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  1. I agree with 'Order of Ambrosia' it depends on the anime and what language you start watching the anime in. For example I watched Full Metal Alchemist with english dubbs the whole way through but when i heard the japanese version i thought it was terrible. And also with Naruto and Shippuden once you've heard the japanese voices a few times you realise how annoying the english actors are.
  2. OMG Krillen is definately the best, ive been watcing dragon ball Z for and up to the third season and he is always there getting owned and if you've ever watched the abridged version of dragon ball z he gets even funnier
  3. pingo117


    The anime isn't directed at adults or teenagers, it is meant for children which is probably why so few of you like it. If you are like me and are getting sick of all the horror and violence of anime and in games, then you probably find it refreshing to watch the anime.
  4. Out of all the pokemon series and games and the many hours spent on both, I think its time to decide which is the best. From Pokemon cards to Pokemon Battle Revolution.
  5. Tell us your favourite fight in this awesome series? Some favourites so far are Naruto vs. Saske, Naruto vs Gaara, Saske vs Orachimarru
  6. Discuss your favourite movie(s) from the 23 collection of studio ghibli. My favourite so far would have to be: 1. spirited away 2. My neighbour Totoro 3. Howls Moving Kastle, but i have yet to see all of them...
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