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  1. Watched Justice League ...Was basically distracted by it being in 4:3 the entire time. I couldn't get over that decision.
  2. Nope. (ninja) XD I guess perhaps...llama? (I'm probably so wrong. XD)
  3. Huh...I guess I'm the weird one who holds it in. It's not like I'm some OCD person who is against peeing in the shower it's just habit. I guess the reason behind this is because I normally take baths. I find them more relaxing. And peeing in a bath is just unsanitary. So during the rare occasion that I do take a shower I'm already in the habit of holding it in, so yeah. I've done it like once or twice before, but that's only when it was really bad. 9.9 times out of ten, I hold it in. Also on a side note...How many people here can...swim. Since so far I've only seen people say they can't swim. I for one can. I guess I'm the one saving all you drowning non-swimmers in that flood. XD
  4. @Krogothwolf: OMG!! YOUR ACCENT!! <3 @EvilDoomBunny: You are welcome...I think. XD
  5. Online in places where I use my real name(Facebook, Twitter, etc), I get mistaken for a girl at times(It probably doesn't help that I tend to use female profile pictures XD) due to the fact my name is androgynous and more commonly(from what I've experienced) a female name. I've never been mistaken for a girl offline though. XD Although I'm sometimes told by my friends that I'm rather feminine. I don't believe them. XD My experiences aside, I feel like online it's equal offline girls can pass as boys a lot easier than boys passing as girls. I think this is mostly due to what's considered "normal" in society. It's a lot more socially acceptable for a girl to throw on baggy pants and a sweatshirt than it is for a guy to wear a dress or a skirt.
  6. I really loved both 1 and 2 and had a tough time choosing but in the end it came down to the difficulty to read Kametsu in the 1st one bothering me enough to be picky and choose the second one. :/
  7. What are you doing to an xbox to make so you have to replace it every year? I will admit that out of the three current systems xbox is the least reliable(I wonder why it being made by a company that specializes in PC's and all. 8D), but I've never seen someone have problems that bad. Out of my friends I've only heard of 3 replacing their xbox, one because of 1st gen overheating, one because of the red ring, and one was because they wanted to upgrade to the new one with built in wi-fi. Also, I will admit with the PC thing I was referring to laptops as that's what I primarily use. I've never had one(that wasn't a Mac, but I won't get into that), last more than 4 years.
  8. You've had a PC you used for gaming last more than 3 years? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS MAGIC MAN!! PC's on average even if they survive and run perfectly as the day you bought it are obsolete technology wise after about 3 years due to the rapid increase in technology over the past 10 years. On top of that I've had my 360 for over 5 years now and it runs fine. I will defend to my death that PC gaming is better graphically, but I will say the same for Console gaming and it's stability. Consoles are hands down on average more reliable than PC's. Honestly it sounds like you drew the short straw when it comes to consoles.
  9. In terms of official news, I haven't heard any. Although, in the recent movie "Real Steel" which takes place in the not so distant future. There are advertisements for the Xbox720. Whether or not this was just a movie product placement joke or something more I don't know. As of now there everything regarding next gen consoles for Microsoft and Sony are just rumors.
  10. 360: own 6 completed 6 DS: own 3 completed?(Can you really complete a pokemon game?) 3 PS2: Own 5 completed 3 PS1: Own 3 completed 0 This might look more perfect that it should. I tend to rent games before I play them. If I truly love a game, I'll go back to it and even buy it. It also depends on its replay value for me. I tend to get more replay value out of Shooting, Racing, Fighting, and Platforming than RPGs. So most of my games I buy fall into those genres.
  11. http://www.mediafire.com/?36671ivv71msw2c >.> I'm a Spaz
  12. The last part of mute's had me dying.
  13. While I'm sure less than 10 minutes is an over-exaggeration I would like to point out that most Zelda games don't pick up in terms of story and gameplay until after the first 30 - 60 minutes. Usually the first hour is tutorial and getting link out of his secluded hometown. So dropping it after the first 10 minutes seems rather silly(especially considering you probably haven't even gotten off the first island by that point). I'm probably being defensive since Windwaker was my favorite in the series, but w/e to each their own.
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