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  1. Elder scrolls for me! It is the best as it constantly delivers good games. I have played elder scrolls since morrowind and loved it. Oblivion was not on the same level as morrowind but still decent. Skyrim is above it and one of the best games of the holidays if not last year. Dragon age origins was an awesome game. I loved it and spent many 10s of hours playing it. the console adaptations of it were barely the same game, but still enjoyable to an extent. the second built on the idea of the console versions and made the consoles much more enjoyable, but the lack of choice in the game was a huge fault for me. couple that with repeating maps, a vastly different art style, and a story that never seemed to hit its climax made the game nowhere near the level that origins was on. they series hinges on if and how they do a third installment. I am rooting for it to succeed if for nothing else it is a bioware game and i love their work (so far...). Fable is a hard game to judge due in no small part to the fact i have only played the first. I really did enjoy it, though have hit a wall in the series due to the fact that the company decided to only release the second on 360. I dont have a 360 and my bro's controllers never seem to work right. I still dont see what the company was thinking when they released the first on the xbox and pc, then release the second as a true xbox exclusive, then release the third on xbox and pc again. I like the series, but the company has made it difficult for me to really get into.
  2. SWTOR!!! one of my top three games i am playing till mass effect 3 and the only MMORPG i play.
  3. I never played any of the fallout games before Fallout 3, but I loved that game on my comp. New Vegas was a sequel that could have been great if they either 1) fixed the bugs that plagued the engine or 2)updated the graphics so that is looked newer. Fallout 3 had a better main story to me, but new vegas did a better job of encouraging you to explore. Fallout 3 was a great groundbreaker for Bethesda in the series but Obsidian never does enough for me when they take over game series. New vegas was good, but they needed to fix the bugs. Also, dlc for Fallout 3 was way better than what I have played for new vegas. I actually downloaded it all for Fallout 3! On the matter of elder scrolls, I started on morrowind and loved that game. It had a great, exotic feel to it. oblivion was good, but i feel that the played it safe and took less risks in story and setting. I have yet to actually finish an elder scrolls game because i get distracted with all the side quests. Skyrim is the worst for that, but it was makes the games sooooo good. I love skyrim and havent played a fallout game for any length of time since it came out. I tried the other day but was too constricted by setting up everything before i left the doc's house. I dont think that i will look at western rpgs the same if they continue to force u to pick skills at the start of the game. Skyrim has changed that for me. All in all, while both series had their times i loved, Skyrim is the true vote for me. Now the just need a Fallout game with skyrim's engine and graphics. then there would be a true competition. PS the first three fallout games (1,2, tactics) were not made by bethesda. the elder scrolls series has been bethesda's baby since they made the first if i am not mistaken. thus the compitition is somewhat slanted anyway. Bethesda needs to come out with an elder scrolls or Fallout that doesnt break so easily. I have yet to play a Bethesda game that doesnt glitch every playthrough (or restart of a character).
  4. I see no reason not to. Used to play YGO like three years ago. Still get cards every once in a while. Recently got into magic over the summer. Not online all the time but I see no reason not to add the section.
  5. Got record of agerast war off the psn the other day. That is the one I have been focused on.
  6. playing mass effect 2 again to go for the plat on ps3. cant wait for infamous2
  7. Never tried it. Good? Utawarerumono, Gurren Lagan, and Tears to Tiara all have revolution aspects to them. Others you might like are Birdy the Mighty Decode, Fate Stay Night, and Gunslinger Girls.
  8. started infamous the other day. play blackops randomly other i started or yet to finish red dead redemption DA origins (beat it on pc multiole time but just got it for ps3) still trying to get all trophies for Fallout new vegas mass effect 2 DA 2
  9. Fairy Tale 51 Good show. Took some prodding from a friend to really get into it though. Didnt like the first few episodes.
  10. You might like the Code Geass series if you havent tried it.
  11. Grimmjow from bleach was good, so was ulquiorra
  12. Speed Racer, even though most say it is an american cartoon. first one i knew was an anime was naruto.
  13. Messed up ending... probably Neon Genesis. Never did figure out what was supposed to mean Messed up overall... probably elfen lied
  14. Damn, This is hard to chose. If I had to, probably: 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood/Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Naruto/Naruto Shippuden (non-filler only) 3 Bleach (at least the first couple seasons) 4 Code Geass/ Code Geass R2 5 Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad
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