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  1. @TacnilDo you plan to upload S3 of Girl Meets World? It's currently airing and last I checked was being uploaded to iTunes. (Under the name of vol. 5)

  2. @Tacnil Please considering changing this thread title to this?


    [MEGA] Max Steel S02 Complete (720p HD Netflix Rip)

  3. @Tacnil Please login to Skype if you can see this message, need to talk.

  4. Tacnil

    SAO Square arts

    Been playing around with your images in photoshop and honestly it is better without the Japanese. It just becomes cluttered when you add it in
  5. Tacnil

    SAO Square arts

    I do like the outline that they have around the text just might make it a little more of a pain to use it as they put Sinon's hair through the lettering
  6. Tacnil

    SAO Square arts

    That's the one i used on mine. I like the Japanese with it.
  7. Tacnil

    Best filehoster to use

    Mega.nz (mega.co.nz routes to it) is good just remember to use a vpn as it logs your ip address when you log in.
  8. Tacnil

    Final Fantasy VII Remake is happening.

    I don't think it will be, they are coming out with the pc port for ps4 in the winter. And it will be on iOS this summer.
  9. Tacnil

    A section for live-action shows

    ill post beetleborgs up after I'm done ripping it. Almost done with season 1.
  10. Tacnil


    Hello everybody -Tacnil