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  1. I think that the Sharingan is way better then the Rinnengan, so Itachi would win for sure
  2. Kabuto Snake Form because he is now like an improved version of Orochimaru
  3. I think Barragan, the espada 2, is the strongest espada because his power are god-like powerful, he can erase anything even kido and before he joint Aizen, he was the king of Hueco Mundo.
  4. It's Rockman and Hikari Netto from the megaman serie, they have an unbreakable bond that ties them throught any desperate situation!
  5. My favorite Bleach moment is when Ichigo unleashed his final Getsugatensho form
  6. who do you think suffers more : Naruto or Sasuke? Naruto , from the beginning, he was alone for a long time and he doesn't even know the face of his parents. He was treated as a monster and everybody avoids him. Sasuke , he saw with his own eye the death of his parents and the people of the Uchiha clan. In fact, they were murder by his brother Itachi. After, him too was feeling lonely.
  7. I think it will be a tie but if somehow Kenpachi learn to use bankai, then no doubt it is Kenpachi that will win.
  8. Megaman


    My favorite bleach movie is the diamond dust rebellion and yes, it has been dubbed.
  9. Of the series of Megaman NT Warrior and Megaman StarForce, which do you prefer ?
  10. My favorite so far is the fight between Naruto and Pain. I really like Naruto in Sage Mode. He can even throw his Rasengan-Shuriken. Now he perfected the name of this justu.
  11. Well, with the fox chakra, Naruto's speed and power match with Lee and even surpass him. So I say Naruto is stronger.
  12. Hi, I'm new here, I just discover this website a week ago. Some of my favorite anime are : Naruto, Bleach, Shaman King and Megaman NT Warrior and Megaman StarForce. I join the Kametsu Forum because it is a good place to discuss about anime and because i can find a lot of anime here.
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