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  1. Welcome to the forum ^_^

  2. As many of you know there is a war going on in the manga "Naruto". Who do you wish would show up already?
  3. Does anyone here play YO3? If so what kind of Deck(s) you own?
  4. As some of you Yu-Gi-Oh fans may know there is a new series called "Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal". As a fan of the card game, I'm excited to see what new cards are going to be introduced but do you guys think the series is worth watching? Here is a picture of the main character "Yuma" and his spiritual partner
  5. I find the game to be ok. I'd prefer the PC version. The 360 version only has 22%-23% of the cards that were ever made.
  6. My favorite FF character would have to be Zidane. I find him to be hilarious out of the FF main characters. Plus he's super powerful when he's in Trance.
  7. What do you people would most likely happen if everyone turn into an anime version of themselves? Would everyone be happy or will their be chaos?
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