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  1. inuyasha211

    Black Lagoon FUNimation Posters

    you try eBay
  2. inuyasha211

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    PS4 White Destiny Bundle
  3. inuyasha211

    What's better to watch

  4. inuyasha211

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    I got Dust: An Elysian Tail last week for $3.75, one of the best games i have played in a long time
  5. can you re-upload Shakugan No Shana S: Ova Series most of the links are down thanks in advance
  6. Another was a really good one
  7. inuyasha211

    When you download Anime?

    it all depends, i will get 720p if i can, or i just get DVD rips as for a video converter MKV2VOB works pretty good and it's made to work with the ps3, but it's a bad encode the audio will be off
  8. inuyasha211

    Good place to buy anime DVD's?

    the prices here are really good http://www.rightstuf.com/rssite/main/
  9. inuyasha211

    NEW Inuyasha Manga Chapter

    Inuyasha - Since Then you can get it here Nyaa
  10. Just found this today Amazon $24.99 Rightstuf $21.99 Buy.com $21.99 (Sorry if this is the wrong board to post this on)
  11. inuyasha211

    My Computer (Future) Build

    it's not that hard to build it, i just had to watch a youtube video on the thermal grease, just to make sure i did it right this may help you
  12. inuyasha211

    My Computer (Future) Build

    that's a good case, what about this CPU, not much more than the intel and it's a quad core
  13. inuyasha211

    My Computer (Future) Build

    it will be cheaper to go with AMD, the one i would get is FX-8120 i built my computer with a amd processer, and i have not had any problems with it, you would also need a power supply, CPU cooler , and memory i would recomend CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB and some Arctic Silver, you will also need to pick out what kind of case you would want the COOLER MASTER has a great gaming case. you can also look at Newegg and do some research on what you want
  14. ep 3 />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJv9okrSsrE />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmMFCh9y1hc