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  1. I've been using MSE for a while now and been pretty happy with it (all about free). Also used to do a malwarebytes scan every once in a while too, but haven't in a while. Might buy it eventually. I've also heard good things about NOD32 and Avast
  2. Been doing Kung Fu for about half my life, so... that's mine.
  3. I used to always get really sad/depressed whenever I'd finish one (back when I first started watching anime). Now it depends on how the ending was (good/bad and happy/sad). Usually I'm somewhere ranging from not caring to a little bummed.
  4. I didn't get really started in gaming until kinda late. I mean I had a gameboy color for a while, but no good games, so I never really played it. Then I got a PS2 and a nascar game, and some other game (maybe jak and daxter?).
  5. I pretty much always watch the OP unless I absolutely can't stand the song. With a few exceptions, I've never had anything spoiled. I feel like they get me in the mindset for the show/get me pumped for what's coming up, even if I've already watch dozens of episodes in a row that day... I only ever really watch the ED on the last episode of a series, partly just to get some closure, and partly because shows tend to do special things during/after the last episode's ED.
  6. I really like hitsugaya's hyorinmaru too. Not only does it look pretty awesome, but it does some pretty crazy stuff too. good all around if you ask me.
  7. I started with the dub so I seem to prefer Soul Reaper. Watching subs now, but most people seem to translate it to Soul Reaper anyway (at least all the ones I've been watching) also this:
  8. there's a couple of guys whose bankai I wanna see, and ukitake's definitely up there.
  9. Right now, I'm doing about 10 eps (so a little over 3 hours?) a day. Used to be more, has been less (due to Skyrim/Assassin's Creed most recently)
  10. Just finished kekkaishi a few hours ago. I thought it was overall pretty good. I started it a long time ago and got half way though before getting distracted, so I restarted it this time around. Don't think I enjoyed it as much this time as I was the first time. go figure.
  11. primarily using my 360, but I have a gamecube and PS2 hidden away somewhere.
  12. Blue Popo? I've got to see this... No, but in all seriousness, I don't mind censorship too much. There's a limit, but I think there's also an amount that's fair to do. There's definitely something to be said for "ignorance is bliss" too. I mean, at least at the time, I thought nothing of the Yugioh "shadow realm" thing. I just went with it and enjoyed it. Along the same lines, there's an episode in one of my favorite series (Gurren Lagann) that I've watched countless times, then finally got my hands on an uncut version, and, well, all the times I'd seen it before it was butchered to hell. But I didn't know, so I enjoyed it.
  13. Definitly go for Gurren Lagann. You might also wanna try some Gundam series. There's a ton of them and most of them are pretty amazing if you ask me, (though i'm kinda a mecha freak...)
  14. I agree that Evangelion or Elfen Lied are pretty wtf
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