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Found 4 results

  1. I'm looking for a manga or anime like Fairy Tail. I want something funny and interesting. i don't like romances, and i would prefer fantasy, action/adventure, or comedy. Does anyone know something good????? Because I'm REALLY desperate right now!
  2. Hello! I only recently decided to venture out into manga would so i decided to ask for some advice... What websites to you use to search for new manga with tags (not MAL) (like AniDB for anime) Also I read few stories like Sundome, Mx0 and some others. So I realized that i dislike Coming of Age, High School/Club/School Life and a lot of drama stories. While everything else is okay and hence a second question What would you recommend to read for a beginner? and something that is completely finished and scanned (I prefer to read finished stories but if you would tell me when to stop it would be okay) Or something popular in manga world like Code Geass or Death Note in anime? Please to criticize because i realized that going thought MAL database without any idea of what to look for is pointless. and so Thanks in Advance! P.S. If its wrong place to post this question please move the topic
  3. Greetings everyone:byebye: As the title says, im looking for a new manga to read and would like some suggestions from the Kametsu community I have only read + finished these two Manga's so far: Love Hina Ichigo 100% I really liked Love Hina, but Ichigo on the other hand I had to quit at 80 or so chapters in because it felt like it was repeating, but once i started reading again I started to like it again and eventually finished it. As you may be able to tell im into Comedy, Romance, School-life, ecchi and Fantasy Oh yeah I heard I's is pretty good, but it apparently has a pretty bad ending (and i don't like those types of endings because I tend to get more emotionally drawn to the characters than others) so can anyone clarify this? should I still read it? I have started to read Sekirei (just finished the first volume) but want something to read while im also reading this so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  4. I have finished reading my current manga series and I am now looking for a new series I have recently read Kaichou wa maid-sama and Faster than a kiss and was wondering if you guys have read anything similar. Failing that... I will also accept recommendations for any other manga too- all genres accepted.
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