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  1. I really use to love this anime but i can't find it any where
  2. I am happy that there are some guys who understand my feelings OP IS BEST
  3. Finally some guys understanding my feeling
  4. there is no season 3 in upcoming season
  5. I never said i didn't use to like naruto but wtf with naruto always screaming sasuke that really piss me.Sasuke never give a damn but naruto always cries wtf with stories.So Onepiece is the best ..........................
  6. i really watch both anime though i use to love naruto ut now i prefer one piece as naruto is getting boring cuz naruto always screaming sasuke damn is naruto becoming gay or what ..................LOL One piece is best.................
  7. I really want mangeku sharinghan with zangetshu and hakki. Man if i have those then ill be the strongest:greedy:
  8. echhi means dirty or naughty focused in sexual bahaviour with lot of panties,boobs and kissing seen hehehe
  9. mrkay

    encoding anime

    i really want to learn to encode anime but which software do we use and how do we encode can any one tell me about it
  10. I like the character maka of soul eater n its sound tooo
  11. i think there will be no season 2 as it is old anime though story is not completed
  12. b gata h kei is also one of the best echhi anime
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