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  1. about 1500 episodes in anime subbed and dual audio
  2. powerman12

    Rosario Vampire TV

    the released date is may 17 2011 go to there site
  3. powerman12

    Possible ISP Banning in the States?

    long live Kametsu
  4. powerman12

    Ichigo & Orihime or Ichigo & Rukia ?

    Ichigo & Rukia all the way
  5. powerman12

    Bleach Dub Discussion Thread

    i think bleach 168 on are a great story ark
  6. no way to get on the web computer broke

  7. powerman12

    Did they change Ichigos voice ?!

    they will not change the voices
  8. powerman12


    no way it is impossible
  9. powerman12

    Resident Evil or Silent Hill

    Resident Evil
  10. what do you need if you're just spamming then don't bother

  11. i been watching Inuyasha and Dance in the Vampire Bund the subbed and Gundam UC and Justice.League seasons 1-5 all great anime
  12. keep up the great work

  13. that would be Medabots it is a weird anime but good recommend watching it
  14. powerman12

    Manga You're Currently Reading?

    the manga iam reading Currently is naruto i like it it have a story to die for
  15. powerman12

    What was the last Manga that you completed?

    the last mangas i have read are Seto_no_Hanayome and my balls i give them both 10/10 but my balls is not for kids
  16. powerman12

    Live Action Evangelion?

    i see no info but it would be a great movie
  17. powerman12

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    ironman 2 was the last movie i seen it was great
  18. powerman12

    Voice Actress Confirms Dub for InuYasha: The Final Act

    i love Inuyasha i wish it would keep on going
  19. powerman12

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    i love iron man 2 it kick butt
  20. powerman12

    1 Post to see Downloads

    hey iam new here i hope i can make a friend