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  1. Ladson

    One Piece

    I originally saw the 4kids dub and quite liked it, but I've just watched through season 1 of funimations dub and now I love it.
  2. I didn't mind the first one. I just had to forget it had "Dragonball" in the title. Once ties with Dragonball are cut the movie becomes better. But then what am I saying? Clearly I must have a terrible taste in movies...
  3. Ladson

    PS3 anyone?

    I've had a PS3 since the first model. Which unfortunately died early last year. One month before I had recieved a free PS3 with a promotion on a Sony Bravia TV I purchased, unfortunately I had immediately sold that PS3 on Ebay for $20 short of the cost of a new one (thanfully). So I had to go out and buy another new one anyway and now I'm considering buying a second hand PS2 aswell. Guess I should just count myself lucky that I didn't have to fork out the full amount from my own wallet for a new PS3. My PS3 games library has just passed to 50 mark, still have not played most of them but I can't help myself. I do intend to play through them all.
  4. Ladson

    Favorite RPG?

    The first RPG I played was FFVII and I've enjoyed all the main Final Fantasy's since then. I've been a big Square fan ever since. I like most things I've played that they've made, even one's people tended to hate on like The Bouncer, I really got into that.
  5. Ladson

    Who Loves Sonic Adventure? xD

    I've just got Sonic Adventure 1 on PSN, I think I'm enjoying it more now than when first played it on the Gamecube (the DX version obviously, never had a Dreamcast).
  6. Ladson

    Dragonball Ultimate Tenkaichi DON'T BOTHER

    I agree, Ultimate Tenkaichi is rubbish. Extremely repetative and boring. It looks awesome though, maybe untill you've finished the training and seen what most of the moves are. I love the Tenkaichi games, I'm not sure this should have had that name. I liked Budokia 1, 2 & 3, but I felt Burst Limit was striped back. I don't know, it just seemed lacking compared to previous Budokia's.
  7. Ladson

    First Video Game

    I'm not sure what my first game was, I'm thinking something like the first Prince of Persia or Lemmings maybe. It's been far too long. I know the first game I owned was Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Genesis, been a massive Sonic fan ever since.
  8. Probably 1/2-3 hours on a weekday, I normally try to squeeze in atleast a little bit after work. Anywhere from none to 24+ on weekends, just depends if I have anything I need to do or if I have plans.
  9. Ladson

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm currently playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Had it sitting around for ages and thought I should finally get around to it since I've already picked up the new one. Assassins Creed II is probably one of my favourite games ever. Also playing Modern Warfare 3. Honestly I'm not really interested in FPS but most of my friends play this and I'm good at it, so I get some enjoyment out of it. I'll probably start on Skyrim soon.
  10. Ladson

    Anyone play Final Fantasy XI?

    Hey, I played on Odin too around the same time period. And yeah, the community on FFXI was a bit nicer as a whole than WoW. Maybe because it was more focused on playing together.
  11. Ladson

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Maybe that's one reason why they aren't doing it then... Personally, I've played it though 3 times. I'm sure others have done it more. The only thing that would make me think about playing it again (despite how much I love it) would be a major graphical update. If they messed with it much at all it would more likely turn me off, and I think alot of fans might agree with that.
  12. Ladson

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I know what you mean, I still think it might ruin the story considering your not supposed to even know Zack exists at all untill later in the story. You can already get atleast VII and VIII (Maybe IX too? Havn't seen it) on PSN to use on PSP or PS3, so I wouldn't think they would put remakes of those 3 on a handheld. I agree that it would be blasphemy.
  13. Ladson

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I think that might ruin part of the story later on for newcomers. Maybe they could add it on as something to afterwards? Or just point you at Crisis Core.
  14. Ladson

    Anyone play Final Fantasy XI?

    I used to play up untill about a year ago. Picked up XIV but it has just made me want to go back to XI. I was an Elvan Paladin.
  15. Ladson

    FF X-2. Was it really THAT bad?

    I could like it solely for the chance to revisit the world after the events of the original game, but I actually did have fun with it. The New Game+ system was a good addition too, I might play through it again later on.