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  1. SecretAlienMan

    who do you think would win in a fight naruto or ichigo?

    well seeing as Ichigo lost all of his powers and Naruto can transform into a half-frog thing with big eyes.... I'd say Ichigo, simply cus hes not as whiny as Naruto lol.
  2. SecretAlienMan

    Best / Toughest boss fights ever?

    Rikku from Kingdom Hearts 1. It was really hard plus you couldn't skip the cutscene right before it
  3. SecretAlienMan

    First Video Game

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Sega Genesis. I still have that game and system
  4. Yeah, I prefer Chad's old voice and I loved Kisuke's old voice. I have a feeling the new voice won't be as good...
  5. SecretAlienMan

    Dragonball Ultimate Tenkaichi DON'T BOTHER

    They need to revert back to the Budokai format. They were soooo much better
  6. SecretAlienMan

    Best Pokemon Game

    Call me old fashion but I prefer good ol' Pokemon Blue
  7. SecretAlienMan

    Aeris or Aerith?

    Aeris is much easier to pronounce
  8. SecretAlienMan

    How Did You Get Into Final Fantasy?

    A friend of mine kept bragging about how Final Fantast Tactics and 7 were totally awesome so I finally caved an played em with him... I ended up loving em!
  9. SecretAlienMan

    Roxas or Sora?

    I think Roxas is much more 3 Dimensional character than Sora.... who comes across as kinda clueless
  10. SecretAlienMan

    Who Loves Sonic Adventure? xD

    Sonic Adventure 1 was pretty good. Sonic Adventure 2 was meh for the most part. Except Chao raising was much more fun in 2.
  11. SecretAlienMan

    Who is Your Favorite FEMALE Character? And Why?[A Tribute]

    First, Hinata isn't that sexy... Ino is waaaay sexier
  12. SecretAlienMan

    does Gin Ichimaru deserve to die?

    I don't understand HOW he died. I mean Toshiro was cut in half and Momo was stabbed in the neck yet they both lived... poor Gin.
  13. SecretAlienMan

    best fight in bleach

    Uryuu vs. Mayuri. I thought super quincy mode was awesome
  14. SecretAlienMan

    Yoroichi vs Nel

    Nel turns into a pony... so by that logic she wins!
  15. SecretAlienMan

    Who do you choose...Ulquiorra or Grimmjow and Why?

    Ulquiorra is ... BATMAN nun-nun-nun-nun... BATMAN!!! so therefore he wins