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  1. ik i am :b thankz +i wanna see sum stuff you guys made (^o^)
  2. i know x'D thats kinda not Lelouch xD It's really what i look like ;D couldn't do it without the downloads >;D i visualize it very purr-fectly ;3 yeah.. you'll be seeing alot of that now xD
  3. thankz, btw ur picture looks kind brutal be cuz it almost looks like dr. rockso "i do crocaine" xD not really... :b
  4. My Latest artwork, tell me what you think about it ;D My DA account: http://lelink.deviantart.com/
  5. aww.. ty (^^) i thought nobody replyed xD yeah, i made it. took me a while for the jacket (X.X) P.S. Boobs @.@ ~squeezes them~ (*^*)
  6. Happy New Year...

  7. hey hows it going

  8. I know, i just <3 this anime

    i wish, i could see that live action movie they'd made :o

  9. blood+ was a great anime

  10. Lelink


    :black_heart:Hellos :3:black_heart: to koby: I'll be sure to comment on anything if I download anime, and after I watch it ^^'
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