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  1. XxHayabusaxX

    Best Browser (FF, IE, Opera, etc..)

    Used to be Firefox user until I tried Google Chrome. Chrome just seems faster than the other browsers.
  2. XxHayabusaxX

    What's your cell phone?

    ^^ Samsung Galaxy S3 FTW
  3. XxHayabusaxX

    The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    Can't believe how hooked I am. Even tempted to get the comics.
  4. XxHayabusaxX

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Sleeping Dogs both of which I have just completed, and also playing Dead Island.
  5. XxHayabusaxX

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I've been playing Battlefield 3 and Skyrim on pc. Both games are great to play.
  6. XxHayabusaxX

    What OS do you run?

    Windows 7 on pc, Windows Vista on laptop.
  7. XxHayabusaxX

    Dragon Age vs Elder Scrolls vs Fable

    Elder Scrolls FTW, I've been playing it for the last week or so and loving it.
  8. XxHayabusaxX

    Favorite Pokemon

    Mine is Dragonite. He is just awesome.
  9. Right now i'm watching soul eater and FMA Brotherhood
  10. XxHayabusaxX

    How many anime series have u completed?

    I've completed 25 series and now watching soul eater. My favourite is got to be Code Geass.
  11. Bleach Ep167. This is a great anime
  12. can you do me a favor

  13. XxHayabusaxX

    Hey Hey Hey

    Hi Everybody. I Love Anime Very Much. Also Want To Thank Koby For These great Uploads.