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  1. saturnoyo

    Looking for a good anime to watch next

    Blood -> Gantz, Berserk, Basilisk... Drama -> Ceres (Ayashi no ceres) Others -> Bleach, Noir, Rurouni kenshin
  2. saturnoyo

    help need new anime

    Thanks to all, I'm going to download a lot of anime hehe. You can see Gantz, Berserk, Full metal alchemist...
  3. saturnoyo

    Kenpachi Zaraki

    If he wants to be stronger, he needs to use the shikai/bankai. I think that he will obtain that power (and then he will fight Ichigo hahaha).
  4. saturnoyo

    High school of the dead [Dubbed]

    I want it too... but with subs is really good
  5. saturnoyo

    looking for some particularly gorey stuff !!!

    Basilisk is good . ┬┐The best? -> Gantz, Berserk and Elfen Lied.