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  1. they should totally have atleast 1 episode of falsh back that shows more history on his dad life.
  2. I would say they are both equal saske has the sharingan , the cursed seal , and all itachies old powers and naruto has the nine tales, sage mode , and trainig from killerbee
  3. I really prefer the Japaneses over the English any day because it captures your attention and the true emotion of the situation ! Plus the English dubbed the main male character voices tend to sound feminine .
  4. The last anime episode watched was Naruto shippuden Ep 206
  5. [1]Ichigo Kurosaki [2]Rukia Kuchiki [3]Orihime Inoue [4]Yasutora "Chad" Sado [5]Uryū Ishida [6]Renji Abarai [7]Byakuya Kuchiki [8]Sōsuke Aizen [9]Gin Ichimaru [10]Kenpachi Zaraki
  6. 1. kakashi 2. Jiraya 3. Naruto 4. Killer bee 5. Kisame 6. Shikimaru 7. Itatchi 8. Pain 9. Neji 10.Tsunade
  7. Naruto VS pain was the greatest fight in Naruto SO far but my favorite would have to be Sasuke vs Killer Bee
  8. Jiraiya is the best hands down and no arguments!
  9. I'll have to go with Tsunade . She's really sexy
  10. Bit defender is one of the best virus programs in the world ! i would not switch it for any other virus program! it has kept my computers virus free for years!
  11. Face book is not a website i't should be classified ass a drug because like 1\3 of the people in the world are addicted to it!
  12. It would have to be action and Drama
  13. Can't wait fo the green Hornet I am number 4 and Bleach4: Hell Chapter
  14. I'm currenty playing left for dead 2, assassins creed 2 battlefield bad company 2 and bio shock
  15. Ichigo vs Byakuya was a good fight
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