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  1. Please, could you finishing the last two episodes of Akame ga KILL? Thanks.


  2. Please, could you continue in small encoding Parasyte: The Maxim [Dual Audio] [m720p] [Hi10] [HP], this interesting anime? Please, continue in good work. Thanks for all.

  3. Please, could you re-upload? Yuu Yuu Hakusho - The Golden Seal - FUNimation version. Pretty please. Thanks.:(

    1. Anon316


      @ferofrantisek Since you asked so nicely. All done B|

  4. Please, how to change theme back to dark

    1. Renzourin


      currently this is the only theme we're waiting on theme development so please be patient

    2. ferofrantisek
  5. I watched Zoids Fuzors but never finished it because i was getting tired of the same scene and storyline in each episode
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