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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hectic as usual. One thing I've noticed is that these frenchies love dishing out assignments.

    Can't complain though. It's work I enjoy doing and beats the hell outta memorizing lines of text and then vomiting it over the exam paper.

    Thankfully, XMas holidays are around the corner and I'm free for a while again come December 17.

  3. Damnit! I thought I'd replied... Sorry I need to pay more attention! How have things been going? Are you more used to the workload now or is it still hectic??

    I've had waaaayyy too much free time lately, my hours being cut at work and what not so I've been watching TONNES of anime lol. Well a lot anyways.

  4. xTyranityx

    Download Section Changes

    Yeah but I do that lol
  5. yo tyranity. hows it going?

    sorry i wasnt able to reply earlier. life has been really hectic lately and the fact that they keep piling assignments on us isn't making things any easier.

    Thankfully, I got a week's worth of full holidays and back home for a while so hope to catch you around in that time.


  6. xTyranityx


    It's fixed up now, still don't know what it was though.
  7. xTyranityx

    Download Section Changes

    How hard is it to get this "Uploader" status? And I'll try out that template myself I think. Looks tidier.
  8. Hey you hows your video game designing going?? :P

  9. its been quiet since mae disappeared really mainly its because the active times switched around since she wasnt here chatting up the CB i havent really paid attention of late

  10. Oh wow, thats amazing ! :D your gf is Empathy isnt it? most of the troubles have been sorted out, my job is still a lil frustrating but me and Stlye Reap got back together after sorting our issues out, so we'll see how it goes. I don't know if its just m but the forum has seemed a little quite lately

  11. great hun just great my gf showed up from england at the start of the month and we met for the first time was absolutely fantastic im glad your troubles have ended

  12. Good really ^_^ hows things?

  13. hiya tyranity how you doing

  14. xTyranityx

    Index Submission Thread

    [MU] Dantalian No Shoka [MU] Croisee In A Foreign Labyrinth [720p]
  15. been a hard time for you lately, hasn't it, hold tight, you'll live through all that, good luck