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  1. Hey thanks koby i've checked out hellsing, elfen lied and resident evil: degeneration. They were all pretty good
  2. Hey everyone thanks for the suggestions they really helped me out
  3. Yeah i checked out death note all you can really say about that anime is AMAZING so well thought out i really enjoyed it
  4. Whats up i've really been wanting to watch a horror anime series but i can't seem to find any, anyone got any suggestions?
  5. hey people im just looking for animes to watch so far ive watched -bleach -naruto & naruto shippuden -FMA -DBZ & dragon ball -hellsing -elfen lied and more... i just want to know any new animes to watch, anything really doesn't have to be the same genre id like to expand on what i watch so yeah
  6. hey was wondering if anyone has watched Aoi Bungaku (is it good??) before ive been looking for any horror anime to watch ive watched hellsing and resident evil degeneration so any ideas???
  7. id prob say sasuke from shippuden and itachi is a close second
  8. bladebrad


    hey so I read the bleach manga and this week the new one didn't come out so i was just wondering if anyone knows why
  9. bleach 267 i know its subbed but i couldn't wait naruto shippuden dubbed fairy tail afro samurai
  10. Code Geass one of the best animes ive watched in a while
  11. thanks koby can always count on you buddy
  12. hey koby do you by any chance have the live action films ive been looking fir them everywhere if you do can you please link us
  13. Thanks dude i'm going to start downloading it now it's always nice to get reassurance from someone before you start throwing around your downloads
  14. hey ballard thanks for the ideas can u give us a quick overview of shuffle and escaflowne sorry if its a bother id just like to hear from someone whos watched it and please give it a rating out of 10 thanks koby your a legend among anime viewers here keep up the good work
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