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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hectic as usual. One thing I've noticed is that these frenchies love dishing out assignments.

    Can't complain though. It's work I enjoy doing and beats the hell outta memorizing lines of text and then vomiting it over the exam paper.

    Thankfully, XMas holidays are around the corner and I'm free for a while again come December 17.

  3. Damnit! I thought I'd replied... Sorry I need to pay more attention! How have things been going? Are you more used to the workload now or is it still hectic??

    I've had waaaayyy too much free time lately, my hours being cut at work and what not so I've been watching TONNES of anime lol. Well a lot anyways.

  4. yo tyranity. hows it going?

    sorry i wasnt able to reply earlier. life has been really hectic lately and the fact that they keep piling assignments on us isn't making things any easier.

    Thankfully, I got a week's worth of full holidays and back home for a while so hope to catch you around in that time.


  5. It's fixed up now, still don't know what it was though.
  6. Hey you hows your video game designing going?? :P

  7. its been quiet since mae disappeared really mainly its because the active times switched around since she wasnt here chatting up the CB i havent really paid attention of late

  8. Oh wow, thats amazing ! :D your gf is Empathy isnt it? most of the troubles have been sorted out, my job is still a lil frustrating but me and Stlye Reap got back together after sorting our issues out, so we'll see how it goes. I don't know if its just m but the forum has seemed a little quite lately

  9. great hun just great my gf showed up from england at the start of the month and we met for the first time was absolutely fantastic im glad your troubles have ended

  10. Good really ^_^ hows things?

  11. hiya tyranity how you doing

  12. been a hard time for you lately, hasn't it, hold tight, you'll live through all that, good luck

  13. Ok well the internet isn't normally so high but I had some circumstances that caused me to have to move it to other places... And incurred the "move fee" twice. Don't ask if you don't know because it's too tedious going into detail right now. So that's the only reason it's so high this month. And it was also a slight exaggeration, based on your calculations I'd have about $40 left over. But that wouldn't cover everything else. I am getting the $13 a hour, and you really did your research into this didn't ya? Lastly, yes I have tried asking for more hours. On several occasions when there has been disputes about hours and about staff members not covering for sick leave. I've always put my name forward. Honestly, I have tried almost everything I can think of, it's not like I WANT to lose my job.
  14. Haha that was worth reading, good laugh lol. Well yeah, I am gonna have to keep looking around, I'm not a bad employee really and they're just messing with me. When I first started the job I was really passive... I'm younger than all the other staff members and they've all been there for quite a while so I thought it was just easier to be passive and take what they gave me. But its sorta backfired, because now they all walk over me cos I don't stand up for myself. That's what it really feels like with the bosses. They haven't kept me informed about whats going on and the contract thing.. *Sigh* I'm not that bad! Lol. Everything is justifyable really. As soon as I was told what "wasn't on" I changed it. And that was something I forgot to mention. From what I can figure, they're slowly weeding me out so the staff member they hired to do our administration work can take my place from what I can see. She's worked here 2 years ago for the 5 years prior and she's really tight with the bosses. They do practically everything she suggests when it comes to the business. But don't really listen to anyone else. But she started off with the 2 admin shifts.... But picked up 2 night shifts a week in the last 2 months or so. So now with my hours going down, we're on about the same a week..... But yeah. Things will get better. They have too. I think having a positive outlook will help with things at the moment. I've looked into this and have been taking it into serious consideration. My friends that are on the unemployment and haven't had a job since they turned 18 are actually getting more money than me at the moment. I think that's shocking. And since they've been screwing around with me, in the aspect of my contract and hours etc, I just really want to tell them to stick it. I'm not surprised that your mum did that either. For lack of better words, if I had more balls I probably would too. I'd say that and the idea of not having a job and having to go through the whole "job search" process again are probably the only reasons why I haven't.
  15. Hi guys. Dana here or some of you might only know me as xTyranityx Well... I needed to let off some steam so gonna jot it down here for the minute. Ok so I have this job right... It's not some "amazing gonna take you places" type of job but it (up until recently) had managed to be paying my bills. Now in this job, there's a lot of "Talking To The Customer" involved. I'll just quickly point out that I'm a fairly social person and get along alright in crowds... And just recently I got served a Written Warning for "Talking To The Customer" too much. Now I can kinda understand it.... Because I do talk a lot and a few of my friends are regular customers. *Note that word there "Customers"* But it's when I get told that I must be FLIRTING with the young guys in the store and not doing your work, that I start getting angry. Which is of course what happened. Now I didn't actually say anything other than the people they were accusing me of flirting with people I knew and just because the conversation lasted longer than 2 minutes didn't mean I was flirting with them. (For the information of whoever is reading this) For the record, I don't flirt at work. It's weird and unprofessional... But I do have a lot of male customers that I know that come in and talk to me about games before hiring them out. *Note again "Hiring them out"* I'm sorry if this isn't making a lot of sense. I mostly just rambling. Anyway, once I got warned about all of these things going on. I cut them out. My job is important to me. I like the atmosphere, the customers are great, I can see and hire all the new games/movies as soon as we get them (I work at a Video Store by the way), and the money was a great help. I just really didn't want to lose my job, going back to being on the benefit? Na-uh really don't wanna have to do that!! But none-the-less, I haven't lost my job but in the last 3 months my hours have steadily decreased, I'm down to working 16 hour weeks and it was originally a full-time position. But nothing's been said to me about any of this at all.... I've been working here a year now, one long hecka tedious year. The first 6 months I was under a "WINZ Contract" which meant that our government help agency was going to pay half my wages for that period of time. In those months my hours soared. 60 hours... 70 hours... Not as much as some of you I'm sure but still for me, I was rich. I could actually afford to buy a new game on payday and still be able to pay my bills AND have some left over. Heaven it was.... *Sigh* Right, back to the story. After those 6 months were up, the bosses (a married couple) decided they still weren't sure if they wanted to keep me on. So they extended my "trial period" for a further 3 months. Ok that was handleable. I was still slower at getting things done than the other girls and people kept popping in to say hi to me and that wasn't going over well... At the beginning of those 3 months my hours decreased. Not alot but enough for it to be noticeable. 55... 50.. So I could afford my bills and a bit of spending, if I saved a little then I'd be able to get a game next pay. 50 hours... 45... Ok now it's getting to be a bit of a stretch. Bills I'm making *check*, gas in the car *check*, top up card *check*, little bit of play money? Hmmm maybe 10 - 20 bucks if I'm lucky. The 3 month period is over. Ok so I get to find out what's happening... It's not looking too good though and I'm fretting. Then.... Nothing. No word at least about my contract. My name's still on the roster though so that must be a good sign. They must have just been busy. 1 month passes. Still nothing. Hours are roughly the same. 2 months pass. Nothing... And my hours are going down again... I'm at 40 now. God everythings getting a bit tight now. Moving forward into the 3rd month. Seriously, still no word about the contract!! Not being on a full-term contract for at least 6 months means that I'm not entitled to sick pay or holiday pay (or so they tell me), which means that I STILL can't get paid if I get sick and with my shotty immune system that sucks. (For a note, there has been 3 days in this whole time that I've ever taken a shift off for any reason. Needed the hours too much that I would work sick or not.) So what the hell's going on?!?! Well I won't say anything because with my hours going down I just can't risk angering them ... Bite my tongue... Last pays roster... 36 hours. This pays roster... 32 hours.... Oh did I mention I get paid fortnightly! No I don't think I did. Plus I think this way has more of a effect. So all those numbers previously mentioned... Go back and access for over a fortnight. Bloody lucky to be pulling off what I was I reckon. But 32 hours for a fortnight! I mean seriously! My internet bill only this month will take that whole bloody paycheck! *Sigh* So yeah. I needed to put that out there. I'm pretty angry at the moment. Been looking for other jobs and stuff for quite a while now but I live in a really small town and there's a lot of youth out taking up all the jobs in this place. I've thought about moving... But that's not really a option right now. I just really don't know what to do. Grin and bear it is the best I can come up with. If anyone who bothers to read this has any better plans, (no people just looking for posts preferably... But I know it's not possible to stop that really lol.), then please let me know. Otherwise, thanks for bothering to listen to the random ramblings of Moi (xtyranity!)
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