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    i like bleach, not so enough to beat myself up if i miss an issue but enough to watch it <or read it depending how bored i get> the fact that its ending makes me sad but at the same time, im looking foreword to seeing what they come up with next if anything, i mean really. for the most part bleach was good, so what might they replace it with? kinda looking foreword to finding out yakno?
  2. well, i've watched naruto from start to present like 6 times lol. same with bleach. but i have also rewatched darker then black a few times, highschool of the dead, and Baccano!. also dragonball and dragonball z like 8 times, never dbz gt tho, seen the first few eps but couldn't get into it like the rest.
  3. hinata, even tho shes shy, shes a total badass, and cute on top of it lol.
  4. one piece. I've watched maybe 100 eps with my brother, he loves it. but every time he starts watching it, it pretty much puts me to sleep. and i find all the characters rather annoying
  5. Hinata, i don't know why. she doesn't say much, she doesn't get much face time, but every time she is in an ep. its just awesome lol.
  6. gun x sword darker then black samurai 7 baccano! Beck they are all really good. i have seen most of em a few times, and will probly watch then agin sooner or later lol.
  7. it really depends on the anime, i would prefer to watch them in subs but with some i find it a little hard to keep up with what they are saying some times, but if i watch something in dub first i have to keep watching it in dub. take high school of the dead for example. i first watched it in subs of cores, and now that they are dubbing it. i tried to watch the first ep but it bothered me to no end lol.
  8. the suggestions you all have given me are great, thank you all very much
  9. i would have to say Temari, but can ninja from other villages marry like that? i mean what would happen? who would move? dundundun >.>
  10. im existed they are remaking it. i hope that the story doesn't change much, i still watch thunder cats every few months lol.
  11. started Nabari no oh lastnight, so far its pretty good. also RIN Daughters Of Mnemosyne. both are really good. RIN is pretty weird but for some reason i like weird anime lol.
  12. Ghost stories if friggen awesome lol. no matter what ep it is, i can't stop laughing
  13. darker then black is pretty bad ass. ninja scrolls is pretty good. aaaa Blood +.
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