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  1. Hmm, I guess not spending too much time on the computer.

  2. Yeah, I'm gonna quit smoking. And urs?

  3. Thanks you too, happy new year man. Any new year resolutions?

  4. Hey, Happy new year to you and ur Family.

  5. My new years resolution is quitting smoking. My last years resolution was reducing my smoking habit, and I was successful in it, so I think I might completely try and quit completely. So whats your new years resolution and are you really serious about it?
  6. Happy new year to you too man. Hope you had a blast on new years eve.

  7. Happy New Year Mate!!

  8. Been nearly 10 hrs since midnight. I went to this place called zed bridge to hang out with my friends. There were lots a Fireworks over there.
  9. Me being a person from India never had any part of Bhagvad Gita in my syllabus nor even in my Social studies. So, I was wondering where might you be from to have parts of Gita in your high school syllabus.
  10. @Emotional Outlet It is the Bhagvad Gita I'm talking about, I read the English version, unfortunately I can't read Sanskrit or else it's really great in Sanskrit. Mind if I ask where are you from.
  11. Try this but I'm not sure if it'll work. Get a VGA cable and try and connect your laptop to an external monitor, see if display comes. There might be problem internally with the display connection.
  12. Sorry for late reply If it's gonna be for gaming then I suggest you do not go for an i7, instead get an i5. Also you won't ever need 16 GB of memory. Intel Core i5 2500k(overclockable) Biostar TZ68K G-skill F3-10600CL9S-4GBNT (4Gx2) Gigabyte GV-N570OC-13I GTX 570 or MSI GTX560 Ti TFII You gonna save lot of cash over processor so you can go for a GTX570 if you wanna go for GTX560 then go for MSI one, it has almost the same performance but its runs cooler and is more energy efficient.
  13. Maybe you didn't read my post properly. Many people point out the fact that my parents could not answer my questions about god. The thing is that was the point in my life where I really started to doubt the existence of god. The problem with the believers is that they do not want to consider the fact that there is a possibility that god does not exist. Many a times I hear my friends saying that they've got their job by the grace of god, but everyone fails to show me a solid proof of the thing they say. On the other hand I have got a better paying job then them and I don't even believe in god. I know of a person who has gone to Shirdi(A Holy place) many times spending all his cash, but still doesn't have a job. Btw If you guys think that I don't want to accept that there is an god I've read Gita(Holy book of Hindus) and m gonna soon read Bible and Koran. I'd rather keep my mouth shut than speaking about any unknown facts.
  14. What color is LED on your monitor? Is it orange or some other color?
  15. Lol, thanks I had a great christmas, spent it mostly with my family and went to the movies.

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