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    What is the most under-rated anime?

    I think Dual! Parallel Universe Trouble... I never hear anyone, and I mean anyone, talk about it. It's Tenchi Muyo meet's Evangelion... Both huge series themselves, so I always wonder why I never hear it get any praise. It's really good. Please Teacher too... it's so touching, the emotion of the characters. You really find yourself fall in love with them. But because of it's name, it doesn't get as widespread appreciation as it deserves.
  2. Child0fTheMind

    What if you found a death note ??

    First, I would try writing the name of my Shinigami into... see if it works on killing them or not. Then, I would experiment a little... See if someone can die prematurely even if they have a set date to die in the book... If I discover that they cannot die prior to the date specified in the book, I would put my own name in the book, with the date far in the future. Then... I dunno... or maybe I just feel like keeping THAT to myself...
  3. Child0fTheMind

    Anime with the worst ending.

    Berserk... (if you don't continue it into the manga), I mean, come on... it ends with all his friends being killed, him loosing an eye and an arm, and being forced to watch his love get raped by a demon that used to be his best friend... Soul Eater had a pretty bad ending too, not really bad... just... lame. Yu Yu Hakusho kinda had a bad ending too... it ended with Yusuke getting knocked out, way prior to the final fight of the tournament, and we don't even get to see any of the fights afterwards. It was like the writer said, "how can I end this now?... Knock the main character out and then just flash forward to the end of the tournament! Genius! And Deathnote... Light went out like such a bitch... It was humiliating.
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    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Over-rated?

    100% agreement FMA < FMAB FMAB = Overrated
  5. Child0fTheMind

    What is the most over-rated anime?

    Gurren Lagann... And in-case one is wondering, I do not feel that I have to give reason. ... Shinji was checking out Asuka way more than Rei... And with that hospital scene from the movie... I don't see where you're getting your Shinji + Rei connection... It really didn't exist, and even if it did... We do not know how much of Rei's gene's were Shiji's mothers... (and yes, it does make a difference on it being incest...) By law, incest is only with family members of 25% the same genes or more (1st cousin or closer), we do not know if Rei is 5% Shiji's mom, or 50% Shiji's mom. Because this will never be known, it can never be said if it would be incest or not. You cannot say that because he acted cold toward grown women, that he had no affection toward them. We are never shown his feelings or thoughts throughout the series (unlike Shinji's), and so, you cannot say that he was a pedophile just because of how he treated women. Also, we never hear what Gendo said to Ritsuko before shooting her in the movie... For all we known he said "I love you", in which she responded with "liar". And trying to get children "involved" does not make him a pedophile either... Many cultures still today have arranged relations of their children. I'm going to have to agree with deschain254 on this one. Also, the age consent for the states is not the same as Japan (where this anime was made...)... Along with this, Pedophilia is defined as "a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children or adolescents 5 or more years younger than ones self." Shinji was the one with the sexual interest in Misato, not the other way around, and even if Misato did have a sexual interest in Shinji, it was by far not a Primary or Exclusive interest. Evangelion was shown through the "eyes" of Shinji, it is only natural for it to show Shinji's feelings of attraction for the women close to him. As I said; Evangelion is shown through the "eyes" of Shinji, it is only natural for it to show Shinji's feelings and thoughts on the things going on around him. "Whining" and all. Throughout the show we see the psychological state of Shinji, and in the psychological sense, Shinji is quite real to how a real person would react to the same circumstances. The "Bad Ass, No Emotion, Cold and Calculated" ideal that makes most "Cool" characters in anime is not an actual state of the human mind, only those that "act" like this, are like this, and then it is all an act. The characters of Evangelion were made to be human, in all our miserable glory (flaws and all). This is why the characters were "whiny and bitchy", it is because they were human, it is because they were "real". (This is also where I disagree with deschain254, I don't believe that the plot of Evangelion was shallow, but it is because I do not believe that the "Angels" or the "Human Instrumentality Project" were the true plot, but the characters themselves and their state of mind, seeing how human they are was to help the viewers question their own humanity; at least, that's my outlook on it).
  6. Child0fTheMind

    Gundam 00 vs Gundam SEED vs Gundam Wing

    I think Wing was the best... the realism it gave, and I really liked the characters and development... I've only seen a little of SEED so I can't say much on it, I don't like it simply because it was basically a mixture of Gundam and Zoids... Having one suit with all these extremely different enhancements... Sword mode, Cannon mode, Flight mode, etc. Just like Zoids had with Liger Zero. And I didn't like 00 because it started slow for me... It was just about these "almighty invincible" gundams that no nation could compete against, and it wasn't until halfway through the series that it actually picked up pace. And then the relationship of Setsuna and Marina's just seemed like a knock off of Heero's and Relena's. Lockon (season 1) is the only character I liked... And then the producers made me not even like that (in season 2).
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    Pokemon vs Digimon vs Monster Rancher

    digimon is by far the best, the designs are cooler, and I feel it's a lot more action packed than the other two. Although for games, I'd have to go with Pokemon, I think they are more fun then the Digimon games... Even if each one is just a rehash of the previous titles.
  8. Child0fTheMind

    .Hack//Series, a rant...

    Has anyone else who has watched this whole series ever wondered... How was Balmung and Orca capable of beating "The One Sin"? A "impossible" event that none before, nor none after, were ever able to beat?... Especially when they were only two guys, and groups weren't able to beat this event. It just seems so unreasonable for a MMORPG. What MMORPG would ever create an "impossible" event in the first place? And along with this, what MMORPG would ever create ways of having characters that break the balance of the game? All MMORPG's I know of make everything achievable for every character. No one character can ever become more powerful than any other (if they are the same level). And yet both Orca and Balmung are more powerful than ordinary characters, even prior to Balmung becoming an Admin. This is just an issue with the .Hack series I've had for a while and wanted to hear others thoughts on it. The MMORPG world of .Hack seems just so unreasonable to actually be a MMORPG... And not because of the AI's or the "illegal" creations of the game, but because of the characters... Like Sora, why would his "assassination" techniques ever work on someone? In a MMORPG, if you die, you don't loose anything valuable. So why would anyone ever be scared of him to give him their user address? And what would giving him their user address do anyway? All he'd be able to do is send them a friend request with it... As throughout the series it is shown that you need someone's user address to become friends with them. And Subaru and the Silver Knights, what MMORPG would ever allow a guild of players to become the police of the game? That's what the Administrators such as Balmung are for in the first place. How did Subaru get her wings anyway? Balmung recieved his due to him being the VIP of the One Sin event... He had to beat an "impossible" event just to get his wings, and Orca didn't get anything... So how does Subaru, and Ryoko from the games, have wings? And what MMORPG would ever "ban" an appearance? Both Kite's and Blackroses characters appearances were banned, but what good would that ever do for a MMORPG? It's not like the appearance of the player changes anything about the actual player's abilities. Anyway, I guess I'm done with this rant, what do you all think? What are your opinions?
  9. Child0fTheMind

    Which do you prefer FMA or FMA Brotherhood?

    I prefer the original over brotherhood... and I have seen both. The original is constantly put down because of it's "filler"... And yet, it doesn't have any! How? You might ask, because it is NOT FMA the manga, nor is it Brotherhood. It has it's very own story, apart from the manga, and so, none of it could truly be thought of as "filler". Is DBGT filler? How can it, if it is it's very own story that is apart from the manga of the same name? Or Age of Aquarius the manga vs Age of Aquarius the Anime? If these were intended to be an exact representation of the manga; then yes, they would be filler. But they were not, they were all given their very own story, and in this sense, they cannot have filler. Now, as to my intentions to why I like FMA vs Brotherhood? The Heart, the feeling, the emotion... Brotherhood tries too hard to add comedy were there should be none (making it quite annoying at moments), while FMA added it's humor at the right moments, humor that went with the events depicted, comedy that was clever and genuine (not simply slap-stick). As was something I once heard, "I would challenge the entire concept of "comic relief". My question is always "Relief from what?". Why do show creators assume that I need to be "relieved"? I like drama, suspense, and action, Show creators don't have to be apologetic about their serious shows by inserting humor into "off"-scenes. Comedy is great, but I have no problem with a show being serious 100% of the time either." I feel the story was suppose to be dark and gritty, about devotion, sacrifice, and will power... Now, Brotherhood does have these, but it gives them in quantities that are inaccurate or simply inefficient to true life events (which is what FMA tried to give you a feeling of, that this story could have happened in world like our own, only different in the slightest). And the ending is what I feel the most for, in FMA the sacrifice of Ed to restore his brother, truly heartfelt and made you cry, but deep down you felt it was destined to be all along; but also leaving you with a slight glimmer of hope, that they would be together one day. A happy ending, yet... sad and heartbreaking at the same moment... Also, The decision to intertwine the FMA world with our own not only grounded it in a sort of Newtonian mysticism, it also brought the consequences of our own world's history into the story. Amazing, truly a great and magnificent ending. Now, after saying all this... I will say that what I do like of Brotherhood, are some (not all) of the character designs and history (the homunculus for one...), and yet I feel the opposite for the character development (I prefer more of FMA's character development than Brotherhoods) Sidenote: Isn't what Brotherhood did to the beginning of the series just as bad as most think FMA was? Condensing all the story and character development into just a few episodes because "FMA" already did it? That doesn't seem to be a "true depiction" of the manga to me... I don't see Dragonball Kai leaving anything out just because it was already in Dragonball Z. The makers of Brotherhood are only hurting the fans and those new to anime by removing such story. It's almost a necessity to watch FMA prior to watching Brotherhood, just to get the emotion and deep character development to love the characters properly. This shouldn't be the case if the intention of Brotherhood was to be better and more accurate than FMA.
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    Anime: English Dub Vs Sub

    I perfer English audio, but that is simply because I do not find enjoyment having to read and watch at the same time, I always have the notion that I'm going to miss some detail put in the artwork. However, I also don't understand those that say that Japanese audio has more emotion in it... Japanese don't use emotion quite the same as English speakers... Just because it sounds angry (or sad, or comical, etc.) doesn't mean it is... The "emotion" is put in the words, not in the sound (unlike english). Now, this isn't saying that english dubs haven't messed up in the past, of course they have, but today's anime dub adaptions are quite accurate in their emotions and voices. Quite a few anime dub adaptions even have their voice actors chosen by the creator themselves.
  11. Child0fTheMind

    Anime that has gotten people into anime

    mine was DBZ, but I used Fullmetal Alchemist to get most of my friends into anime... It has just the right touch of action, comedy, sweet young love, and a nice religion vs science kind of flare.
  12. Child0fTheMind

    If you could be one anime character who would it be ?

    Orochimaru. He would undoubtedly be the kind of being I would become if I had power... Constantly trying to advance my own evolution to become a god.
  13. Child0fTheMind

    What's The Most Screwed Up Anime You've Ever Seen?

    for me... most messed up anime due to it's ending would be Berserk... But only if you go by anime alone... The ending of Berserk was completely a WTF moment. by series itself, I would say that the most messed up anime I've seen (in terms that it made no sense at all) would be Dokurochan. And in terms of making you think... I think Noein made an impact.
  14. Child0fTheMind

    DB Kai : A WTF moment.

    well, for me, it will always be... OVER 9000!!!
  15. Child0fTheMind

    Anime: Who is your Favorite Bad Guy??

    Light... or L from Deathnote, depends on how you look at it for who the "bad guy" is.
  16. Child0fTheMind

    Whos Your Favorite Legendary Summoning Character?

    My favorite is Sarutobi's Monkey King... next after that is Momba.