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  1. GameGlobe - closed beta. Tha "game" has a lot of potential, and i bet its gonna be very popular in the near future. Virtua Fighter 5 : Final Showdown - best fighting game atm ( gameplay wise )
  2. PS3 for me. Better exclusives and free multiplayer. Yes gold membership is cheap but hell ... i hate the idea to pay monthly fees if want to play online a game that i already bought once ...
  3. Thanks I've seen Chrono Crusade, Trigun, Elemental Gelade and The Mightiest Disciple Kenichi. Samurai Girls and DNAngel looks promising. I will check them out. Thanks.
  4. Good series, but i've already seen The Sacred Blacksmith. I have watched many anime shows over the years actually, so i guess i am a tough customer.
  5. Thanks for your suggestions guys, but as i mentioned in the op - i like to avoid school/romance themed comedies. I've seen most of the animes you mentioned. Actually all of them except 2, but they don't peek my interest. ( school-themed ). Sorry for been so picky.
  6. Hey guys. I recently finished watching Daphne and the Briliant Blue, so i need something similar. In other words, a mix between comedy and - sci-fi, fantasy or actoin. Other good suggestions are: Slayers, Those Who Hunt Elves, Outlaw Star, Rune Soldier ... Please avoid romantic, school themed, or "endless" ( Fairy Tail, One peace ... ) animes. And finaly, the anime must be english dubbed. Sorry if I give you a hard time and thank you for your suggestions.
  7. Akira long time ago
  8. It was very intersting ... at least for me.
  9. How to Lose Friends & Alienate People - funny, fresh and enjoyable
  10. Legend Of The Guardians - nice looks but i cant say i liked the story. Kinda boring ... at least for me.
  11. 1-Berserk 2-Cowboy Bebop 3-Samurai Champloo 4-Death Note 5- ... maybe Fullmetal Alchemist
  12. I have Xbox 360 but if i can turn back time ... i would buy PS3 - better exclusives, and no fee for online gaming.
  13. I have Xox 360 but if i can turn back time ... i would buy PS3 - better exclusives, and no fee for online gaming.