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    It sucks....Anime took a huge blow with this.
  2. Clanned and Clanned After Story have made me cry.
  3. i download it 2 my external hard drive and watch them... thats why me collection exceeds 300 and going
  4. over 200 hundred now i lost count after 244....lol Anime is 2 good
  5. in kyubi mode his hands stretch so he doesnt move much lol
  6. i searched for an other website.. but couldnt find any good ones
  7. The most under rated would be Scryed this show was great all the fights were awesome i think this show should had kept going and also hajime no Ippo thats another show that should have been let continue also
  8. mostly the shows with cards they are usually over rated they are popular cause they manage to sale to little kids and naruto, chowder, sponge bob lol
  9. Well i think Code Geass was better the action was awesome and it keeps u exited for the whole show
  10. Grimmjaw18

    One Piece

    No show can compete with one piece:sexy_girl:
  11. Grimmjaw18


    So can i download now:confuse:
  13. How dare you get online
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