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  1. tenderfoot Aphrodite dn_angel000
  2. Theme: Military this is my 300th post.
  3. my votes this week no c&c this time. 1.KrimsonKarasu 2.Kouhai 3.Apollo runner-ups 4.ParasiteEve 5.Aphrodite 6.LimitLess 7.Tsukumo Yuma 8.Philip Brainard
  4. not one of my better piece this time. really hard to find a good render for this weeks theme. Theme:roosterteeth's RWBY
  5. 1.KrimsonKarasu 2.Aphrodite 3.Tsukumo Yuma runner up 4.LimitLess not a lot of people this week maybe next week we will have more entries.
  6. Square Enix Raided by Police.

    1. Tsukumo Yuma

      Tsukumo Yuma

      They didn't need to do a raid just for that.

    2. professa X

      professa X

      yea read about it in cr. dumb copyright trolls

    3. JimDaddy


      They're just mad because they're last. They already had the ok from capcom, nintendo, and others.

  7. text is one of the hardest things to get right. for this one maybe some small simple clean text over the red and green strips. that's just my opinion i am not to good at text, that's way most of mine don't have any on them.
  8. 1.poetictragedy 2.Kouhai 3.Aphrodite great job this week everyone
  9. Theme: Movies this was a little harder then i had thought it would be when i picked the theme.
  10. 1.Emrys 2.dn_angel000 3.Apollo Runnerups: 4.tenderfoot 5.Aphrodite 6.ParasiteEve 7.Tsukumo Yuma
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