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  1. Finally pulled away from Skyrim long enough to relive what may be my all time favorite game: Persona 3 FES.
  2. Metal Gear Solid 4 is just amazing, and the Uncharted series is a close second
  3. I've been on the Starhawk beta for a while now, and I can not wait for the full release.
  4. I generally shop Amazon, unless I'm preordering and GameStop or Best Buy have better bonuses.
  5. I could see an Assassin's Creed movie, but Heavy Rain is basically an interactive movie already.
  6. Mad Dog McCree. It took hours to kill him.
  7. Playstation 1... Those were good times. You just don't get live-action cutscenes anymore (I'm looking at you, Warhawk)
  8. All devil may cry games, still cant beat hell or hell difficulty on dmc4
  9. I have owned both, i sold the Xbox to pay for the ps3
  10. It's not really an episode, but I just finished rewatching Char's Counterattack
  11. DVD: war in the pocket, char's counterattack, code geass r2, gundam 00. Games: Gundam crossfire, DW:G2. Other: master grade perfect Zeong, perfect grade zeta gundam and 00 raiser
  12. Favorite gundam, definitely Gundam Exia, as for non-gundams; Sazabi
  13. According to gamefly, US release date is June first
  14. Start with either the original or the compilations of it
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