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Found 50 results

  1. I write poetry in my freetime, especially when I get bored or just really deep in thought. I'll put up two of my older pieces that I'm fond of, I'll dig through the rest of my creative writings folder and see what else I can turn up. Also if anyone asks, I'm not really a title person either. I just put pencil or pen to paper and write what comes out of my mind; as cliche as that may sound - that's really the only way I can ever write poetry. ----------------------------------- Yearn for the Skies - January, 15th 2009 I yearn for the skies, To fly free once again with open eyes. Unbind me from these forsaken crimson chains, Just let me run away from these insane games. Allow me to see through this twisted mist, So I may live as if everything cease to exist. These tears of sadness and sorrow, Have delayed the arrival of tomorrow. Look forward and up above, For everything you need is there to love. Though my wings are bound to the ground, I loudly mourn but conjure no sound. My lifes' spirit shows no fear, Even if the Beginning of the End is near. And as the sun fades and the shadows consume the light, I think about how this could very well be my last sight. But only just for today May I finally reopen my eyes, All to see the blissful clear blue skies. ----------------------------------- ~ - May 10th, 2010 I don't know what to say, Unable to honestly explain why I feel this way. I silently wonder about how you feel, Continually questioning myself if whether or not this is real. As well as how my heart speaks nothing but hymns, All the while these softening words slowly crush my limbs. My mind races with these toxic thoughts, Sending messages to all of my nerves leaving them in distraught. How much longer will I sit still and lie awake, Wondering why I didn't ask but chose to escape and let my heart ache.
  2. The Tiger By William Blake 1757-1827 TIGER, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant deeps or skies Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand dare seize the fire? And what shoulder and what art Could twist the sinews of thy heart? And when thy heart began to beat, What dread hand and what dread feet? What the hammer? what the chain? In what furnace was thy brain? What the anvil? What dread grasp Dare its deadly terrors clasp? When the stars threw down their spears, And water'd heaven with their tears, Did He smile His work to see? Did He who made the lamb make thee? Tiger, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Dare frame thy fearful symmetry? This is in no way shape or form my work, I love the poem and I thought I would share it with everyone. It was at the time when they were burning all the tiger pelts taken from poachers.
  3. one of my classmate wrote me a poem! we only known each other for a few weeks but we make jokes like its been longer we help each other when one is down day go by and we become better friends that the way things should be with smile to tears your an amazing friend how sweet is that! =)
  4. Song I wrote awhile back. Break that shattered glass, With a brick of hope, Bring down the walls of sin, And open the gates of destiny, Pull down that flag, There’s no need to give in, Hold up your head, Turn of the light, For a different view, Look through brighter eyes, The storm's calming down, And the tape's been rewound, The bullet's been shot, And it can't be undone, So all you can do is forget and look up, Things only get brighter, If you know where you stand, Chorus: Over and Over, We climb and we fall, Never reaching higher, Than we did before, Its almost as if you're looking into the eyes, Of a conspicuous reaction, With promises relinquished, All hope shall be regained, Listen to the music, What does it reveal? A view of dreams and wishes, But to you it is surreal, Turn up the volume, You have eardrums to bust, Of those who always live only for, Watching you fall down, Chorus: Over and Over, We climb and we fall, Never reaching higher, Than we did before, Day fades to night, This story is almost done, Chorus: Over and Over, We climb and we fall, Never reaching higher, Than we did before, Over and Over, We climb and we fall, Never reaching higher, Than we did before, Over and over We climb and we fall.
  5. I think that with my vast collection of poetry, one thread would be enough. I'll post one or two, allow time to comment and then post two more. Crosswinds The warm winds are blowing, The dark snows are flowing, The trees are whistling, And the skies are glistening, The days are brighter, The warm rays are lighter, The water feels cool, As we drift in the pool, Summer comes closer, Yet I’m no poser, I’ll admit defeat, And sound the retreat, As winter rushes back in, Our warm, cozy den, Deep within the forest, Our ship moorest, Till dawn break tomorrow, The skies we’ll borrow, As we make sail, With wind on our tail. Loyalty Raise the flag, shine the colors, Blow the trumpet, rally the others, Sharpen the axe, strengthen the yew, Rally the peasants for something new, The sun shines, the grass waves, The sounds of marching on concrete paves, The yells of men, the neighs of steeds, Crimson banners flapping for honored deeds, Iron swords, beacons in the dark, Gleaming, as soldiers felt the mark, The crimson kiss upon their brow, The dark embrace, their final bow, ! Hark the call to arms, Raise your blades, leave your farms, Accept your destiny, your birthright, Defend your home from the rising night.
  6. Yeah im just gonna put up some poetry. This can range from modern poetry to an older style that you'd see in Homer and Dante. So here ya go. Wrong Sadness ridden on a wave of despair, Loss as time goes on. Emotions strung so low On pitiless wings of angels so hi, Unattainable by my Hands and feet on the ground, Head faced up in the clouds. Waiting Looking Wondering Why? Why? Why does man push me down? Why does love glance on by? Why am I passed as a monster, To the people whose love I will not know. I question Why, Why? To those whose deft ears it falls to But they don’t answer the question of I But rather give me answers to things I don’t need. For once I want the answer to the problem that plagues me The answer that sends me a ray of hope And causes me to finely wonder Was I wrong.
  7. When a flame of life meets it end a new flame lights to replace the damage when a flame is not replace that when u should despair and the world come to an end. If the end of the world comes will I fade like everything around me, or will I just remain in my quiet domain soundless, motionless, and thoughtless, if this was to pass then i would fade in to my own darkness and quietly without a sound fade out of existence. "Do I Exist?" have you ever asked this question of am I just a phantom in someones dreams, a figment of someones imagination. if this is true will I become a distant memory in the back of the "Dreamers" mind or will i just disappear all together. If I find this to be true then i have a selfish request of "My Dreamer" please never wake up keep dreaming. i would enjoy your comments so plz post no im not emo! im not good at making stories that y im doing poems
  8. Otho a king to rule for life Once not long ago, there lived a king named Otho! He has blue eyes, long nails, and makes many lies. He executes his adversaries one by one, all they die. Except for one, Rulon the Bagon. Heir to the throne, but not for long. Guard pass and see, trying to find and kill Rulon the Bagon. But he was a stealthy boy living under the castle bridge. Trying to snatch some bread every day, so he can survive for the next day. But one day, he moved away. The guards saw him, and killed him in a cruel way. Otho had no enemies anymore, because all where dead or on the run like before. Now he was the only one left to survive, Otho could now rule for life.
  9. Background: This poem shows what a warped mind, devoid of sleep and high on sugar and caffeine, can accomplish. Story: I was working 3rd shift as manager of a convenience store, and suffering from insomnia. When I wrote this, I had been awake for 48 hours straight, with nothing in me but about 4 liters of Orange Slice (a highly-caffeinated orange soda by Pepsi, no longer produced) and 12 LARGE Little Debbie Fudge Rounds. It uses every letter in the English alphabet, purely by coincidence. The Poem: With neither rhyme nor reason I cater to the call And thrust my mighty ink-stained pen Upon the parchment wall. I dabble in the darkness, vexed And whittle words once wise And quote the thoughts that I've annexed Amid my mind's demise. I can't remember things forgot When I was but a lad When Jumbled thoughts ran cold and hot - Zounds! I've gone quite MAD!! Enjoy and comment...
  10. Within You Is The Strength To Meet Life's Challenges! You are stronger than you think, remember to stand tall. Every challenge in your life helps you to grow. Every problem you encounter strengthens your mind and your soul. Every trouble you overcome increases your understanding of life. When all your troubles weigh heavily on your shoulders, remember that beneath the burden you can stand tall, because you are never given more than you can handle... and you are stronger than you think. ~ Lisa Wroble ~ We are all thinking of you, and lending you our strength. I know you can fight and win again because you are a strong woman who fights tooth and nail to get what she wants. We are here if you need us, even if it is just to yell and scream and cuss.
  11. This will be a collection of poems I have written in the past several years. They will be listed in chronological order. If you wish to see through the deepest, darkest reaches of my soul, then look no further. Below each title is a short description of what they are about. -------------------------------- The Rise and Fall (Early 2007) (About my first true love that I lost) I am from a thousand achievements I’ll never remember One cold year, two months after December I am from a lost dream I will never forget. Looking back reveals only a broken silhouette Am I looking into a mirror, or a shattered window of my dreams? Things never get much clearer; let me break through this machine I am born from cannon fire and a burning night’s sky Born to seek truth but to bleed out only lies I crawled in exile for eighteen years on a one-way street Fighting against meaningless fears, never able to retreat Inches became miles as I struggled to reach higher Overcoming these trials, my soul danced in fire I am from internal sacrifice to the highest degree Perfect on the surface but inside you’ll never see Where the demons fall through with a dark guarantee That if I don’t wake up now, I will never be free I am from a dream no one dared to believe Taking every extreme, flying so high to achieve I landed in a place I never wanted to leave I am from bitter winds that split my flesh And now is the time where I must confess That I am not perfect, I’m so sorry you thought that way I laugh and I cry, I rise and fall, until you hear me say- I am from a million achievements I don’t care to remember My heart was left for dead two months after December Forever changed by a lost love I will never forget But after my torn ashes settle, there is nothing I regret -------------------------------- Live This Day Now (12/1/08) (Soon after meeting my second and last true love) We always say perfection is impossible Because wanting to believe just hurts too much While our broken doubts still cause us to sweat Terrified hearts are healed by a simple touch Live this day now, for it is all that we have I’ll see you again, but I want to make this last Steal this day now before time can grasp It away from us, our time apart will be fast Sitting on my lap, finger tips gracing my back Make time slip from my mind, I can’t keep track Of all the times I miss moments like these I’ve embedded them all in an ever-lasting freeze Live this day now, for it is all that we have I’ll see you again, but I want to make this last Steal this day now before time can grasp It away from us, our time apart will be fast Broken hearts stitched together Frail souls intertwined Creating pure memories that last forever Defeating lost dreams, all left behind -------------------------------- Before Myself (6/15/09) (Second true love's sudden betrayal) Rage stay away from me I am not your empty shell This pain will not take me I remember how hard I had fell Body thrashed upon walls of mind You aren't being cruel enough Enough remains to still spark a flame Douse me now before I burn myself One day is all I asked to turn this around This isn't as hard as you think One more week and I promise you'll be found but I can't promise what you'll see if you blink Heart hanging in several places at once You aren't dividing me enough Enough remains to locate the seams Tear me now before I fail myself My remains are as predictable as a cornered badger Alive or dead, I could still taste your flesh I won't risk you staying near I really wish you had more fear Closer just once more to lend me your ear Your world will know ruin if I don't disappear Mind in four corners of heaven and hell You aren't destroying me enough Enough remains to think I have a chance Finish the job before I risk it myself -------------------------------- Lasting Dream & Hallowed Bliss (7/2/09) (Haze of depression over the second true love) My touch is failing to reach above Who could ever seek a warmer love Is this world really worth leaving behind Is forever is too cruel and hard to find In this silence my eyes continue to scream Are we for the living or a lasting dream No drops are found, just one glaring truth I refuse to move on without finding proof Chilled tension or lustful slumber In your eyes, I just see a number My actions too grave for better or worse Years of regret too much to traverse In this silence my eyes continue to scream Are we for the living or a lasting dream No drops are found, just one glaring truth I refuse to move on without finding proof Glimmers of hope got me clawing the surface Tearing through all the shit for a purpose Turning back now to resurrect With knives being all I expect For a chance that all will connect Our past is too much for us to reject In this silence my eyes continue to scream Are we for the living or a lasting dream No drops are found, just one glaring truth I refuse to move on without finding proof Together or not, we'll continue to feel A bond carried on through a dream so surreal This world we built lives on in us Neither of us can turn this to dust --- Hallowed Bliss (One hour later, 7/2/09 But it remains to be seen In my heart or in my mind Wether its best to come clean Or keep it all confined I want you back but do I need this My heart lacks you and can't resist The last thing you want is my cancer The first thing I need is your answer But it remains to be said From your lips to God's ears If you wish it all to be dead and make all hope disappear I need you now but must I fight this You know how to trust my hallowed bliss -------------------------------- Bad Memory (1/10/10) (Remembering how badly I was rejected by a very special girl in high school) Cancer rotting through the floor Was my heart as I begged for more Fragments of light I never knew Feelings so fresh, all for you Like the sudden jolt that set us all free Crossing roads are split as we flee First hint of kindness made me hunger During those foolish years we were younger I'm the bad memory carried in her mind Her heart was one I could never find Banishing eyes took my soul entranced Our hearts as one never stood a chance Like the final shot that scatters debris Deep rooted fears are cast out to sea Second show of your hope fed my hunger All while my dreams will tear you asunder I don't blame you for not looking back Upon what you know only as black Everything I am is what you lack For a bad memory heart attack Like every time I wished for a better plea Now we both know its the last thing we need May these memories by victims of plunder By time's cold hand and roaring thunder I decided to separate the remainder of my poems in a second post because they were all within a very short, specific time frame. These are about the events that took place after my second true live had dealt the final blow. -------------------------------- Obligation (5/20/10) (About how my second true love and my mother have had a very similar effect on me) These screeching ties of golden chain Rusted in a year of bitter rain Smallest link drives me insane My life you shall never reign Nothing is ever set in stone Get it through your fucking head From your death grip I have grown My own progress is what you dread Discovering an impossible temptation Disguised as my one true salvation This heaven was only imagination As I became a mere obligation Departure born of a brand new threat Is your most treacherous plan yet Futures constantly altered everyday A single path in life is what we betray -------------------------------- The Quiet Killer (5/24/10) (Very bitter and very hurt, yet this is a message of hope to myself) Patience is the quiet killer of every sane mind Corroding through the pillars supporting every kind Of hope and frail dream fated to be diced by knives We cope with this theme created to torment our lives Or suffer instead within all heartaches intertwined Gradually we fed the sin of temptation and unbind One lavish ribbon of Pandora's Box each moment Too much to resist, this plethora of torment While I'm forced to remain a victim of curse Visions of the past contain a violent verse Depicting my present shame and desire for a hearse To decorate and frame the neck of all I find perverse High they will hang as I will be released From the endless hunt to kill my inner beast Whose agonizing doubt upon my corpse will feast Leaving fragments scattered and hope deceased -------------------------------- To Be Human (5/25/10) (Feelings of having never been a normal human) Before I go anywhere, I wanted to try Living in the years that passed me by No, I'm not dwelling or living a lie Just wishing to be human once before I die Confirming disgust or bearing new fruit This discovery is a worthy pursuit Days I considered lost in mortal strife May finally welcome my evolution of life Well aware of the danger I am no fool Rendezvous with a stranger The perfect jewel Smoldering passion inject Priceless fuel Beauty of life infect Forever cruel -------------------------------- Sorrow's Outlet (5/26/10) (About the "stranger" mentioned in the previous poem. The sudden arrival of this new girl nearly managed to make me happy again.) We contrast each other in ways so perfectly Yet the moment we touch, we fit so seamlessly Once together, there is much we can learn To help us grow and let the past burn Are my words an outlet for her sorrows The ones buried in exchange for tomorrows Step without fear inside this newly built lair Heaven may appear beside us, one we may share All pain is destroyed whenever we embrace Only sparing thoughts that make my heart race Our bond created a dream all fail to erase Worries will vanish upon her silken face It's never too soon to know what is pure This light is not false, of this I am sure If she takes my hand and allow it to mature A star will be born and love will endure -------------------------------- Damnation's Road (5/29/10) (Lured back into her arms, I am disgusted with myself) Lurking are the remnants of our hell Disguised in the most beautiful shell Exposing my weakness with its spell With all hope that I'll never rebel Distant shadows snare me at the brink Seeking to paralyze again until I sink Once more into the abyss before I can think While the cycle of plague eternally shrinks Newborn strength and resolve unknown To my wavering soul has been bestowed Lighting the way from damnation's road To shed the burden of this heavy load This hell bound path only leads in reverse Leading souls blindly and forcefully immersed The will to love again forbids me to traverse Through the graveyard where all dreams disperse -------------------------------- The Coldest Blade (6/1/10) (Overlook of the past and how the new girl... is already beginning to flee) I had all the will and determination To crush armies and conquer nations Yet when faced with heartfelt relations I fall to my knees before love's dark creation Nerves at the edge of the coldest blade That severed my spirit in a darkened flame Wielded by fate's hand which can't be stayed Until my life becomes one it may claim Silence is my home inside the deepest wound Unable in any way to help hearts bloom Pacing around but never leaving this room Inside my mind where all is slowly entombed So near you always are But you always feel so far gone Bless me, lovely star Let me never see another dawn -------------------------------- Shadow Of The Streets (6/3/10) (There is nothing left for me to do but aimlessly wander the streets) Walking through darkness I know I am alone All misery I suppress To all I am unknown Fading away in this small cage With no reason to why I still age I'd rather look out into a bigger prison And hope that any light will be risen Traveling only on the busiest of streets Most often wearing holes through my feet With eyes that burn with senseless heat Knowing tomorrow night all shall repeat Wasting away in this small cage With no purpose for why I still age I'd rather step out into a bigger prison And pray that any light will have risen Who is that person anyway I see him almost everyday He is either just a mental case or a soul not belonging anyplace To all I now display on this large stage My every last reason to show off this rage Towards this solitude my life has ensured And every lonely battle I somehow endured Attempts to connect met with infinite defeats Forced my new role as shadow of the streets -------------------------------- Black Feathers (6/4/10) (HIM inspired lyrics) No birds exist who share our feathers Large flocks all shot down together The moment they fall is when we flee But only in darkness may we fly free Black feathers flying unchained Through heavy ashes and pouring rain Black nightfall's moon regained Shining upon vermin gone insane Graceful beauty with a touch so sharp Erase love's cruelty and malicious heart Dreams betrayed is the unbearable cost When peeling the skin of a lover lost Black feathers flying unchained Through heavy ashes and pouring rain Black nightfall's moon regained Shining upon vermin gone insane We are the breathing carcass of forsaken love Our coffins unsheathing a cross and taken above The hallowed ground from which we rise again Carrying a lifetime of heartache in our veins Black feathers eternally stained By love's fate forever retained Black nightfall's moon sustained The only light for a heart slain -------------------------------- Petrify The Devil (6/6/10) (How my bitterness and despair is now visible on my face) Latching on is a pain feeling so ancient Continually wearing on my lethal patience It's one I can never let go Carried from so long ago A stranger's hell is at my eye level I heard it in whispers passing me by A face that could petrify the devil You would never believe I could cry The past is the one chaining down my wings Tormenting memories are all it brings Too much effort for me to pretend That I could ever be your friend A stranger's hell is at my eye level I saw it in faces passing me by A face that could petrify the devil You would think I'd want you to die I mean no evil I mean no harm But you'll never see Me completely unarmed I regret my eyes I regret my face My only disguise For my disgrace You keep walking You keep leaving I'm no expert at talking So I'll only keep breathing You want to know You want to touch My true self is buried deep below Digging me up just takes too much A stranger's hell is at my eye level They'll always keep passing me by A face that could petrify the devil I never say hello so I can't say goodbye -------------------------------- Angel's Shadow (6/13/10) (Realizing where I have been for all these years) I am the darkest of clouds enshrouding the stars Stilling the light pouring from Heaven's opened scars You are the brightest of flames engulfing the land Igniting the dark passion erupting from Hell's mighty hand Falling into place as the Angel's Shadow Taking in the grace of all her battles I stand here now because I know what I want Too many times have I just sat back and watched You are the only reason I stand my ground Turn me down if you wish, I won't make a sound Its the sudden loss of tact And knowing what I need That makes my soul react For this cause I bleed Falling in love with the Angel's ghost Taking me above all I fear the most Lethal perfection Her love in all its glory Painless rejection Her life's my only story Chasing into worlds unknown I will eventually lose my sight Once my dear angel has shown I have my own battles to fight Falling once more for an Angel's song Taking me again to the place I belong Most will always see this path as wrong A shadow's life is only for the strong -------------------------------- Majestic Venom (6/16/10) (About a dream that appeared within a dream) The deadliest uncertainty clutched my heart In a grasp so cold shifting everything dark Until a dream never made me feel so awake To the majestic bird and venomous snake Before my mind's eye I am shown both ends A kiss upside down, love that transcends Our chaotic worlds that endlessly ache Into a world of our own that we shall make "I can't be with you" is what was stressed In the other end crashing into my chest Like a bloody tsunami with malicious wrath "You aren't good for me" and so ends the path Truly awake now and aware of both sides And the heaven and hell that each provides My stalemate must break to turn the tides To let my heart chase the love it decides
  12. So I thought this poem was pretty funny and thought I would share it and see what everyone else thought of it.
  13. Though we may begin strong, the end will always come Never a moment where one thing is endless From the trees that stand from ages past to stones that lie in the lake bed Time is the creator and the destroyer for all Not even the gods themselves are immune to it All that begins must end, all that ends must begin again So there shall always be a gleam of hope for the future to come There shall always be a new beginning in the end That which ends doth begin again Till time stops and resets Till then Alpha and Omega Sincerely, Funny Fox P.s. Hullo! My name is Funny Fox and I am new at this whole, open forum thing, so I ask please be kind but honest if you may. And Have a great day!
  14. hither as she withers away inquiries watched and statements made how she'll never be the same eyes as blind as spiders feel the need to crawl all over tree that thought it loved a leaf till it fell and color faded made love to the earth how could he be so jaded widows peak where lovers watch wretched things when they come home adultered men let them stay gone at least they memories you'll always have memories you wish you never had brocken hearts on sale at the stand buy one get on cheat is the san
  15. This is a modification of a poem that I posted on old FM I stepped out into the thin sunlight I rode the powerful wind that day The beast was kind and carried me home And I said goodbye with a smile I ate the juciy fruits that day I sang the rhythms pleasing to me I laughed as my sanity played dead And I left all of my despair behind I sat and wondered where you were I turned my hand to see your name etched on the skin I have felt those things in my quiet dreams before But until now I have been incomplete And as the sunset approached, I put you and I together Not with words,but with feelings I never felt before Not with my senses,but completely with thoughts foreign to me The result was my love for you So with great unease I took the day's last breath And thought of it as Another beautiful day gone by,without you to hold in my arms I refused to close my eyes that night And have for some past days And will for more days to come All of my heart and soul I will devote into that one thought The thought on if you are barely living without me as well All of these questions I will hope to answer tomorrow Because tomorrow might be a friend Because tomorrow might be the day when your silence and my will Happily collide and make heaven out of hell
  16. I sit and pry upon this ground, upon this place where I feel I'm going down, This precipice upon which I hear no sounds, but the wind as it cries with the souls and howls, In my thoughts is where I escape, where my mind wanders and ponders fate, those who place their hands upon the altar of grace, as I wipe those who are weak, a clean slate, At this point, I have lost sense of time, where melody is broken and there is no rhyme, where the violins crack and piano's try to chime, where the sirens of cops ride slowly to a crime... -Lionheart P.S.- wasnt at my best today...but I tried...hope you enjoy it!
  17. *le sigh* I used to have a topic up in the writing section of the old forum, but since my hard drive crashed like RIGHT when the site moved - I didn't get a chance to save any of my poems (No matter how crappy any of you, and I know a few who liked them actually, may have thought they were). So now they're scattered among the many notebooks that I have. And I have far too many of those anyway. So I was lying on my couch like... 30 minutes ago when two little beginning verse thingies came to me and I knew I had to write them down before I forgot and now... Well... I have two pages worth of a poem that sprung from that. ._.; So Imma post it on here. So ha. x3 I haven't named it yet but... yeah.... Enjoy? ? All the misery in the world could affect not a thing, save for one conscious mind. And Love endowed, what Hate could not, the heart and soul entwined. And Death alone could spur God's wrath when he has taken an angel from Him. And all the lights in Heaven could do not a thing, save become evermore dim. And when all pain and suffering have become that of obsolete. Then Death's mission is no more. And thus, in turn, complete. (2nd Page) And when the universe is silent once more perhaps a new world shall be born. A world of peace and prosperity whose heart has never been torn. But then again one mind cannot fathom how the universe will unfold. For the universe's fate is all it's own, full of mysteries untold. But when man can turn around and see through time, to what the future brings. He'll simply smile and hum a tune to which all creations sing." Well, that's it. I don't know if you'll like it, any of you, because this style is so different from my other writing style. And that this will probably be the only one of it's kind. That is until, I'm in the mood to be as deep as this anyway. ._.; But I still hope you enjoyed it. I liked writing it ( even though it interrupted my "falling asleep" phase of my nap D: ). *-Nina Elizabeth Stone-* (Kingdom)
  18. He lost it. He found it. He used it. He stayed. I saw it. I smiled. I prayed. What is this feeling coming over me? Is this real or is this a dream? ---------------- well thats a bad poem i wrote...but my frineds say its good. i dont believe them. if you dont get it let me know... this is my first poem.
  19. for those of you thinking" OMFG How many more is this freak gonna write???",inspiration struck She lives about a thousand miles away from me But I feel her in my heartbeats The wind carries her scent towards me My soul screams in protest At the injustice that these two lovers must live apart I've spent my life beneath a pile of ashes Every so often the wind pushes the ashes away and shows me the light My heart beats joy only to be silenced again When the ashes of a freshly burnt corpse appear Back then I would have never realized That fate would twist in a way As to bring me and you together And to part us so swiftly, a love born from calamity Then I began to see that you are the one The one for who these noble words were mended From dark thoughts of death And far worse, a life deprived of love I was uncertain where to start, where to begin When I opened my mouth I couldn't say what I felt deep inside But the sight of your eyes gazing back at me was all I needed to see The silence was all anyone needed to hear It was clear then, hand in hand That this was our victory over destiny We the masters of love, sprung from the poets of pain
  20. Guest

    Just a rhyme I guess..

    I used to believe a friend was about the closeness, but now one minute they're there, next they're gone, magic trick, hocus pocus, stay in focus, never let a fellow human let you down, they're just another lit fuse, now listen to the sound, sizzle from the burn, damaged from the hurt, almost exploding, kicked down in the dirt, epic society lockdown, calm down, be king of yourself, put on that crown, stay quiet and relax, stay calm and think back, what made you this weak, look into your heart, there must be a leak, just close your eyes, open your mind, forget the lies, you'll heal in time, never let another person get in the way of succeeding, you let them in your system, you're lucky you're even breathing, your infected with their hate, now you better wait, you're crying about them, you wonder why you're in this state, you relied on them too much for help, now they're gone and you have to fend for yourself, now you're mad, not even sad, you're angry at them for being all you had, you blame them for your mistakes, and you wonder why they were fake, if anything you look back, and think of everything they could take, once before, stay calm, it's the foundation, make a difference, it'll be ground breakin, look back at all the good times, and all the bad times, just remember the good rhymes and the bad rhymes, maybe you should let them go, move on, it was a hard battle, but you won. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I haven't written a good poem in a while, so now I write things like this. This like a poem, but my own kinda style I guess.
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    Empty Wall

    My friend's work, just need some ideas on the style and meaning of it, I have my own opinion's but he wants some varied feedback. Anyways, be as honest as you like. Empty Wall: i'm stuck in a cage, i'm surrounded by fire, i have to pant aimlessly to survive, or else i will be forgotten by the masses. i try to leave my familiar surroundings, i try to explore new lands, i am a person of community and love, which is trampled by the arrogance of those closest to my heart. i am always here for you, i will always do my best for you, you and i, i and you, never we for you and i are separate, but forever i hope we will be breathing the same air.
  22. Here's the first poem I've attempted at. I made it quite a while ago, though, I can't remember what inspired me to create this. I created a few others, but this is the only one that I could recover after our computer was wiped. I know it's not all that great, but oh well. Enjoy. . . One Last Time I walk on through this war-worn world, searching for you, I soar through the sky to only hope of seeing you one day, As I sail through the seas, my youth wastes away, At night I can feel the pain inside of me, But I hope for the best, so that I can finally rest. During the day I can feel that pain. When I think of back then, I can't remember exactly when, But I remember how lonely I was, how everyone had hurt me, Every day my anger and pain would build, But when I saw you, it all went away, Than I remembered the promise I made, And of how you left me to walk alone, Forever more I shall walk alone, Dream my pathetic dreams, Feel this pain, and never forget... I will never forget... As the animals die, forever I walk on, As the water evaporates, forever I drift, As the humans die out, forever I live, As the world brims with chaos, forever I search, As the universe ceases to exist, forever I do, As the winged angels rejoice, forever I weep in sorrow, As the horned demons wail out in pain, forever I know their pain, As the great armies of heaven and hell collide, Forever I walk on, Forever in this miserable state, I walk on, I walk on to fulfill my promise, The promise to be with you one last time...
  23. She crys not knowing what to do Battered, broken, and confused She must have the biggest of flaw For Him to do Her so much wrong She pushed Her friends aside For all She could see was His eyes After, She swore inside Her head His charm will never work again Yet, She still finds Herself in His arms No matter what She tells Her heart She found Herself not able to resist The fluttery feelings that She gets She got broke a few weeks after He said the other girl was safer She stared at Him for one last time Trying hard to dry Her eyes She crys not knowing what to do Battered, broken, and confused She must have the biggest of flaw For Him to do Her so much wrong
  24. I haven't written a poem outside of school, but heres my poem about something I'll give you a clue: Current Events. Retreat Forward march to board the eagle Fly to a battle of our generation Burn the eagle’s wings and Scorch the eagle’s beak Glide free to the sky Our home, an imitation Humanities finest lost For so few lives peak The nest is shaken within Eggs breaking, lost humiliation The mother eagle screeches Peace in the nest, too weak Decent is a spiral to target Straight forward, it’s the limitation Pull out from the fall Abort what we should not seek
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    who am i?

    something i tried to come up with in the spur of the moment. it is in free verse b/c i usually don't write well in a set meter and rhyme scheme...sounds forced. the giver that takes, with ruthless abandon and violent wrath. an impartial judge who reigns supreme and rules absolutely. in its wake lay physical devastation, demoralizing truth, and ultimate purification. a simultaneous union of creation and destruction. this power i am is neither flesh and blood nor divine from above. the answer sought, comes in all forms of life: the beginning, the end, and for all of eternity. you know my name. it melts in your mouth, and quenches your thirst. i violently rise and calmly fall, sustaining the bodies of man and maintaining the balance of earth. who am i you ask? i am... water
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