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  1. marcellus

    Nintendo 3DS Price and Release Date

    I'm gonna get it as soon as it comes out.
  2. marcellus

    What is the most over-rated anime?

    I say HST , holy shonen trinity
  3. marcellus

    Most Bad-Ass Anime Character

    Roy Mustang from Full-Metal Alchemist for me.
  4. marcellus

    Favorite Anime Movie!

    My favorite is the Air gear OVA
  5. marcellus

    Anime recommendations

    Air Gear, Desert punk.
  6. marcellus

    Favorite Naruto OP

    The third opening.
  7. marcellus

    What is the most under-rated anime?

    Air Gear, I think it has a lot to offer and it's original
  8. marcellus

    Most Hated Anime Character(s)!!!

    Mizuki from Naruto.
  9. Soukan Yuugi, Fooly cooly, and lots of others.
  10. Naruto, Case Closed DBZ Kai, Death note, and I'm waiting if Air Gear will return.
  11. marcellus

    Favorite Anime

    I prefer to look at the bigger pic, for me there isn't really a best I've ever watched because I see it as every anime being unique in their own way. I've liked all kinds up until this point.
  12. marcellus

    Which do you prefer FMA or FMA Brotherhood?

    It's a tough one for me but I'm going to have to go with brotherhood on this one. No filler characters,or stories plus it follows the manga almost down to the very last detail.
  13. marcellus

    favorite english voice actor

    Stephanie Sheh, I think i'm in love.
  14. marcellus


    Tough one, hopefully no one major.
  15. marcellus

    Who's Your Favorite Legendary Sannin?

    Jiraiya He's the best