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  1. I often format and re install my primary drive every few months. Probably around 6-8. Sooner if I have to because it's getting slowed down by something and I can't find the problem.
  2. You could most likely get away with a 600-650 watt but to be on the safe side. I would recommend a 700 or higher like Ang3lofDarkness says if you can spare the cash. Your always safer getting slightly higher then recommended just to be safe.
  3. zeriu

    Favorite Anime

    My favorite would have to be a really hard choice between Death Note and Code Geass. Both extremely well done and extremely mind blowing. The stories were fantastic.
  4. Death Note was extremely well done in dub. One of my all time favorite.
  5. Basically you can change your name or look fancy. If you dont want it, then you can also donate it. Cheerio. And befriended

  6. So apparently I won the lottery. Never even knew until lemmingllama told me by wishing me a happy birthday. What is Gil even used for? hehe
  7. Holy *** I won the lottery? What does that even give me? LOL And thanks lemmingllama :)

  8. Happy Birthday!!!! And congrats on winning the lottery too

  9. Whatever is available is what I general go with. If there is dual audio I will usually get the dual audio so I can choose English if I am tired of reading for the day. All in all depends on the show your watching also.
  10. Thanks ill check it out. Looks very promising.
  11. I would love more. As much as I can find the better. I have watched Trigun. Own it as a set on DVD. Never thought Cowboy Bebop looked good really. Might have to watch it sometime. The other I will look at. I actually now have a myanimelist so you can check to see all that I have watched or am watching there. Thanks again guys.
  12. I liked Super Metroid, Diddy Kong's Quest, and Earthworm Jim.
  13. Well it's had to work. Originally when I signed up I posted just to get my downloads. Once the forum host changed, along with the post count. I got into posting. Then came donating for the things I downloaded. Might be just me but I find if I keep posting like I am, it will be my name for every board as last poster.
  14. Erm, I use whatever is on when I install them hehe! But most of the time im using my Logitech G930 headphones in 7.1 and they use their own drivers separate from my onboard. So don't really notice a difference anyway.
  15. Whats this series really about? I am more for action series anime. Is there much action in this at all? Just curious cause everyone says it's good.
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