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  1. I love Rock and Metal like Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, just to name a few.
  2. This Final Fantasy is the first Final Fantasy I ever bought and so far I say it's pretty good but I never got around to completing it yet.
  3. I played MW3 and it was more fun than previous installments but i'd vote for Battlefield 3 because i'm a Battlefield fan.
  4. My first was Mortal Kombat 3
  5. Scorpion is the best choice for me but i also like Kabal, Ermac, Jade, and Cyrax.
  6. Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess FTW!!!!!
  7. I play Halo: Reach just started playing it more often, not that high of rank i think but i'm an alright player
  8. damn looks cool might think about getting one cuz how low the price is and the big Hard Drive
  9. mine is Dragon Age Origins for the Xbox 360 but Zelda is still cool
  10. Itachi Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden he was a really cool character
  11. Both games are really good but allot of people have different opinions
  12. Last anime I completed was Code Geass R1-R2 and it was like one of the best anime i ever saw!
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