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  1. Can u reupload Kim possible so the drama extended DVD ISO. Mega.co is fast. Thank u. I want this so bad. Please reupload

  2. voktay10

    Hey there, everybody!

    I was a member of cw and now i'm here. Hope everything's will be fine!
  3. voktay10

    What was the first anime you ever watched

    My first anime was Captain Tsubasa. A channel broadcasted it and i watched. The 2nd was Card Captor Sakura and i was 10 years old when it broadcasted here...
  4. i dont like Naruto cuz way too long to watch, some episodes are too cliche and boring... (Huh, just like pokemon but pokemon at least funny, ideal to kill time:))
  5. voktay10

    Top 5 Anime

    FINAL FANTASY UNLIMITED/FF7ACC(Actually im ff fan, like it:)) Death Note Elfen Lied Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Witch Hunter Robin
  6. voktay10

    Which do you prefer FMA or FMA Brotherhood?

    Must make a re-remake with the best compilaton:) i prefer brotherhood now, cuz its HD:)
  7. Rikku from ffx. Cuz energetic, funny and hot:)
  8. voktay10

    Anime: Who is your Favorite Bad Guy??

    Sephiroth of course and KIRA:)
  9. voktay10

    Hi everybody!

    Well, im an anime fan but not broadcasting here, so downloading and watching is the only way;)