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  1. kairiotw

    Favorite Type of Music

    I'm not really sure what my favorit- Oh wait of course I am, duh. Music scores. Also known as instrumental music found in all tv shows, movies, and animes my favorite one thus far is the score for all the Transformers Movies.
  2. kairiotw

    Favorite Books

    My list -Looking Glass Wars Trilogy - Ophelia - The Once & Future King
  3. kairiotw

    Falling Skies (TV Series)

    Woow, that show is doing quite well for just starting. I've only watched the first two episodes so far myself.
  4. kairiotw

    What MP3 Player Do You Have?

    I have a Zune HD 32 GB, its called "Destiny Place' I love it to death.
  5. kairiotw

    What was the first anime you ever watched

    First anime I watched was Gundam Wing, though I didn't know it was an anime until later...As strange as that sounds. The first manga I ever read was Fushigi Yuugi or was it Fruits Basket? One of the two.
  6. kairiotw

    What's your favorite TV Show (non Anime)

    My favorite at the moment is Nikita. I used to like Supernatural but it kind of took a nose dive same with Grey's Anatomy and NCIS.
  7. kairiotw

    First Video Game

    The first game I ever played and owned was Tomb Raider (PS1), the first one. Although it was kind of funny because I got the game from my father who got it from a friend and we owned it, but it was in the Tomb Raider II case instead.
  8. kairiotw

    Hello there ^_^

    Hi Cadi, my name is Alyss. I also like K-On! Though I just started watching it. I am currently on season 2 at the moment. I find it hilarious, and interesting at the same time. I never thought there could be an anime about a music club, but man was I wrong haha.
  9. kairiotw


    Hii, I entered this forum a long time ago, but kind of forgot about the account due to school. So, here I am introducing myself a whole 3 months later haha, the name is Alyss . I found Kametsu from one of my friends who makes videos, but I don't know her account name. She referred it to me as a great source for anime without subtitles. As strange as it sounds, I don't really have a top 5 anime that I like. It varies depending on my mood, but for the longest time I wasn't even aware what anime was, I just thought they were cartoons- I had no idea that the first anime in the list of what I could call my "top 5" was an anime. That was "Gundam Wing" I used to watch it with my father and I wish I owned it, but sadly I don't. Back then I didn't really understand, but I fell in love with it regardless, as did my younger brother. The second one would have to be Card Captor Sakura, as funny as that sounds. This was yet another anime I was not aware was anime until after joined an anime club with my friend Bela, who basically opened my eyes to the world of Anime, and Anime Conventions actually. In 2007 was when she helped me discover that in this world, there are many types of anime. She and I went to an Anime Convention. It was the first eye opener ever, to so many things, anime and Japanese culture wise. My friend was busy with her booth at Artist Alley, as she was a new artist, and excited to start selling prints. So, as one would expect, I was on my own. This is how I found number 3 on the list. Haruhi Suzumiya chronicles, I know that's not the exact name but there around three of them 2 seasons and 1 movie and I love them all, and they are episodes of her life so, there you have it haha. I was curious why there were so many girls dressed in a school uniform with a yellow headband on their heads. Bela explained it to me, and it went from there. The last 2 do not have a lengthy explanation as to why they're my favorites. Soul Eater, I was introduced to it from cosplay group/ friends. They wanted to do a cosplay to it, but in the end we never got to it and did something else. However, I started watching it beforehand and fell in love with its blend of comedy and adventure. Okay, the music score had a great deal to do with it too haha... Last, but definitely not least my current favorite and will probably be an all time. Code Geass, both seasons. I cosplayed it once with my friends, we even did a dance to it...but I only watched 5 episodes. I meant to watch all of them, but I never had the time. That was 2009 it's a bit sad it took so long, but I'm half way through Season 2 and I love it to death even though I know it ends pretty tragic. It also reminds me of Gundam Wing which is kind of what sealed the deal. Oh wow, still so many questions video games, top 5 Tomb Raider: Legend and Underworld, Kingdom Hearts II, Super Smash Brothers Melee (and Brawl) , Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, and Spyro Dawn of the Dragon. Tomb Raider was the first game I ever played, next to the first Spyro game. I used to play it once again with my father. Kingdom hearts, I first shunned it because I was a major Disney fan and saw it was blasphemy. Super Smash brothers Melee is just so much fun and I found it because of my cousins (Brawl, because of my friends) and it's been a tradition to play it pretty much any time I visit their house. Twilight Princess, I love the graphics, story, and how big Hyrule is, there is always something to do. Spyro Dawn of the Dragon, I love how much the Spyro series just involved. My hobbies right now, are watching tv shows and anime, video editing, listening to songs, surfing youtube for videos, and writing. Wow, pretty sad hobbies. Of course I hang out with friends and such too, but I haven't done that in so long haha.... And no, I don't do graphics, unless video editing counts, but somehow I don't think so. And, no questions that have not already been answered. Sorry for the vague introduction before, I am quite terrible at introductions.
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