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  1. I always pick mage/magic based classes.
  2. I used to smoke it, but not anymore.
  3. BlackBone


    Yes, its a much watch i love it alot, even with i fillers i don't care. I watch dubbed only because i don't know Japanese & i don't like reading.
  4. I been waiting for this for along time to bad, the pc i am using atm & my laptop won't run it.
  5. Didn't know this but all i have to say is American shouldn't mess with Japanese anime. I also heard that Live action movie is going to be made for Bleach as well.
  6. Last movie i seen was 50/50 no wait it was Your Idiot Brother It was really funny and it reminded me of my uncle lmfao
  7. Lmao you guys are fools to think your Spartacus, we all know i am the REAL Spartacus!
  8. That looks great! But when it comes to me i can't draw at all :/ can't even draw a straight line, even if i use a rule. *facepalm*
  9. 6,971 On lot of these sites i see lots of threads that have count to a insane amount, why can't anyone make a reasonable number!
  10. I've played this on a few sites. ~Rules~ Only a 4 letter word. can only change 1 letter then must use [B][/B] to show what letter is changed and must use last word person used and the word must be in the dictionary we can't use fake words. Ok i'll start. Game
  11. Diablo 2, Mario Party, Super Mario Brother.
  12. Hmm, this is hard for me to say. I would have to say... Umm... I can't think right now ill just go with gears of war.
  13. BlackBone

    Kenpachi Zaraki

    Kenpachi would be too strong with bankai but, i wouldn't mind seeing what it would look like.
  14. Idk, i watch the anime never think to check out the people who do the voices.
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