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  1. Koudelka

    Do you like music for the lyrics or the sound?

    I listen to a pretty wide range fo music including a lot in lanaguges I know maybe half a dozen words in but to me understanding the lyrics is secondary to the music! I'll google lyric translations sure but often they come up pretty weak trying to convey the same sentiment in English and i wont let a dodgy translation spoil my enjoyment of a great piece of music. Gackt is one of my favoruite artists but i know maybe a dozen words in Japanes but still enjoy his music. Of course there are songs that the lyrics just hook you and you can't get them out of your hear (in a ood way!).
  2. Been ages since i had much free time to watch anything but have started trying to watch Brave 10 and the last Hakouki installment - haven't got too far with either yet but i like the history the Hakouki series is based om and so far i'm enjoying the anime.
  3. Koudelka

    Most Bad-Ass Anime Character

    In terms of attitude i'd probably say Kyoya Hibari or Mukuro Rokudo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  4. Koudelka

    What were ur childhood animes?

    the ones i remember being on air were Mysterious cities of gold (I loved this one!!! this probably had a huge influence on my love of history/archaeology which i ended up syudying at uni), Voltron, Ulysses, Kimba the White Lion and Astro Boy.
  5. Koudelka

    Let's talk Skip Beat!

    I have to admit i got sucked in to this one both the manga and the anime- the anime stops in the middle of a story arc so you'd think they would have a second series but it has been quite a while and i've not found any real news that one is in the works (not that i can read Japanese to investigate very well!) i'd definately like to see a second series!
  6. Koudelka

    first movie you've seen at the theaters?

    ok really showing my age now lol the first I can remember going to was Return of the Jedi!
  7. It has probably aged badly as I haven't seen it for years but I remember Legend (with a young Tom Cruise as the 'hero') was a fave when I was younger and of course Princess Bride is still a great movie.
  8. Koudelka

    What's your favorite TV Show (non Anime)

    Big Bang Theory and for something completely different Anthony Bourdain: No reservation. I started trying to watch Terra Nova but I only got to see the first episode before my son was born so it will probably be a while before I catch up on it to know if the show is any good, i liked the first episode. When I can find episodes since they stopped having it on free to air tv here inOz, the Colbert Report and Daily Show.
  9. Koudelka

    top 10 psp games?

    Persona 1,2 3 Crisis core Hexyz Force Disgaea: Afternoon of darkness Dissidia/012 Valkyria Chronicles II Dragoneers Aria FF II, IV
  10. Koudelka

    Persona 4

    I really liked Persona 4 (the whole Persona series has become one of my favourites) it was the first one of the series I played (i think i've played it 2 or 3 times through now) and have subsequently gone and got all the old ones as they've been re-release on psp. the graphics are anime style, gameplay in combat is turn based/command driven but at least you can now control each character if you wish (iirc - been a while since i played it and i'm in the land of sleep-deprived-new-parent). A lot of the gameplay is social interactions with people and you build up you relationships with different people to unlock the abiity to created stronger personas. The music i can only describe as persona-ish - there is a distinct flavour to the music in all persona games hard to describe maybe kinda jpop-y - I think the music is very similar to Person 3 if you ever played that. Iirc each dungeon area has different music so it's not the same some over and over. Pretty sure Atlus is working on a Persona-ish game for the PS3 - fingers crossed anyway!! I bought Persona Trinity soul as soon as i found there was an anime based on the games - its set 10 years after Persona 3 and its definately worth watching if you liked the games - the plot is of course similar to all the games - person awakens to their ability to fight some impending disaster - while its a new storyline there is an appearance in the anime by one of the characters from persona 3 I love the games and I really enjoyed the anime so i'd recommend give the anime a go even if you never played one of the games the storylines are always good.
  11. Koudelka

    What are your favorite Indie games?

    Haven't played many of late but the ones I have are Winter Voices, Grotesque Tactics (not sure if that counts as Indy or not) and a few jrpgs I found on Steam - Recettear and Chantelise.
  12. Koudelka

    Who still has a ps2 or Nintendo 64

    Still have a ps2 - while I mostly use the ps3 or psp the ps2 does get dragged out at times for those ps1/2 games i love to replay or have never got round to finishing as i often get distracted by some new obession and jump between games a lot Never had a N64 but do have the original Atari console and i'm pretty sure it still works...as does the ancient apple IIe computer i had when I was a kid.
  13. Koudelka

    local or Japanese

    I usually preferr to watch things in their original language (have had previous rants about crappy dubbing spoiling good shows! ) so for me if i'm interested in a show I'll find it online somewhere downloadable (episode by episode as they are put up by fansubbers - yay for unlimited dowloads!) or buy it as soon as it's available from one of the online shops that I don't think is just selling selling ripped fansubs. If I had to always wait for an official english release for everything i was interested in i'd never be able to watch anything and certainly not have the range of choice of shows available.
  14. Koudelka

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Book of Bantorra - I watched it a little sporodically so spent half the time trying to remember what was going on but i'd give it a 7/10
  15. Koudelka

    What animes have you repeatedly watched?

    Black Butler 1 & 2, Vampire Knight, and Full Metal Panic are often what I end up watching when I can't decide - I have a drive full of half watched stuff but frequently come back to one of those - sometime Kyo Kara Moah, Darker Than Black or Ouran sneak in too