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  1. I often format and re install my primary drive every few months. Probably around 6-8. Sooner if I have to because it's getting slowed down by something and I can't find the problem.
  2. You could most likely get away with a 600-650 watt but to be on the safe side. I would recommend a 700 or higher like Ang3lofDarkness says if you can spare the cash. Your always safer getting slightly higher then recommended just to be safe.
  3. zeriu

    Favorite Anime

    My favorite would have to be a really hard choice between Death Note and Code Geass. Both extremely well done and extremely mind blowing. The stories were fantastic.
  4. Death Note was extremely well done in dub. One of my all time favorite.
  5. So apparently I won the lottery. Never even knew until lemmingllama told me by wishing me a happy birthday. What is Gil even used for? hehe
  6. Holy *** I won the lottery? What does that even give me? LOL And thanks lemmingllama :)

  7. Whatever is available is what I general go with. If there is dual audio I will usually get the dual audio so I can choose English if I am tired of reading for the day. All in all depends on the show your watching also.
  8. Thanks ill check it out. Looks very promising.
  9. I would love more. As much as I can find the better. I have watched Trigun. Own it as a set on DVD. Never thought Cowboy Bebop looked good really. Might have to watch it sometime. The other I will look at. I actually now have a myanimelist so you can check to see all that I have watched or am watching there. Thanks again guys.
  10. I liked Super Metroid, Diddy Kong's Quest, and Earthworm Jim.
  11. Well it's had to work. Originally when I signed up I posted just to get my downloads. Once the forum host changed, along with the post count. I got into posting. Then came donating for the things I downloaded. Might be just me but I find if I keep posting like I am, it will be my name for every board as last poster.
  12. Erm, I use whatever is on when I install them hehe! But most of the time im using my Logitech G930 headphones in 7.1 and they use their own drivers separate from my onboard. So don't really notice a difference anyway.
  13. Whats this series really about? I am more for action series anime. Is there much action in this at all? Just curious cause everyone says it's good.
  14. zeriu


    Well as of right now the fillers have stopped. It's starting to get good again. If they go to fillers anytime soon I have lost all hope for Bleach... Most likely say screw it and just read the Manga...
  15. Anyone getting Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning? Comes for both PS3 and Xbox. Looks like God of War meets RPG. I think it's gonna be epic. Comes early 2012.
  16. Rams cheaper then that now actually. You can buy 8GB of 1600 RAM for $39.99 USD. Dirt cheap now. If your looking at getting an Nvidia 560ti then I would recommend grabbing an ATI 6870. About the exact same performance, less power needed and less money. Use the extra money your gonna save on a quad CPU. You will not regret it. Just about every game these days requires a quad CPU of some sort. Going Core 2 Duo does not cut it anymore if you want any type of enjoyment out of your games.
  17. Wow this sites pretty awesome. Ill update mine right away. Although it's probably gonna take a while. Not to mention I don't remember all the dates I watched them. Guess ill make some up... Thanks
  18. Hmm the 360 has Dark Souls, a fairly decent RPG unless your not into those kind of RPG's.
  19. Oh wow this is a very sexy list. I have a question for anyone who can answer it though. Whats the news for this so called Code Geass 3rd installment? Some say its a third season. Then there is news that it's Code Geass with all new characters and maybe Lelouch in now and then. Does anyone know any real information?
  20. If the category was "Gundam" as a series I would probably vote Gundam. Or Better yet Gundam Wing. But since it's not I would say Bleach. But as it's been lately the filers are complete BS... My opinion may change if they keep that up for much longer.
  21. Ill download Black Lagoon, as for the others I have watched those. Just did not write all the anime I have seen. Would be too many to list if I have done that. Main reason I am asking for help hehe. I have seen a lot.
  22. I am looking for some new anime to watch but I am out of ideas. What does everyone recommend for someone like me that enjoys a mature themed anime. I enjoy action based anime, I do not mind if there is a lot of gore any is welcomed. Any action themed anime is good really. I liked things like Gundam, Death Note, Hellsing, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Evangelion, etc. Please help me
  23. Aion is still my most favorite MMORPG. I can go back to that game anytime after I stop. Just always appeals to me. But that will most likely change once Guild Wars 2 comes. God I hope that comes early 2012...
  24. Sadly the last movie I watched was "The Thing"... gah what an awful movie that was. Hope to watch In Time here soon. Should be a good time.
  25. HOLY @##! pardon my language but loving Death Note and all. I can't wait to watch it. Just hope it's not a flop
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