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  1. I have a decent PC, an old Xbox 360(that wont die) and the black monolith named PS3. I got fed up with paying microsoft, my desk is to crowded to do any good gameing on, but it doesnt matter because all my friends are on the PSN and its free. Im curently playing MW3 and BF3, probably going to pick up FF13 2 soon and if Bandai Namco Games ever releases Tales of Xillia i would gladly pay for that. PS3 Rocks
  2. watched an oldie but a good one Harley davidson and the Marlboro man havent seen it since i was a kid, man they were all young again. Man im gettin old :/
  3. Chuck is my fav now that small ville is no more and with Chuck's 5th and final season coming soon im conflicted i know im going to love it but once its done what will i watch ?
  4. im currently playing fallout 3 and really liking it aswell might even get new vegas.
  5. i have a 42" plasma panasonic viera i have it set up as my second pc moniter to watch movies on and serf the web from bed
  6. ive never really been much for the horor games , but i have enjoyed the F.E.A.R. games i know there alittle more action then horor but if u turn down the lights and slap the headphones on it can be freaky. ive jumped out of my seat more than once.
  7. Its not the best show i have ever seen , but considering that most of tv shows now-a-days are low budget reality shows( reality tv can kiss my #@#!) im happy its getting renewed. Ive never not enjoyed an episode.
  8. I watched Faster and The Warrior's Way yesterday I would have to say that ninja assassin seeking peace in the old west, was more entertaining then some guy seeking vengeance although both were = in the blood and violence i enjoyed the style of The Warrior's Way far more.
  9. F.E.A.R. 3 plz. The original fear was one of my all time fav shooters, fear 2 was an upgrade of it and im hopeing that 3 will be just as good infact i think i may play through them both again.
  10. Just watched The King Of Fighters movie. This adaptation of the classic neo-geo snk game is by far the one of best B-low budget (12milion) movies i have seen in some time. I however love B-movies so its all good.
  11. the very first zelda and a link to the past are my fav and as far as I am concerned the only ones.
  12. I am split on the hole subject really. I game on pc, ps3 and my xbox360, and considering that the 360 and ps3 namely microsoft and sony will be at each others necks for all eternity I dont really care what magazine or show says is the winner. As far as people say that the xbox has faulty tech I guess I have just been lucky because I have had it forever it has never failed me and i have dropped it several time for different places and it still does its job i dare not try that with my pc or ps3
  13. My first mmo was Guild wars but I got into world of warcraft never really went back. but now wow seems so dull my friend got DC online and is tryin to get me to buy it im not really sure i want to though, ive been looking for a good long single player rpg lately.
  14. currently on The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion I have cleared it once b4 but i did enjoy it, now that i have a better pc i thought i would give it another go with all the settings up even downloaded a high res pack for it. Thankfully its been long enough since i last played through it that i dont remember everything about it, looking forward to the next installment Skyrim. hope my pc wont choke on it to much lol.
  15. I have seen every episode out of the corner of my eye wile my dad was watching it i could just never get into it. also not being on the air for a long time did hurt the series alot haveing to play catch up with a show that has such crazy air dates is troublesome aswell. for my dads sake who really loves the show i hope that it does get renewed.
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