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  1. Misa Amane from Death note she worships light Yagami
  2. code geass lelouch of the rebellion he's bad and good at the same time
  3. Shigurui Death Frenzy good anime but puts you to sleep cause its so slow
  4. its a really good anime i haven't finish watching it yet but its a really action packed.this show alot of gore in it but its hot
  5. i love bererk greatest show ive seen that looks old but my top 5 anime i would like to see a remake or a continue to it
  6. code geass lelouch of the rebellion the greatest chracter ever dont look at my eye
  7. 1. Code Geass 2. Death Note 3. bersek 4. FMA Brotherhood 5. Claymores or Naruto
  8. naruto and saskue had a great fight scene. when naruto try to stop saskue from leaving to join uritcho
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