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  1. Kamiluce

    Hello everyone.

    Oh, an XBox Live Clan... Well, I'm very flattered to receive such an invite, unfortunately I must say I don't own a XBox 360, and even if I did, chances are very slim of owning a Live Account, much to my disappointment. I'm sorry. I wish everything of the best for your clan though. Kami
  2. Kamiluce

    Hello everyone.

    Thank you guys for the warm welcome. I'm aware that my long intro might have scared some people away, but I always liked to write everything in detail, haha. I'm also thankful for your hard work on finding the remaining episodes to this great series from my childhood, Wake. I wish you the best. Also, Anras, could you explain that clan-thing to me? ^^ Kami
  3. Kamiluce

    Hello everyone.

    Salutations from Portugal, I'm Kamiluce (also known as X-Zero in other forums). Kamiluce, roughly translated, would mean "Light of Death", yeah it's a bit freaky. I'm a usually calm and collected person who tries to be as friendly as possible to anyone, while keeping a defined sense of criticism and realism in all kinds of situations and relationships. I'm both serious and playful at the right times, while trying to be as adult as possible. You have my own word that I can be a true friend. My personal values are good education, righteousness and respect for every human being, which is something I believe to be really important for someones growth. My personal likings are dramas, good comedies, lots of action and philosophic contents for any type of media entertainment, let it be anime, movies or even video-games. I also like to read sometimes. I found Kametsu while searching on Google (for like the 3rd time) for any type of media available about the anime "Mon Colle Knights", which I found the link directed to this forum thanks to the user "js35wake" at MyAnimeList.net. I humbly thank you for your dedication for uploading this great series. My Top 5 Anime are: 1st: Death Note. Why? Simply because this anime changed my life. I watched it this last summer and I was really amazed by the amount of depth it has despite such rare action scenes. The story, the setting, the animation works, the soundtrack, all my favorite genres into one... And such a huge rhetorical question such as: What would you do if you had the killer note? 2nd: Kochikame. I bet a lot of people never heard of this one. Just like Mon Colle Knights, I used to watch this when I was little and it made my days back then. When the ending sequence of this show started rolling, it was like already bed-time for me. This is one of those types of shows you just have to love the main character, and that genuine smile it shed in your face just by watching is misadventures was something priceless for me. Recently I got to have the luck of finding the Spanish version of Kochikame which, in my honest opinion, is superior in every way to the Japanese version, this because the voice actors just seem to have been "born" to represent their characters. 3rd: Mon Colle Knights. I barely remember this show sadly, but I do remember being stunned with "Extreme Fire Dragon's" appearance and power, as well as possessing that fantasy of a mystic world with awesome monsters that you, as the young viewer, just wanted to dive in that world and be able to summon those monsters. 4th: Love Hina. I first heard of this when I first played a Sim Dating game themed on it back when I was on the 5th grade and being totally hooked up to it. It even got to the point where me and some friends would act up like we where the boyfriends of those beautiful women. Yeah, a bit weird I know... Then I finally decided to watch it this past summer (like Death Note) and was actually sad when it ended. Definitely worth re-watching. 5th: Histories Strongest Disciple: Kenichi. The long stairway that makes you evolve from a weak person to a very strong and mature one is full of tests and obstacles that you must cross. This anime tells that story in a similar way, not to mention that Sakaki Shio, the Karate Master, has got some of the most awesome remarks I can remember of. I had a very good time with this one, but I would had liked to see just a little more of seriousness instead of the constant humor approach to many situations. About my favorite video-games... Well, I don't have any absolute favorites, but I must tell you the roles they had on myself. Starting with: 1st. Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2: These used to be my company when I was younger. Since I never had a XBox Live account, I had to repeat the campaign of these games countless times to keep them alive. Still, I never got really tired of them and I regard them as being a good stress reliever out of a hard day. 2nd. The 3rd Era of GTA games except the "Stories" spin-offs: Not for the violence but actually for some of the bigger lessons and fun that could be took out of these games, as well as their huge world to explore came to reward the fact of not having an online account. 3rd. About almost all of the MegaMan series: Not much to say, other than I was completely embraced by the huge plot behind this awesome universe. 4th. The Golden Sun series: Oh lord, just what I hoped and dreamed for a continuation of a series that made me dream back in my younger days. I have always been blindfolded by the lack of attention these series had. Still am left to play Dark Dawn. 5th. Darksiders and Prototype: Really different from each other, but with a certain sense behind them. Both games hold awesome conspiracy theories and develop on the idea that with metamorphose and apocalyptic catastrophes, this beautiful world will never disappear but transform, with or without humans to dictate the rules. My hobbies go from roaming around the internet, playing video-games and listening to music, from rap to hard metal, it all comes around. About art, well, I can barely draw/animate/whatever, although I can say I used to make Userbars for fellow users on my past forum lives. If you know what userbars are, you can always ask me and I will make you one, for those who don't know what they are, it isn't a real problem since I will make a topic about my creations soon. I hope you like them. Well, I think that pretty much wraps it. I must say though that I was kinda skeptical about joining, but I guess I will have a good time. The forum looks really clean, and a special thank you for Koby, the Admin, for writing those helpful guidelines on how to introduce myself. I hope we all get along, Kami P.S.: I'm sorry for any mistakes you might spot in my writing, English is not my mother tongue,