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  1. can't see d 3 entries... oh well my pic: leki.
  2. lol... michael cole is trying hard to b a villain... wrestlemania iz fast approachin' i hope theyl hav gud money in d bank people...
  3. watching higurashi and i lyk the girls ther now coz they r lolis and very diffrnet from other anime chars i'v seen... no nid 4 pics their popular.
  4. wow... ty 4 posting d power 10 tho i thnk they hav power 25... what would u prefer btw, john cena VS miz in wrestlemania or the rock vs cena instead?
  5. lol now i choose pokemon coz it have a lot of gamez dat i enjoyed... lyk pokemon crystal
  6. i also watch all 3 of them too... in jacktv a little late to d regular US telecast.
  7. banned 4 playing persona 3... my fav
  8. 1st... your thread isn't virgin anymore... vicky is fired as well as ziggler. and taker and triple h is back... i wonda what storyline they will invent...
  9. grappling... wrestling... darts...
  10. lol... i dunno ur in 2 those kind of women.... lolis ftw 4eva
  11. agree.... how many eps has its been and ash iz still small...
  12. cG is more popular but G 00 is better 4 moi...
  13. pokemon iz d longest of d 3 but as i mentioned, IDL it. digimn is beter coz fewer epz & they talk.
  14. tY apr. searched in google & really psycho lolis so tY. hw bout action lolis?
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