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  1. Freeman-AP

    Reccomend A SSD

    The Model is a HP Pavilion Power 580-023w
  2. Freeman-AP

    Reccomend A SSD

    Hi I just bought a new gaming desktop and I'm trying to add an SSD. I have tried to do some googleing but am still a little confused. Basically I'm trying to find the right size SSD before making a purchase. Also I would prefer an M.2 SSD, because I do not want to mess around with mounting anything. My motherboard is an Odense2-K Here is a picture of the motherboard My expansion slot options are One PCI Express x16 (Gen 3.0) One PCI Express x1 (Gen 3.0) One M.2 socket 1, key A I already have a 1TB HDD installed and I would like to keep it in there. I'm looking to add a small SSD in there for boot purposes. (the M.2 for the motherboad picuture says WLAN socket, So is that for wifi & bluetooth???? I don't want to remove anything thats wifi or bluetooth related) Any helps appreciated thank you
  3. Kat Search engine is such garbage. Make you not even want to use the site anymore

    1. Inverti


      I thought Kickass died quite a while ago.

  4. Freeman-AP

    What would you like to see made into a cartoon?

    The comic Crossed
  5. Freeman-AP

    Favorite DBZ Character

  6. Freeman-AP

    Fullmetal Alchemist (Original) vs FMA Brotherhood

    Armstrong my favorite character was way better and funnier in the original. The original had better opening and ending songs. FMA would be perfect if they used brotherhood's ending instead.
  7. paranoia agent 10-13 down

    1. Badman


      Sorry, that release is no longer supported. There are better versions out there

  8. paranoia agent 10-13 down

  9. Freeman-AP

    What's Your Favorite 1980s Anime?

    maison ikkoku
  10. Just realized My Hero Academia is basically the Japanese version of X Men O.o


    1. NeutralHatred


      This guy.

      A quick one.

  11. Freeman-AP

    Top 15 animated shows of all time

    Batman Beyond Young Justice Rick and Morty Superjail South Park The Venture Bros Teen Titains Gargoyles Sealab 2021 Mr Pickles Samurai Jack Avatar X Men (Original) Thunder Cats (New)
  12. Freeman-AP

    [Voting] Anime of Fall 2016

    or a Pedo Weeaboo
  13. Freeman-AP

    [Voting] Anime of Fall 2016

    The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (especially the dub) is the best show of fall. With Drifters a very close 2nd HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE!!!! Pervo Pedo Anime. When will this ongoing trend of anime end. I think of it like this. I have zero attraction to a cartoon drawing. If I want to see some tits I'll go look at some real tits or go pornhub.
  14. Freeman-AP

    Saddest villain death