winds of Gaia

    My Final Fantasy fever has never been as high as it is right now. I've been re-playing FF-IX lately and i've come up with an original Fantasy story. The world it's set in will be a combination of several worlds from the Final Fantasy series. I won't be using any Final Fantasy characters since this is an original story. Hence, like the other stories, i'll be using the system of character sheets (yes Rune, I copied yours ;D) :- Name – Pretty standard. Race – The races in this world are diverse and include : Human, Elf, Dwarf, Beast, Humanoid Bots, Divine Beasts and Moogle. Feel free to add a new race if you wish but give a small description of it, like it's characteristics that separate it from the rest. No hybrids, please. Class – The various classes available in this world are : Warrior, Black Mage, Thief, Red Mage, White Mage, Blue Mage, Monk, Ninja, Summoner, Black Belt, Paladin, Mime, Dragoon, Samurai, Chemist, Necromancer,Ranger. Phew, that was a long list. Anyhoo, you can take your pick. Status – Choices are : Royal, Middle-class, Slave, Merchant, Bandit, Traveller, Sailor, Pirate, Worker, Rebel. And now, time for a small prologue … Prologue – The Clouds of War Stir … The world of Gaia had been at peace for several centuries now. The last great war had concluded with many bodies covering the battlefields and all kingdoms desperately low on supplies. However, the pride of those royal lineages went deeper than their loyalty towards their subjects and the war continued raging, until one day … No one knew his name or description. The only news that ever reached villages was that a mysterious figure ravaged across the battlefield late at night and utterly massacred all soldiers present.. This went on for many weeks and finally came to the notice of the Royal families when reports came of the figure being sighted near all 3 kingdoms at the same time. Who was this person? Was he man or beast? Was he the devil himself come to rampage on Gaia for their heretic behavior? Whoever he be, this person was the reason why all soldiers were recalled from the battlefield, thus putting an end to the conflict. Peaceful negotiations were held and treaties signed up to ensure that war never struck again … or was at least postponed for a while. No one knows who the mysterious being was … just that he was the one responsible for the end of their war. Now, peace reigns over Gaia but the bones of the fallen warriors grow restless under the ground and the pride of the new Royals threaten to destroy the peace that has been kept for all this while. The Clouds of War gather …
  25. Pandemonium

    The Planet

    The vastness of space, and the universe is much more larger than the average human being would estimate. Our conception of space, is that it exists above the Earth, and that’s vastly huge. But no movement has ever been made to ever discover the vastness of it. It’s like a new toy, just out of the reach of bored children. But as all things must happen, so did man’s development of space. Just as in ancient times; but, instead of gravity it was the complexities of space that maintained Earth’s populations’ attention. As everything is with a race which was an evolved form of a mammal, everything must be made into a competition. Eventually it became more brutal, and more demanding of Earth’s population. We all believe that if we continue our habits, and ignore new ones, everything will maintain peace and vitality. This thought soon became a nightmare, as wars ensued over space area (you couldn’t really measure space by any known measurement.) But as all wars must happen, so must the destruction that followed. This led to many treaties, and alliances that broke apart only to be replaced by new ones. Earth was torn apart by the conflicting nations, and space became a new battleground. The people forgot about their fascinations with the vastness existing outside their atmosphere to flee from the death that stretched like a nagging plague across the world’s surface. The people soon were more than eager to invest in the funding of spaceships. The Corporations adopted catchy slogans and the CEOs became millionaires without ever having to worry about outrageous prices, and/or counter-organizations. The people began to form colonies in space, and Earth began to decay. But the wars continued to rage until at last the Earth was nothing but barren wasteland, with large chunks of ice clumped at the polar regions. The colonies had another baby boom, and they began to expand. First Venus, and then Mars followed in colonization. The peoples began to encounter foreign and alien races that agreed to help the human race in return for trading and mining of raw metals, and materials rich in Earth’s region. The people at first were outraged at such a suggestion, and demanded they go elsewhere. But they soon began to realize that they needed the alien race’s technology more than they needed materials that were bountiful. Soon the multitude of races inhabiting the vastness and bleakness of space began to adopt each other’s customs, and multiple groups began to coexist without anger, war, or conflict. People of the former Earth began to hear rumors of a planet similar to Earth that was known only in Myth as the Planet . It was unknown how the rumor originated, or who originally created it. But it brought hope to a ravaged people with no true planet to call their own. Character Backgrounds:: IMPORTANT (Classified) Property of Commonwealth Iktar Irageus: Birthdate 08/27/2508 Race: Minorien ( Lizard-people); Tall and lanky build, with orangish-red scales covering entire expanse of body. Musculature resembling a bipedal organism, but creature mostly resembles reptilian creatures of the Earth. Ship Position: Battle Coordinator Girn Dragoon: Birthdate 12/19/2200 Race: Cyborg (Engineer Class) Short and stocky, resembling the dwarves of fairy tales. Powerful upper arms, with half body of human with other half being mechanical. Master of mechanical equipment, and repair. Ship Postion: Engineer/Technical Resourceman Raeshal’Er: Birthdate 20/10/2340 Minotaurian Calendar Race: Minotaur Tall, powerfully built with curling horns erupting from his temples. He is particularly arrogant, and susceptible to anger issues. Well known as highly dangerous. An able warrior, and strategist. Ship Position: Captain Gary Allen: Birthdate 10/12/2450 Race: Human The more level-headed, and clear-thinking individual of the assorted gang. Well known for his talents with biotechnology and medicine. He is widely sought after for cures, and is constantly being chased after for interrogation on some of his secrets. Ship Position: Chief Medical Engineer, Biotechnology Specialist. Piasthmus: No Birthdate Race: Living Ship This ship is the first in a line of ships created with an artificial intelligence, and “hunger”. This led to the future classification of calling the ship ‘living’ in the future. This ship has befriended the group of miscreants, and is assisting them in the search for the Planet. Space, generally empty in the Arrhus region was particularly cluttered today. Multitudes of ships, and clusters of fighters guarding the more valuable of the ships moved like small ants beside the leviathans they were charged with escorting. The ships’ large engines gave off an ethereal glow that gave faint illumination in the bleak darkness of space. There was no sound, could be no sound in the vacuum. One ship in particular was moving at a slightly faster pace than it’s larger companions. The ship reacted as if pre-recorded to the slight turning of one of the other ships. “Geez, it’s like driving through a herd of slugs except without all the slime.” Iktar stated angrily spinning the chair his large, reptilian body rested in. His tail did a lazy twirl in the air with the movement before resting once more on the hard floor of the ship. “Grr, I wish we didn’t have to follow this route to our next destination.” Rae replied in indignation with a slight hint of annoyance. He flared his large nostrils angrily before shaking his head, causing his horns to reflect the light from the overhead lights aboard the bridge. “I understand your annoyance sir, but there is really nothing I can do to fix or adjust the problem.” Piasthmus’s voice echoed slightly in the confined gravity of the bridge, his voice cool and professional with a slight hint of annoyance that matched the Minotaur’s. His holographic form appeared near the large, hairy wrist of the Minotaurian. “We understand fully, truly we do ssssir.” Iktar muttered beneath his breath, but it was hard to disguise speaking when every word with a s consonant involved an involuntary hissing sound with a slight movement of the forked tongue as the Minorien sensed the air. He could practically taste the smell of the Minotaur’s filth, but would hold his tongue in respect. There was a vast history between him and the Captain, and he wasn’t one to try to stir the pot, so to speak. “Sir, I’m detecting something coming in from….” Piasthmus’s voice was cut out by a sudden burst of static that erupted from the ship’s speakers located beneath each chair in the bridge. The Minotaurian’s fur bristled, and he let loose a large roar that vibrated the chair specifically designed to contain his bulk. The ship then rocked violently, dislodging Iktar from his seat. He stood up quickly, and let loose a barrage of curses. The ship rocked violently, and began to tilt. Iktar, who as usual wasn’t properly strapped in as stated by the safety guidelines, began to slide across the floor. His claws made loud scratching sounds as he slid across the metal floor. The Minotaurian, whose sensitive ears screamed in protest at the sound, forced a deep, guttural roar to escape his lips. There was the sound of screeching metal, and the ship rocked again. “We’ll never be able to reach our objective of finding that source to the Planet.” Iktar muttered angrily, climbing back to his feet. “Boarders.” Piasthmus’s voice was strained, and sounded as if it came from behind a wall. The ship continued to rock, and the ship’s navigation computers sparked, and erupted in a shower of bright light. There was a faint static burst from the transmission on the Captain’s chair. “Sir, we have a problem.” Girn’s stout face appeared, covered in soot on the small display screen. His mechanical eye glowed like a dark beacon from the shadows formed by the lack of light in half of the room. “The main engine’s been shot. It’ll take awhile, but I can fix it. You’ll have to buy me some time.” “Alright, Pi have you identified the boarders yet?” Rae asked typing on the small keypad on the arm of his chair, his thick, stubby fingers flying faster than a person’s mind would believe. “Yes, I have. They are Glangons.” Piasthmus’s voice sounded distracted, as if he didn’t have enough concentration to pay attention to the Captain. The Captain roared in frustration, and quickly unbuckled his harness. He grabbed the nearest bolt laser from the ammunition rack. Iktar hustled to follow after him, quickly strapping on his battle armor and pulling his sword from it’s sheath on the scabbard mounted on his back. The two ran quickly through the ship, fighting the Glangons, and pushing them back. They managed to push the mushroom people all the way back to their ships’, and made them flee. “Sir, the engines are operational.” Rae’s communicator beeped from it’s place on his belt. There was a loud roar that echoed throughout the ship, and then the ship rocked once more. The lights flickered and then resumed their luminence. Rae ran quickly back to the ship’s bridge, his hooves making a loud clonk on the metal tiling. Rae quickly initiated the engine, and pushed the ships’ throttle to full. The large ship, with a small amount of protesting began to gain momentum. Meanwhile out in the vastness of space, another ship began to drift to a crawl, and then stopped. It’s tall mushroom top tilting slightly before returning to it’s prone position. Back on the Piasthmus, the crew had gathered in the lounge to discuss the current and past proceedings. Girn was seated at one portion of the head of the table, where his stocky, cybernetic body could fit without discomfort. Iktar was standing behind Rae with his scaled arms crossed. Gary was standing, with his hand running through his hair. “I don’t understand what they were doing in this sector.” “Neither do I.” Just as Rae completed his small speech, the ship’s klaxxon began to sound throughout the entire ship. Piasthmus showed up on the holo panel located in the center of the table. “Sir, there’s a black hole in the approximate area.” The crew then began to notice the unusual tug at their bodies. It felt as if they were being dragged in another direction, but weren’t physically moving at all. All of a sudden their visions began to blur, and to spiral. They became intoxicatingly dizzy, and suffered a faint sense of nausea. The walls seemed to close in, and some began to think they were suffocating. Then the walls began to retract, and they became confused. They looked outside the view port mounted on the side of the wall. Outside were floating a field of giant ice crystals. They were constantly breaking, and colliding with each other. “Everything is alright, on the cellular level.” Gary replied, running a scanner over each of the crew members. “Ship’s status…downloading…reassessing…90% hull integrity.” Piasthmus’s once cool voice had been replaced by a mechanical, almost monotonous tone. The ship rocked as one of the giant crystals impacted with the ship’s outer hull. The crew members clutched at the table unconsciously. The vibrations slowed and then dissipated completely. The crew members looked at one another, and began to think of just how in the universe they got here. The meeting continued for a few more hours, as the ship continued to propel itself slowly through the field of crystals, often making counter-thrusts to prevent a collision with one of the larger ones. When the meeting was adjourned, they had deduced it as a random act of chance and determined they were somewhere within the vastness of the Pladymir Ice Fields. Then, all but the night watch retired to their cells (rooms resembling large suites, with the latest in technology.) Space that night was quiet, too quiet. Girn, who not requiring sleep, was examining the radar sensors for any change in the dull night. He wasn’t really paying much attention, merely looking out the view port into the tranquility of space, when he thought he spotted the black of a ship’s hull. He zoomed in with his mechanical eye; but, the mystery ship had disappeared. Confused, he examined the radar. There, he proclaimed thoughtfully to himself as he spotted what he’d been searching for, a faint blip that enlarged as the ship moved closer. Watching out the window, he spotted the ship. Smiling to himself, thinking about getting out of the Fields, he didn’t recognize the emblem on the side of the ship. The ship moved closer, a bit too close, by Girn’s way of thinking. There was a flash from the side of the larger ship, and then a shocking vibration throughout the ship. Each of the members of the Piasthmus, after waking up, ran to the bridge. They had to hold on tightly to the support struts, as the ship was rocked by explosion after explosion. In the background Piasthmus could barely be heard asking for action commands. “Counter-attack.” Rae growled, strapping on his battle armor. He ran down the pathways, his large hoofed feet shaking the metal beneath his large bulk. Piasthmus complied, and the ship propelled into motion. But stopped shortly after, throwing each of the members of the crew on to the floor. Confused they each got up, only to hear klaxons screaming in the background. “Engines at critical, repair needed immediately. Countermeasures have been deployed, but have had no visible effect.” The battle was over quickly, with the Piasthmus crippled it wasn’t difficult to leave them stranded in space. The crew confused by the attack, wondered why the obvious mysterious attackers didn’t attempt to board and loot anything. They knew they were in deep trouble, for they didn’t have the supplies to repair the ship. So, they floated on listlessly. Then the radar beeped about four or so hours later, undeterminable in space, the beep increased as the ship came closer. “It’s the Commonwealth.” Girn shouted, running down the walkways to the ship’s navigation room. Everyone, startled by the news of an ally so nearby, they began to wonder if it was a trick. To dissuade this, they messaged the large ship with a distress call. “Captain Raeshal’Er, this is Admiral Winstr. How may we be of assistance?” The shark-like resemblance of the Admiral’s face was disturbing especially the large grin stretching across his pasty sky blue skin, and the large carnivorous teeth. “Well, our engines are shot. Could you perchance give us some assistance with repairs?” Rae asked smiling, an almost comical look in his bovine face. “Very well, prepare yourself. We’re bringing you aboard.” The Admiral replied, quickly vanishing as the com-Link was shut-off. The Commonwealth ship looked to be much the same size as the Piasthmus at a distance; but, in actuality was many times larger in size. Think of the comparison of size between a blue whale and possibly a medium sized animal. They were brought slowly into the inside of the Commonwealth ship, where shortly after repairs began on the many damages visibly scarring the outside of the ship. The huge ship of the Commonwealth, dropped off the Piasthmus and his crew back within the Pladymir Ice Fields with directions on the best route out of the crystals. Thanking the Admiral, Rae quickly engaged the engines forward. They continued through the Fields for approximately two or three more hours. A blip so impossibly large, it was hard to believe such a size could even be created. But they were proved wrong, when the behemoth ship slowly closed the distance between the two ships. The behemoth stretched off behind the ship into the distance perception. “Counter maneuvers. We don’t have time to fight something of this size, nor do I believe our chances of victory are very high.” Rae muttered, typing quickly on the keypad. The ship had been identified as an enemy, and that was bad. If they had a ship this size, it could conquer a world. Mortified, he told the news to the crew. The crew easily reflected his thoughts as well. However, Iktar and Girn were smiling. They quickly told their plan to the Captain. The Captain, knowing full well of the capabilities of both of the crewman, knew that despite the odds, they could do it. The small escape pod was launched from the ship, and propelled like a small shooting star towards the behemoth. The behemoth paid no heed to the little ship, but instead launched an assault on the Piasthmus. Girn and Iktar looked back, a look of worry pasted across their faces. But the smiled, when the smaller, and more agile ship dodge the shots. The escape pod impacted with the side of the ship, and with it’s acceleration, punched through the hull. The two dismounted, and began to explore the behemoth ship for some form of ship navigation. The ship should be more like a ghost ship, than an actual ship, the two thought silently dodging around corners. Iktar could tell something was wrong, and they didn’t know exactly what until they reached a navigation room. The entire ship thought for itself, but for the Captain, there was no crew. Startled, the two quickly searched for the major components of the ship. Determining where the power source, and the engines were they quickly split up to complete their separate missions. Girn moved silently along the walkways of the ship, dodging the occasional steam burst from the engines, venting some of the heat. Determining where the central command hub’s location, he quickly made his way over to the console. Typing unbelievably fast on the console, he set the engines for self-destruct. To ensure their destruction, he programmed multiple firewalls, with fail-safes to prevent the end to the countdown. His mission complete, he could only hope that Iktar would be just as successful. Girn quickly left the engine room, and ran back to the escape pod. Iktar; meanwhile, not as comfortable with technology as Girn had the easier and less technological portion of the mission. His mission was to destroy the ship’s power grid. Talking silently to himself with words of praise, and capability. He inched slowly forward across the narrow plank way, leading to the ship’s reactor. The reactor was on a central platform surrounded by a narrow mechanical repairs walkway, and then a large hole that led into the ship’s cooling vents. Iktar having completed the path to the reactor, strapped the detonation charges to the sides. Setting the timer, and then strapping titanium tape over them to force the charges inward, he quickly moved back towards the rendezvous point. The two met at the escape pod, and quickly jumped in as the first explosion in engines erupted. The entire ship vibrated with a catastrophic explosion that shook the tiny escape pod. The tiny escape pod with some coaxing from both Girn and Iktar rocketed back towards the Piasthmus as it accelerated away from the dying ship. The reator exploded shortly after, and the entire gargantuan ship was ripped in half by the focused explosion. The wave hit the escape pod, and both it’s passengers welcomed the enveloping blackness. Many hours later…. “Wake up, sleepy heads.” The two comatose patients stirred on theirs cots at the sound of the voice. It sounded an awfully lot like Gary. The waking pairs of eyes, still slightly blurry with sleep noted with mild annoyance, that it was INDEED Gary. “Arghh.” The two patients muttered in unison. Gary, without telling his patients, scanned them using his telepathy scanned the two patients for any long-term brain damage. Satisfied the two would continue to be the way they are, he dismissed the patients as soon as they felt they were able to handle themselves. “All Crew to the Bridge, immediately!” Rae’s voice announced over the speakers mounted throughout the ship. Rae’s voice had sounded excited, almost intrigued. The crew rushed to the bridge, and were directed to look through the view port. In the large view port was a planet with so much similarities to Earth, that it might as well have been Earth. “The Planet…” The crew muttered in disbelief. “That’s not possible.” Was heard, but no one noticed who said it, not even the speaker. They were all standing in disbelief. How could they have come across a planet of myth, a planet of hopes so easily. They were in shock, and Rae barely managed to command the ship to land before collapsing in his command chair. The ship with landing gear in the proper position, landed on the soft turf of grass on a hill overlooking a large expanse of plain. The ship landed with a loud hiss as the springs discharged. The crew stepped out on to the turf, and looked out at the large expanse of plain. There were some bovine resembling creatures grazing, and the smell of salt was heavy in the air. Gary, human in nature, sprawled himself in the grass. “So…soft..” He whispered to no one in particular. The crew after jotting down the location of the planet in their navigation computer, and launched back up into the atmosphere. With one last look back at the planet, the crew smiled in the thoughts of vast amounts of profit. The ship vanished into hyperspace, and disappeared from history books…. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 100 years later…. A patrol ship came across the hulking mass of a decayed ship, and looking at it. The crew of the patrol decided it was worth exploring. The patrol ship docked with the ruin, and the crew discharged. Using the new spacesuits, the crewmembers entered the ship. Reading a panel, they recognized the ship as Piasthmus, the ship proclaimed to have the location of the Planet in it’s navigation computer. Excited, the crew wandered through the ship, coming across the charred remains of two crewmembers. They then proceeded to the navigation room to find a skeleton laying over the console. Excited the crewmembers moved the skeleton gingerly, and began to scroll through the contents trying to find out what the crew had died protecting. Their eyes lit with an inner glow when they discovered the secret of the Piasthmus. They began downloading it into their suits. The download complete, they returned to their ship. With news spreading fast, they were welcomed back with honors, and proclaimed lords. They made memorials to the crew on the Planet, and built cities named after each of the crewmembers. Dragoon, the city of the Mountains. Allen, city of thoughts and center of humanity. Er, city of defense and new beginnings. Irageus, city of the swamps. And to the honor of the ship, Piasthmus, the new world was named Piasth.