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  1. What's the 411 on the downloads sections?

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    2. TransFuzor


      Then that defeats the purpose of being here, don't you think?

    3. dorna12345


      I wish the download sections were still here but you know, laws are laws and unfortunately I don't think it's ever coming back. :(


      Most of the HQ content and rare footage I got from here.

    4. dorna12345


      maybe one day but still, it's not very likely.

  2. TransFuzor


    Been awhile since I've been here, so hello everybody.
  3. TransFuzor

    Anime that has gotten people into anime

    I'm probably gonna sound my age, but I got into anime with StarBlazers, Voltron, Robotech: before I even knew what anime was. What got me into anime? DragonBall Z Ocean Dub, then officially with Devil Hunter Yohko, considering Yohko was unedited. Since then's been Evangelion, Gundam, more Transformers, Street Fighter, Ikkitousen, Queen's Blade, add boredom.
  4. TransFuzor

    Favorite Mobile Suit Gundam Series?

    Character design-wise? I love Gundam00. Mobile suit design-wise? Personally I gotta give it up to the Cosmic Era Gundam series. Story wise? Gundam00, especially season2 when the story gets intense.
  5. TransFuzor

    Obama, doing good or not?

    Also Obama has better things to worry about, like still making allies after Bush frelled (FarScape for f'ed) everything up during his 2 terms of pure hell (pardon my language).
  6. TransFuzor

    Morning All

    Morning everyone. Came across the English Dub Kingdom from random searches online for various stuff. Hope to make your acquaintance.