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  1. Well I'm from Summerhill. Spain is good, but a bit boring during the winters. Summer is another kettle of fish tho...

  2. I'm from the Ferryhill area, hows Spain?

  3. Hey there Ginta! I must have befriended ya near the beginning and never noticed that you're from Aberdeen aswell! Where abouts you from?

  4. Merry Christmas

  5. Ginta

    Fable 3

    it will be the 'bestest'. The thoughts of all Fable fans ,casual and hardcore.
  6. Ginta

    Fable 3

    to ragnawind - the difference between the first game and the second was huge so u going from Fable to Fable 3 will hopefully blow u away.
  7. Ginta

    Fable 3

    For the US it is the 26th of October, and in the EU it is roundabout the same time.
  8. Replaying through Fable 2 so that i will be perfectly ready for when Fable 3 will come out in October.
  9. Ginta

    Favorite RPG?

    The fable series, while its been moving away from rpg and moving towards action it is still a grand rpg, and also the mass effect series cause it is awesome, so much so u don't even know the meaning of awesome till you've played at least one of the series.
  10. Ginta

    Fable 3

    All information out there suggests that u can play as both with it describing that u can be King/Queen and yeah hopefully will most likely be a choice to killing or imprisoning the evil brother. I would proberly kill him anyway but i like to be given a choice.
  11. All i can say to that number of episodes is holy c**p due to most animes being only 50 eps long.
  12. 147488 I don't see any normal person going on without a calculator
  13. 998,283 This game has a long way to go.
  14. For me it's the X-Box 360 because of great games and good online service. My second would be the PC it only just loses to the X-Box due to the number of times i've had to system wipe it due to viruses, etc.
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